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Srijita Gupta Apr 2016
A lane in between trees,
Yellow leaves falling near my knees.
Occasionally wind blew
Making me feel full of bliss.
Forgetting the lying leaves
I walked away in search of wind
Which flows my hairs, hugs me deep
And touches my lips.
I want you to take me with you
To fly in the sky of azure blue
To feel the freedom of our life
But you're someone's maid like wife.
The word 'lying' in the fifth line has two meanings.
Srijita Gupta Apr 2016
When I close my eyes I see you,
Tears come out when I open those two.
I am drowned in your sea,
I cannot get out from thee.
Even if I try I cannot get out
Because I don't want to get out.
If you throw me out from your sea,
I will get out but I won't dry up me.
I will remain wet even if I get cold
Because in your matter I'm bold.
I don't care about the danger for me
But I care for my family and thee.
Srijita Gupta Apr 2016
For whom do I study?
For whom do I think?
For whom does the melody
Is being played in the rink?
For you my mind goes
To write something.
Not about a lady but a rose.
I feel like a king in this world of poetry
Where all are blurred except you and me.
Srijita Gupta Apr 2016
I'm a turtle dove,
I love to write poems
To gift it to my love
Who is the pair of mine in being turtle dove.
It's the sign of love
It's the sign of peace,
She knows that I love her
But we cannot live together
And that's the tragedy is...
Srijita Gupta Apr 2016
Birds were returning,
Pleasant wind made the atmosphere loving,
The leaves were moving in a rhythmic way,
The sky was cloudy and grey.
The trees were far
Looked like coming near.
I was seating to hear
The sound of leaves and chirps of birds.
The branches seemed dancing with the windy beats,
The wind was sweeping away fallen twigs.
Over there were two kites!
Flying and making childish fights.
Little beautiful flowers
Under the flowery bowers
Attracts every poet for hours.
Then a little rain made everything more romantic,
I wish I was with my angelic.
The symphony was like of a music hall,
How romantic were those all.
Srijita Gupta Apr 2016
I wonder why people are away from ethics and values
Which is making the world painted in dark hues.
Nowadays the word 'respect' is like a fired bullet,
And values are thumped with the mallet.
The values' building is now a derelict.
If someone protests, she is called an eccentric.
Srijita Gupta Mar 2016
I feel you when my heart beats,
I remember you when I breathe,
I think of you while reading Keats.
You are with me always
Like lips touches the teeth.
You are the sunlight
Like in dark and rainy days
Making me bright
With your shining rays.
-Yours ******.
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