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Aug 2017
Hopeless crushes are never meant to be pursued,
It's a feeling
A someone
That will live in your thoughts for the following week
Or the following months.
For whatever reason,
They are unobtainable.
You know you can't have it
Yet you yearn so hard it almost physically hurts.

Hopeless crushes are awful.
The only thing worse?

The lack of a crush.

No one to fantasize about,
When you are feeling lonely.
Just a vague feeling of yearning,
No face to associate it with.
There are no stupid accomplishments,
Like making eye contact
Or successfully asking how their day went.

Just a weird, empty pit of desire and loneliness.
Ya feel me? 1:02am thoughts
Written by
amabel  in my feels
(in my feels)   
   Hazel Redwood
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