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Apr 2018
Well where would I pertain to start...
         it wasn't at the beginning rather the end.
For we were going out, I put on my already
     ironed jeans, ironed jeans? yes I do that.

But moving on from my habits, we move on
to another of her perception of time.
                                      those fateful words of;

                            "I'll be ready in five minutes"

What isn't told, what hides beneath these words
                                                           are as follows!

1. Five minutes to find a pair of shoes!
           the minutes start again with each disposed off
as what is time without the right footwear...

2.  Five minutes to pick a dress to try it on,
if it doesn't match ^No1!!^ then as before
             five minutes graces her thoughts again.

3. Hair she has so much,
               but if it doesn't match the occasion,
I had to buy a break proof mirror, she said the
             brush slipped, but I have other thoughts.

4. Make up? why she is beautiful without this on.
                  But for some a cover from insecurities.
each layer having to match the above and so on.

Well, I had waited patiently?
                    but five minutes collected into infinity.
I cracked open a beer, had one or two.
               then fell asleep on the sofa even the dog
looked at the clock and muffled into slumber.

She came down, looking like I had seen her
on our first date. The time wasted wasn't at all,
those moments now melted away. She has no
construct of time, but when I see her like this,
it doesn't matter how much time she takes.
Poetic T
Written by
Poetic T  On Oblivions Doorstep
(On Oblivions Doorstep)   
         Alyssa, Kelly Rose, Bianca Reyes, psyche, L B and 2 others
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