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Apr 2017
The beating of my heart seems lethally severe.
Full of misery, heart aches and fear.
Every pleased moment materialize, disappear.
T’ll my agony ends,
You didn’t know how I love you so sincere.

I am waiting for my life to end,
Holding back my mortal friend.
13 times where I was about **** myself,
Still wanting back the door to be open,
Everyday that’s the only thing I wanted to happen.
Yet my heart is still misshapen.
If you could comeback in any moment,
I would probably end up being permanent.

It is but one path, one direction

But this should lead to many other questions
It is really annoying if your just in my imagination
I perceived no other option,
Just to received so many disturbing attentions
Cause I know this is the only solution,
To make our story start up with the right position.

I hope you already know how hard my situation
I know there’s a gap in our correlation,
I know we will end up with no definition
Because of the difficulty in our affection
Yes, I want death with no confusion
Since, that’s the only thing who can make
Our story in no frustrations
Right Decisions,
And go back to introduction

Please help me death,
Please help me to go underneath,
Now I can forcibly cut my breath.
And now I can leave earth.
aphotic blue
Written by
aphotic blue  18/heaven
         Daysong, ---, Mack, Mahnoor Kamran, R Arora and 8 others
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