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Jan 2016
(gnarly guitar riff)

Here I am again, Jesus freakin'
Are you ready, or still seekin'
Can I talk? Call your bluff?
Do you love the world?
Had enough?

I saw a man on the corner of the street
With a sandwich board
from his head to his feet
REPENT! it said, as he did bray
His face was lined, his hair was grey
People threw eggs into the fray
He continued his say
He began to

Lord, please forgive them
for what they do...
They don't know Christ
They don't know You
They are blindly going through
They think they're right
but it's not TRUE

I was there waitin' for the bus
There wasn't much for us to discuss
I said that I would pray as well
He'd inspired me to speak my tell
My testimony of Jesus Christ
How He literally saved my life...

So I started Jesus freakin'
As I got on the bus I was speakin'
I went to people who would listen
The people who wouldn't were just missin'
I told of mercy, I told of grace
I guess people saw by the light in my face
I said that what I told was true
As I got off the bus I said,


(gnarly guitar riff)*

(C) 1/15/2016
Based on two true stories
and the song by the Newsboys
entitled "Jesus Freak"

I never had the guts to stand on a
street corner though.
Written by
       ---, ---, Alyssa Underwood, Tonya Maria, Ja and 6 others
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