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Mar 16
I really love you

I wish I could write that phrase over and over again
How it is in my mind

I cry for you sometimes
Hope for salvation for your soul
Wish happiness for you
Also for me
Every once in awhile for us
Rarely for her

I think about you when it is sunny
Think about you when it's raining

I miss you when the sky is clear and blue
I miss you even more when it is cloudy and storming

The wind reminds me of your fleeting smile
The ground of your even voice

I miss it all too much
Care too much

Every mention of her breaks one more piece of me
Each time I hear her name I feel like crying

I open my heart up to you
When I'm done I feel raw and exposed

I'm struggling with the patience to wait
I need you too badly

You bring so much joy
Bring me so much pain

But if no one else believes you
I will believe IN you

It's worth fighting for..

YOU are worth fighting for!
Written back in my high school days.
Written by
Amanda  23/F/Alaska
   Sushant and T J Green
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