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May 22
I pin my faith to natural knowledge,
Stumble through the darkness of blind.
I pin my faith to supernatural knowledge,
Stumble through darkness bleeding deeper inside.

Before I merge with the eternal,
Body turns to ashes,
Mind kept recalling past deeds,
Enlighten me, LORD!
Let out reality from me.
I am full of longing.

Protector, controller of all, a fountain of life,
don't waste light,
gather the light.
Let me see that blessed body- Lord of all.

My deeds are known to you,
Before I grow crooked,
Holy Light!  Illuminate the way,
I kneel and pray that again and again.
This poetry comes to mind while reading the first principal of 10 upanishads(Easha-upanishad).

In this poetry, I am praying lord, again and again, show your holy light, show the way that leads to him. I am full of longing, let me see you.
Apporva Arya
Written by
Apporva Arya  21/F
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