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Renee' Sep 14
As the sun starts to set and the night becomes darker,
There's a familiar chill in the air and the leaves start to change.
I start to feel my heart racing and pounding through my chest,
That certain urge comes along knowing you will be near soon.
A certain desire and taste no one could ever know,
Unless they felt that deep kiss and no other life you bring like I have.
Renee' Aug 31
My mind wandering through the clutter,
Have a lot to say, have feelings that are overwhelming but no one is listening.
No one wants to hear just voice their opinion,
Maybe to make them feel better, maybe just to say I have done what I can.
Wipe your hands clean for I am the one to blame... no judgment.
Music blasting, whiskey in one hand, cigarette in thee other with my
mind focused on the beautiful water glistening and calm.
Wishing to be one with her sweet voice hitting the rocks and calm,
silence down below.
I jump into her arms as she relaxes me and wipes the tears from my eyes.
As everything turns dark my body starts to tremble, she whispers you are free now and come with me.
Renee' Aug 31
Within the night,
Inside my darken heart;
You come upon me,
Shining so bright.
My fears melt away
With just one smile,
When I hear your calm sweet voice,
My body quivers with anticipation,
Just to see and touch you as it was meant to be.
Unlike all the others,
I would never leave,
We both had lovers come and go,
Just going with the flow,
Through the past never seeing,
What was really in front of us,
It was me and you all along.
Renee' Aug 31
As the sun sets,
Your eyes sparkle like shimmering lights;
Your hair is like the midnight sky.
You turn and show me your love,
And that's when I know your forever mine
Renee' Aug 31
Everything I want in life is unreachable,
Then you come along and life became unquestionable.
Leading me into depth,
Taking every inch of breath,
Holding the key to my heart,
Our spirit and soul will never part.
As I hear your sweet kind voice,
I began to melt with sweet serenity,
With your words of tranquility,
Realizing you are my one and only.
Renee' Aug 31
You made me alive, I felt like myself,
I found my soul within you,
How can I be foolish to let the world of no
meaning become between me and you.
Renee' Aug 31
Shadows of good and evil pass through me, As time goes by great and bad, Smiles, frowns, fake, real who knows anymore.Who understands? Family or friends?What Is it... I tell myself? Angels, Demons, fate, just people? Or is it really destiny?A scratch here and scratch there that people leave scars.A big understanding and misleading with confusion comes along.Then I look into the mirror a reflection of myself.Is it me? Or just your eyes I'm seeing through.
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