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Aug 2016
I may fall
And spend years
Building my brittle bones to stand up
With indented red knees
Your hand sitting in front of my eyes
I am left speechless
Besides, I would much rather show you
hat I am stronger than you think
The incoming tides of my insecurities,
They restrict me
My crash is silent
How are you even able to turn around?
Willing to see me on the ground
Now I feel a burden
Causing a sting in the steps
You have been taking, consistently
I suggest you leave this be
For a crippling collapse is easy for me
To not recover
Just to sit and stop breathing
But with a sunlight smile you say,
"You have beautiful knees.
Stand up and let them breathe
Be clear of dirt
Clear of scars
You are not hurt
Your mind is armed"
I am giving all I am now
To keep my feet on the ground
Still shaking and scared
You're still breathing
Still there
Kiss my wounds
Lead the way
Teach me to be brave
Gypsy Ashlyn
Written by
Gypsy Ashlyn  Murfreesboro
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