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 Oct 2020 Ian Robinson
 Oct 2020 Ian Robinson
Morning sun
Shining moon
I dare to say this is love
you are taunting
you are teaching and all knowing
and when things come to push and shove
you are mad
but this time you are free
i no longer think you are haunting
my sadness is finally dim
morning sun
shining moon
i dare to say this is love
but i sure am glad
its with him
love is a terrifying thing
 Oct 2020 Ian Robinson
Imagine what life would be
A flightless bird waiting to rise
Masking a world you don’t wanna see
Living in your head from a clouded view
Only knowing your tiny little lies
Not knowing you are who you’re supposed to be
Ever day of your life seemingly normal
Living life as an ignorant bliss
You don’t know what life would be
mEntAl iLlnEss inNit
 Oct 2020 Ian Robinson
“I love you” I said, cheerfully.
“I want to die” you said.

"I love you" I said, cheerfully.
"You're the only thing keeping me alive" you said.

"Overdose" the medics said, sadly.
"I love you too" you said, quietly.

"I love you" my ghost said.
You lived, cheerfully.
all my loved ones emotionally depend on me. im tired
Come with me love,
Let’s dance on the moon
And sing with the stars
Till the moon becomes dark
And no longer shines
And the stars burn out
In the night.
 Aug 2019 Ian Robinson
They told me
They were sorry
For my loss

But you’re
Not lost
You’re gone

No matter
Where I

To city’s
To towns
To countries

I will
Find you
 Apr 2019 Ian Robinson
 Apr 2019 Ian Robinson
Eons ago, when the stars
where just learning
their place in the sky
A whisper was sent out
crossing over the centuries
I heard it through your eyes
telling me to open mine
and allow those blue swirls
to color paintings in my life
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