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sm schaefer Dec 2019
men ain't ****, she says to me
HE isn't ****, i agree
i miss him
i love him
i hate him
she whines
he's toxic
he's dangerous
he's unworthy
i say all the time
i know she responds
with an aching heart
so why can't i seem to let go
if all he does is tear me apart?

because HE is your normal,
source of comfort, embodiment of love
he taught you the ways of living with venom
and your brain knows he's bad
but your heart's made of denim
though he's made those rips
HE plays the victim
and your pretty little face, i answer with disgrace,
believed the pretty little lies that spilled out of him.
sm schaefer Jan 2018
here it comes again
feelings of distress
caused by my mess
i should,ve known better than to
make a new beginning to a story
i knew would end
sm schaefer Aug 2017
sometimes i wonder'
when all,s gone under
and all I hear is thunder'
is there someone' somewhere that,s
a heart refunder┬┐

— The End —