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Aug 2018

My love,
I do not know if you will see this letter, lest
you do not wish for my words to taint your holy eyes.
But I must bear to you my inner most heart.
I humbly beseech to Your Majesty that I be
not condemned without answer or reason.
You said that you will not glide through
the seasons without your sacred flowering
plum in hand, heart and mind, and yet,
I have now been left at the foot of
a stark tree in the heart of Winter,
confined in your palace without your
summer heart which it too much for me to bear.

I crave to have one word...
If not, then one last glance of you.
I had been cursed to not be able to carry
nor birth your seed, but the love we shared
is more than enough to give my life meaning.
I care not of promotions, of being your Worthy
Consort, of being your Phoenix.
I care only of being a loyal wife to you.
My heart is so hollow that every kiss,
loving word, happy moments have
come back to form a single goodbye...
The grief has ripped you from me,
leaving me with a guilt and fear heavier
than any mountain.
Please, do not leave your flowering plum,
to wither for with this snowstorm,
I will not be able to raise again.
Not without you...
My pain has been wrapped for you,
and is presented in the form of a letter,
and I am aware that I am a mere spider
walking on a silk thread.
I just want to hear from to you, one
last times...
My arm rests by the blade made
sharp by stroking a stone.

                        Your fading plum,

Somewhat of the continuation of my poem,'The Screen'.
Thank you so much for 200 followers! ^-^
Lyn ***
Written by
Lyn-Purcell  25/F/United Kingdom
(25/F/United Kingdom)   
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