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Purple is often misunderstood 

People confuse it with pink or blue 

They cannot comprehend change

The synthesis of something new

Purple has been picked to pieces

Analyzed with Pantone paint chip cards

The public is vexed, this defiance of ***

Twirled around by color guards

They say that violet delights have violent ends
That from this “choice,” there’s no return

But they’re the ones who set us aflame

And we, in their triumph, burn
This is so childish ****
Crazy in this city I tell ya
Wild girls and hungry fellas
Insanity in the non binary.

From sunrise to sunrise
Living half truths and full lies
Breaking through the mahogany.

Laughter and rants
Dresses and pants
No one makes a fuss.

Born and raised in the urban
Soaking now in bourbon
Love is blind.

No labels
Except on bottles
Driving through the dark.

The rebels are glitter
We don't contest to be prettier
The world is not black and white.

Escaping into hills and highways
We've got days
Life is brilliant.
the thoughts never go
i realize you are unavailable,
not because you are with someone
your lack of remorse hurts.

i don't desire to stroke your ego
so i merely keep it concealed;
although every time i visit you,
the caterpillars in my stomach develop wings.

your intoxicating chorus
eases my anxious mind;
your tender kiss
absorbed directly into my veins…

but i know i am not the
one who helps you fall asleep,
for i am a man who writes
about heartbroken cries

we as men don't want to hear that ****
for intimacy and emotional exposure is dangerous
and with so much at stake
why would you make your emotional sentiments so public

because of you
you, you, you, you, you
i obviously cannot tell you
so if someone resonates with me

i can feel love from someone, somewhere.
 Sep 2016 Phoebe Hynes
 Sep 2016 Phoebe Hynes
like an old tree;
seen too many things
one time too many

like an empty glass
held too many tears
one time too many

like a low valley
heard too many whispers
one time too many

like a brown-eyed,
dark haired
buried under years of
haunting smoky rooms
stumbling through
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