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Daisy C Oct 2016
Happiness is a far away place.
Its a whole world away.
I wish you and me could go on a rocket
and never look back.
But we dont have enough gas.
Daisy C Jul 2016
Lookin around I see
three things.
and thief's.
Is my life always going to be like this?
Filled with lies and greed,
Its hard to change my atmosphere
when its hard to breath.
Daisy C Jun 2016
The story isn't done yet my dear.
I'm not closing the book.
Daisy C May 2016
Let's fly
far far away,
and never look back.
  Mar 2016 Daisy C
Let me dance for you
For I am a dancer
Let me sing to you
For I am a song
Let me arouse you
For I am a lover
Let me sleep with you
For I am a dream
Let me soothe you
For I am a healer
Let me comfort you
For I am a smile
Let me protect you
For I am a shelter
Let me show you
I could be yours

Let me
Love you

(C) Pixievic
One from the archives!
  Jan 2016 Daisy C
skinny and starved
stomach growling
calm down honey relax
you're like a scared cat

even the ones
who have been around awhile
the have no feedback to provide
it's pretty straightforward:

you've been to the edge
with not much damage done
looking back with regrets?
better to have none

pick up the pace
light speed is way more fun
just be prepared to ask yourself
*what have i done?
if you don't face your demons they will continue to control you
hit them head on and have no fear
freedom is on the other side i'll see you there
  Jan 2016 Daisy C
Sydney Carter
Will you build a paper town with me?

Not like a landmark on a copywrited map,
but like a haven for our transparent hearts.
We'll make armour out of discarded parts,
and I'll fight gallantly for your love.
We can fold the edges, and bend the lines;
we can race the shadows and chase the time,
sculpting refuge from the bitter cold
of a rigid, solemn, dreamless world.
At night, the moon will guard us,
with a jealous kind of grudge,
grieving when you handle me,
envious of your touch.
The sun will rise to mourn me,
and lay you down in fields of dust,
as we paint the town with every colour
of our infinite, utopian love.
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