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Mar 2018
Article 1, Purpose

1. This act is aimend at exposing the lack of solidarity inside modern society

2. It shall give an opportunity to overthink ones own morals and values

Article 2, Definitions

1. The term people shall refer to individuals regardless of their ***, age or nationality

2. Narrow minded shall comprise all comments that are based without having any experience in the concerned field of application

3. Judging shall refer to the creation of an opinion of any kind

Article 3, Scope

1. This act shall apply to all people judging others on their narrow minded and enclosed beliefs

2. This act shall apply to all people in favor of expulsion measures of refugees in need

3. This act shall comprise all people that want to isolate themselves and are in favor of closing borders

Article 4, Application

1. All people in accordance with article 2 paragraph 1, 2 and 3 shall refrain of the action of judgement and exclusion mentioned in article 3 (1) and 3 (2) without having experienced war themselves

2. All people willing to close borders in accordance with article 3 (3) in order to protect their own interest shall imagine themselves in the same stage of helplessness before acting in such a nonsensical way

Article 5, Justifications

1. The justification of a measure enshrined in article 3 paragraph 1, 2 and 3 shall not be justified on the following grounds

(a) Hatred

(b) The fear of losing benefits

(c) The false allegation of knowing what is actually going on in Syria
I wrote this poem after reading an article of a Syrian mother, who had to flee the country to prevent getting tortured and killed. She counts every day until she can get back her children, which had to be left behind with the rest of the family as money was insufficient to smuggle them, besides the danger of the journey itself. I read the comments and saw people raging and filled with hate that she left her children behind. Saying that they were disgusted seeing her. This kind of behaviour inspired me to write this (let's call it a) poem.

The fact that I am a lawyer or soon to be lawyer explains the format of my writing. I apologize to all who have difficulties reading it. Trust me it would not be the worst kind of legislation you have ever laid your eyes upon ;)

Cheers to all believers of human dignity
Written by
Flo  M/Constantly Roaming
(M/Constantly Roaming)   
       Cné, RK, Fire, ---, alwaystrying and 1 other
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