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Aug 2017
Hand in hand
We walked across
A bridge we built
On perfect flaws

Below our feet
Ran a river
Of broken hearts
And dreams that withered

Cringing at
This dreadful sight
I clung to you
And held on tight

I looked into
Once beaming eyes
Then suddenly
I realized

My heart was breaking
I was falling in
You had pushed me
To my end

And as I plunged
Into the blood
Of broken hearts
Tears, and mud

I grabbed your hand
And said not today
I will not be
Swept Away

I searched your eyes
And begged for love
But all I got
Was another shove

Drowning in the pain of others
The blood washed away
The scars I'd covered

Trying to keep
My fears at bay
I refuse to be
Swept Away

Holding onto empty lies
My tears became the rivers pride
It grew in strength and pulled me under
Out of hope, and way out numbered

Opened my eyes
For one last glance
Hoping for
Another chance

Reached one more time
But to my dismay
I'd finally been
Swept Away
I wrote this when I found myself in a toxic relationship that I knew was bad for me, but I loved him and didn't want to let go. But eventually, to my heart's never ceasing pain I found away to let go, and found myself to be swept away in emotions, agony, and a strange sort of relief.
Written by
jewel  19/F/Washington
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