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Daisy C May 2015
You left me in the cold,
to fade away while the snow melt.
Daisy C Mar 2014
Everything is so different without you here.
I miss those
Jumping frog legs.
Random laughing.
Yelling honey Im home just to mess with me.
Having the covers ripped off of  me and you telling me to get my lazy **** up.
Asking you how was work and you saying
same old **** just a different day.
Our long talks.
Our deep conversations.
Yet you are  not home
Its 3:46 in the morning and yet I feel as if time is going too slow
without you here.
Daisy C Oct 2013
Always be happy
Be brave
Care for yourself like you do others
Don't give up
Eventually you have to smile
Forget about your past just move on
Getting along with others can take patience
Hell, I mean heck "my bad"
Its gonna get worse before it gets better
Just yell if that's what you want to do
Keep friends close to your heart
Love unconditionally
My moods are moods its just another thing
Nobody can make you happy but you
Open your mind to new things
Please have hope
Quit you're winning ! Just kidding it helps
Run the pain away
Stay away from thinking
Tomorrow will be better
Understand how people feel
Venting is a great stress reliever
Why hold in your emotions?
X-ray your heart every once in a while
Yell even more loud if you feel like it and be you, never change for anyone else
Zapperoni i'm gone !!!
Z didnt know what to put made up a word hope you liked it :)
Daisy C Nov 2013
As soon as I opened my eyes it hit me.
The unbearable feeling.
I climbed out of bed and got ready
I tried not to make it obvious I was in pain.
Not physically but mentally.
I tend to hide this emotion away.
I tell myself put on your face and hide it away.
If only it was that easy.
In reality hope is what is needed for me to
get through my days.
Daisy C Jun 2014
At first everything seems so sweet
then life hits and that's when it becomes sour.
You got what you wanted a broken heart in your
hand and you just squeeze whenever you feel like it.
That's people for you.
Daisy C Sep 2013
The day I saw you is the day I became me.
Now I can share my feelings without being scared,
And now I don't have to have a fear of being alone
I no longer have thoughts of pain, just ones of how much fun we have.
And it makes my heart fill with great joy
Our bonded love as friends is unbreakable.
It's great to have someone who cares, finally a
Best Friend.
Daisy C Mar 2014
Pour me another drink.
Im tired of this life.
Everything has gone to a pile of ****.
Bartender will you listen to my whines?
Bartender what time will you be closing?
I already see the sun shining through the ***** glass windows.
I dont want to leave.
Life for me is misery right now.
Ive felt like ive been driving on a dirt road for too long.
Its time for me to go
I repeat in my head as I stumbled out into the world to
face another blurry day.
Daisy C Feb 2014
Today I dragged my body around
down the halls
trying to make it through the day.
People opening gifts all around me and
It made me feel so unhappy.
After that mess me and a friend jumped in our car
rode down to the ice cream shop
and started ordering our ice cream.
When I was ordering the person kept looking at me.
The person shocked me by saying
"You look very beautiful today by the way".
A stranger I didn't even know complimented me.
It made me smile.
I don't know your name
but if you are on here you made my day.
Thank you for saying it randomly.
Beautiful... I haven't been called that randomly in a while
what a great day it turned out to be.
-beautiful- what a great word to say.
-If you have a good heart it will shine. Not just on the inside but on the outside. I hope I have a good enough heart for my true beauty to show.
If you ever see a person in the halls or walking or wherever give them a smile. Stuff like that can make peoples day. Be a good person. Care for others. If you do you will find yourself surrounded with better people. Trust me :). Compliments are great as well :)
Daisy C Sep 2015
Stuck between
being happy
and being sad.
Not knowing which way to go,
being stuck in the middle,
is the worse feeling of them all.
Daisy C Aug 2013
My heart is fragile.
Take care of it please.
Don't step on it
Or crush it, its very weak
My heart can no longer bear the weep.
So hold it gently
Never use it
If you do
You will ruin me
Its been through so much
So hold it with care
Don't let it break
It couldn't bear it, even if it tried.
Because its been broken so many times....
Daisy C Jun 2014
When I look in the mirror
I see a thing that's not even
The thing is evil
it continually taunts me,
picking and pulling at certain
It controls every thought
about me.
This is this and
that is that
why cant I just be me ?
Evil thing, go away !
If only it was that
Daisy C Jan 2014
I've had dreams*
that I wasn't this way
that my world wasn't crumbing around me.
That I was okay.
That I didn't have so much fear of pain.
That I could fly far away to not face
I don't know what to say anymore.
Pathetic I know.
