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Aug 2017
it's 5am & im having trouble sleeping tonight
since you aren't here.
so i'm just listening to cigarettes after ***
& all my favorite moody songs in our room,
in the dark, with my headphones pushed into my ears.
it's kind of peaceful & beautiful & dark,
but it's not the same as when you're here.

i can feel your soft, smooth skin still slightly lingering on my fingertips,
yearning to feel your warmth against my body.
i can smell your fragrance next to my flushed cheek
as i press my face into my teddy bear,
he's wearing your cologne sprayed shirt.
i slowly scroll through the few photographs i've claimed of you
& with a steady smile on my lips,
i dream of a day you could finally see yourself as beautiful as i perceive you.
my heart is with you, doing all the things i'm unable to do here.
i'm unable to hear you say "i love you too" & "goodnight" in your sleepy deep voice,
unable to adore you as i stroke your forehead
& nuzzle into the curve of your neck,
unable to giggle & kiss your cheek
as your hand searches for me in your sleep,
unable to turn over & feel you pull me in tightly, close to your chest,
unable to awaken to see your sleepy morning face
& watch your lips slowly curl into a half-smile as i tease you by mocking your morning caveman grunts,
unable to see your beautiful bright blue eyes staring back into mine
as you finally open them
& i hear you say "good morning" softly...
but my heart is there, holding you, kissing you, cherishing you, protecting you.
although it's so difficult to sleep without you
& it pains me to see your side of the bed, empty,
i swallow my sadness & breathe deeply for the moment i get to see you again.
for the moment i will hold you tight in my arms, kiss your soft loving lips
& see your lighthearted smile once more.
& when i can't sleep, i just write poems
about how i miss you & love you & how breath-taking you are to me.
you know i've always had a way with words,
always been able to write pages describing anything & everything
so it touches the mind or the heart.
& now, here they are, all my words,
inspired but clumsily strung together
for you.
even your absence inspires the best of my words to come forth
like an endless love song
& i'm blessed that you are in my life.
i'm blessed & honored to belong to you.

it's 5:30am & it's difficult to sleep without you.
so i write about you, to keep your essence here with me long enough for me to sleep.
Written by
honey  26/F/Vancouver
       Ether, Megan Foster, Isabelle, a, Vale Luna and 3 others
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