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Sushant May 27
I grew up on barren lands,
to me, the spring rains bring no hope.
I'm tired of searching for grasslands.
I'm at the end of my rope.
Sushant Mar 20
At the bottom of the ocean,
my heart feels warm
and my eyes shine.
My lungs fill with water
and the flowers
that you planted
starts to bloom.
Sushant Feb 9
Your hollow words
echo inside my mind
like the scream of birds
that are born blind.
Sushant Jan 13
Everytime I close my eyes,
I see my world burning down.
There's this fire behind my eyelids
that the tears can't put out.
Sushant Jan 7
She looks into my eyes
and sings to me,
the songs that I wrote.
Shivers run down my spine
as she wraps her cold hands
around my throat.
Sushant Dec 2020
The smiles are all pretence,
shameplants pretending to be an oak.
The city of broken hearts,
hides under its own smoke.
Sushant Dec 2020
Bury me under the fields of blue orchids,
somewhere in the east; away from the city
and the rest of the deceased.
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