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Scars are the words from within,
That we could not release.
Words are the feelings,
That need to be heard.
  Mar 7 DaysongMercrest
I deleted all of my poems about you
I'm trying to forget the love I had and lost
The act done onto me tore you away from me
And it hurts knowing we both regret everything
I believe in myself
I am confident
I can accomplish my goals

I believe in what I study
I am disciplined
I am ready to learn and advance
I miss my father
He's not dead, but it seems like he is
Doesn't talk
At least not to me
Where'd you go dad?
I know I couldn't be all the son you wanted
But I tried
I know we tend to forget about dads
But from the bottom of my heart I wanted to say

I love you, dad.
Carrying them to my grave.
Like a sack of boulders,
On my weak, damaged bones.
My brain filled,
Over flowing with my past.
Why oh why, can’t you leave me alone.
  Feb 27 DaysongMercrest
Blood and fury boiling
I caress the raging waters,
I try to calm their roiling
But create a hurricane.

Lightning strikes the walls
Burning holes within my heart
Down my face, the rain is falling
As the world around me rips apart.
  Feb 27 DaysongMercrest
Eyes of fire
Skin of glass
Scorching, burning
Rasping breath
Cutting, ripping
down cracked throats
Gasping, rasping
Reaching, grasping
Clawing at their throats

The last moments you'll ever feel.
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