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Sushant 5d
All those words that you spoke,
they're all tied around my throat.
That's why everything that I ever wrote
sounds like it's part of a suicide note.
Sushant Sep 10
He's so cold and
she's always ablaze.
She'll burn out and
he'll fade away in the haze.
Sushant Aug 30
When the bladder's full,
she will make you
fill your lungs too.
She doesn't stop till you do
what she wants you to.
Sushant Aug 22
I smile at her as she lies through her teeth.
She tells me how good we'd be together as
she climbs to the top of the world,
leaving me underneath.
Sushant Aug 19
If I had to put in words how lonely it is here without you, I'd leave the whole page empty.
Sushant Aug 18
Loved myself roughly in free verses
but always loved you in rhymes.
For myself, I chose curses,
to have you never ending times.
-Aditi Bajaj
A friend wrote this 2 years ago. I'm posting it here because I love it too much and also because I'm not able to write anything new
Sushant Aug 17
It's raining so heavily, I can see my world
crashing down along with it.
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