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Mar 16
This is my first one for you,
Yes, the first among uncountable to come.
You should be ready, yes you,
Your life will change with my romance.
I am ready for you, yes, me too,
My life is scented by your unparalleled youth.
Let us make life happen - me and you!

I don't just want to live with you,
Yes, only when I'm with you, I want death to come.
You might get scared, but you shouldn't be,
Your apprehensions are resolvable with patience.
I know you are ready for me, yes, you are too,
My life is scented for you by my own set of experiences.
Let yourself fall in love with me - I'll catch you!

I shall come to your land and take your hand,
Yes, I shall propose you and your family, just let me come.
You be patient too, just like me, yes, you should be,
Your three spatial dimensions will expand and evolve.
I am a magician of the written word, yes, you know,
My life is scented by my own words that I now write to you.
Let me and my words seep deep into your sweetest heart!
My HP Poem #1737
©Atul Kaushal
Written by
Äŧül  28/M/Kärnāl - Häryāņā - Bhāräŧ
(28/M/Kärnāl - Häryāņā - Bhāräŧ)   
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