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Alyssa Apr 2018
Life is a hurricane
Wind blows you down
Rain washes away the pain of the storm

Bright skies are ahead
First darkness envelopes
Creeps in and hits you when you least expect it

We are all waves
Crashing into one another
Drowning in the noise and chaos
Hoping for rescue

One day it will come
Again, when you least expect it
The clouds will vanish and the waters will calm

Love is the rescue.
Alyssa Jan 2018
Thinking about tomorrow
Today and yesterday
The unknown and the unfathomable
Taking away with me what is useful
Trying to discard what is not
Talk is cheap and silence can cost
Tables turning in my brain
Tomorrow holds much more
Than today ever can
Tell me, why is it that people
Tend to speak up only when it concerns
Them, their family, their friends
Teaching humans to stand up for each other
To have compassion and faith
That, is when we will see change
That, is when we will feel peace
Together is how we were meant to be
Alyssa Apr 2017
I was thinking about life and death today
How we all could vanish from the very spot
We are in
because no one can outrun death
It doesn't wait for anyone.
It's really scary, honestly
I will admit I am afraid of death and dying. But we all will eventually, and we all could tonight or tomorrow
So why do we have so much hate within our souls?
Why do we bash, break, and steal people's hearts... and dignity
I wish that I could wake up tomorrow
and see strangers holding hands
Or laughing together
Healing, touching, loving people's hearts
But we are far away from love
This country we call great and free
I will pray tonight for all of us,
Lord please, be with me.
Alyssa Nov 2016
If we focused all of our energy on loving one other
Instead of bashing the candidates or president
Or bashing others because of their views
Imagine where we could be

The problems in today’s world will never be fixed
But one man or women alone
It is within us
And it has always been

So I ask you to open your hearts
And lighten your spirits
Today is not the end
And we still have life

Racism existed before today
And it should never have existed to begin with
We are all humans
We are all important
Alyssa Nov 2016
Sipping on the warm glow of hot tea
Thinking that maybe you were meant for me

The grass may be greener on the other side
But you’re there for me in high and low tide

You shine in every aspect of life
One day, I want to be your wife

When I was younger I thought I’d never find you
That my love life would forever be blue

There you stood
And I knew I would
Alyssa Nov 2016
We are all a tree
With branches that weigh us down
And leaves that change with the seasons
We need water to survive

The wind has the ability to knock us down
Or sway our branches to such a point
That we feel as if things will never be the same
But next year, we start over

With fresh leaves and ideas
We can become anew
We all have roots that keep us in our place
Keep us from leaning over too far

Humanity is scattered about randomly
But also planted for purpose
The forests are slowly disappearing
And soon humanity could too

Treat humanity as trees
We need them to breathe
To live
Alyssa Dec 2015
I woke up
Dreading the cold
Dreading the day to come
Sunshine seeped beneath the clouds
But freezing rain is all I see
Snowflakes twirled around
Hitting my cheeks
Piercing my skin
I want to be free like these flakes
But they all hit the ground too
So in the end, arent we all really just snowflakes?
Falling around in some kind of order
Soon we too will disappear
#poem #snow #life #death
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