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Peeka Jan 9
Laying here thinking
Of all we have left to do
The sunsets and laughs to come,
Let’s dance and smile in love.
I’ll hold you tight
And tell you you’re my world
My hand reaching out
To touch your cheek,
Can feel my heart beat
Wishing I could bottle the moment
And keep it forever.
I pray “please”
And get on my knees
That my love will stand by me
Through life’s journey.
#thinking #journey #love
Peeka May 2018
Blue and green
An army of stars
Lies far away
Reaching for something,
The end of space.
A universe so kindly quiet
A black and stagnant pool
Of nothing I can imagine.
In my heart I see
Earth is quite a dream
And Space my mind's fantasy
Outside my soul
Sits this lonely home
Still beautiful
Peeka Apr 2018
Close your eyes
See the rich static
Of black velvet
You are a rock skipping
On an endless sky
Amidst stars sinking into a deep night
Your thoughts
Running until you’re lost.
Peeka Mar 2018
On these cold nights
I dream of yellow
In the depths of a fire
Crackling to match the thunder.
The trickling rain
Shows a mirror on the ground
Another world,
Close my eyes and sink under
Maple syrup and apple cider
My inner thoughts
Like honey colored drops.
Peeka Oct 2017
Do you feel it still?
On your skin
My hands tapping
Begging for attention
As you look in another direction.

Talked about leaving town
But who we kidding now?
Can't be the people we wanted to be
Peeka May 2017
A grief without tears
Thought bubbles trap fears
Caught in limbo
An ice hand squeezing
Freezing feelings of warmth
Waiting to cry again
At fond memories
Escaping in the steam.
Memorial day
Peeka Sep 2016
I love you
With all the smiles and tears of my life
When you're sad, I'm sad
Because the world's not right.
When you're safe and warm at night
I close my eyes and dream of lights
Dancing in the wind
An angel- my best, best friend.

But here we stay
Worlds away
Hearts beating slower, they wait and wait
Until again we're face to face.
A key player is missing
In this hauntingly beautiful city- without you, empty.
On a brief adventure- look to the sky and I'm there
Look to the ocean and wave
Someone once told me love is give and take.

True love pushes through,
Trust me, it's only you
Who is a breath of fresh air in an untouched forest, the sunlight in waves, a diamond that never fades.
Came into my heart with a golden ticket
And worlds away the show still plays.
Reaching for your hand to hold, but the empty space is too cold.

Lights dancing in the unforgiving wind.
Trying to catch them, but can never win.
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