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Sep 2016
"You are so cute and deserve the best!"**

But I just sensed her own strong interest.
When I proposed her after she grew up,
She felt she was not at par with the rest.

I offered to show the world differently,
I wrote many songs and epics for her,
She agreed as instincts told to do so.

I saw her grow from a child to a woman,
When she was directionless I oriented her,
She got my focus and the comfort of poetry.

I invested my time in her once upon a time,
Gave her kind sermons to make her happy,
She even felt like having found that road.

But I got careless halfway through it,
Thought she had matured enough for it,
I was wrong 'cause she was always mature!

I loved her truly even if she was a bit unruly,
But when I said there's something so lovely,
She stepped on my love's throat carelessly.

And during this time I have gotten ancient,
My eyes feel so tired of her changing colors,
That I have sought death than this lonely life.
My HP Poem #1127
©Atul Kaushal
Written by
Äŧül  29/M/Kärnāl - Häryāņā - Bhāräŧ
(29/M/Kärnāl - Häryāņā - Bhāräŧ)   
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