Daisy C Oct 2013
You know what I just saw?
It was supposed to be our movie
I remember when we saw the commercial
We instantly looked at each other and said
"That's gonna be our movie"
We couldn't help but smile
Now its out
You're not here
Its making me feel as if I gave up
On our years.
Dear you do you see what I feel?
I'm starting to feel empty
Without you here.
Daisy C Aug 2014
Give me the strength to stand up
for I am falling down,
way too hard.
Everyone is the same.
Nobody wants to help.
So I stand by myself.
What I needed to learn a long time ago
is to not depend on
I depended on the wrong people.
Even if blood is thicker than water,
you all hurt me.
You ****** me off.
Get out of my face.
I cant depend on you no more.
You're are all toxic.
All of you.
Daisy C Mar 2014
Last night in my dream the world was okay.
Last night in my dream everything was different.
When I woke up
I had to face the real world.
Sometimes our dreams have a way of messing with our
It messes with our head so much that we wish that they would
come true.
Daisy C Jul 2015
For the first time in a while
I ate a sandwhich and let me tell ya
it was the best sand which I ever had.
Little things... Make me happy.
Daisy C Jun 2014
In a few short ways it can be described as
overdramatic, and
taking everything way too seriously.  
It controls your brain.
Makes you confused as hell.
Not knowing what to do is even worse.
Bipolar disorder takes a hold of your life
and uses it wherever and whenever it can.
Bipolar disorder gets to your head.
Its literal hell,
unless you do something about it.
No matter how much you wish it would just go away
but it wont and that is the hardest part about it.
Its an emotional train wreck.
Daisy C Nov 2016
You fit in my palm
your so meek.
Its sad I could crush you
without even trying.
Your suppose to be strong.
Your suppose to be a listener.
Your suppose to be a fighter.
But most importantly your suppose to be there for me.
Where are you?
Where have you gone?
Are you in that deep dark hole once again?
Are you struggling?
Will you come back this time?
I have my doubts.
This women thats taken over your body
is not you.
You are not my mother.
You've become my enemy.
Daisy C Aug 2014
I miss you guys
my family.
I miss my best friend.
I miss my parents.
I miss my mom and dad.
I miss the way we used to be.
I miss your laugh.
I wish I could be happy.
I don't know how.
Its 2:30 in the morning and all I hear is
I miss me.
I miss the way we used to be.
All I have is nobody.
I am *******.
This room is a fight free zone
if only you could understand what that
Daisy C Apr 2014
passages to new
Daisy C Jul 2014
Life is no fairy tale sweetheart!
Even though we try and find our princes and princesses  
they are surely hard to find!
Life is about magical things don't waste
your time!
Try and find the good in a persons soul
whether rich or poor.
Remember to not always depend.
Be confident.
Never give up on yourself or this world.
Make wishes and hold on to them.
Keep hope.
Make life fun.
Welcome to this
magical horrible beautiful thing
called life...
Daisy C Aug 2013
That word has a meaning
I fear no other place but that deep dark hole
I go there daily
Its never an escape
I fear the dark
I scream
Will anybody please help me?
No answer
Just silence, its scary I need help
Wheres my hero? Has he gone away?
Hero ? Oh hero ?
Theres no answer
Its just silent.
Thats real fear.
Daisy C Jan 2014
Forget those people who make you feel
Forget the pain just for a day.
Forget all the sadness just for awhile.
If it helps scream.
Forget all of the *******, and block out
this horrible world and stay a while
with me.
Daisy C Aug 2015
We stick together.
Me and you like
butter and bread,
pencil and paper,
dresses with flats.
Your my best friend.
I love you so.
Daisy C Jan 2014
Enjoy all the days in this life.
Even those painful ones.
Please remember there is always another
Put your pain in frames and hang it up
and walk away.
Try to be happy just for one day.
I know its not that easy but
at the end of the day
you will feal as if everything is going to be
Daisy C Nov 2013
Funny how I'm replaced just like that,
with the snap of a finger.
It makes me laugh.
Its kind of sad how
3 WORDS can change so easily.
The only thing that makes me laugh is
it shouldn't happen to me.
God I am mad and sad I wish you would see
how its not funny to treat me like I have no dignity.
Daisy C Sep 2015
I'll be the old lady with a bunch of grand babies.
I'll be the old lady who wants a young man because in all honesty that's how my mother is. Mother like daughter.
I'll be the old lady the younger children spread rumors about.
I'll laugh at em.
I'll be the old lady who becomes senile and yells at the nurse saying where are my cigs?
Theyll probably make me quit.
But when I think about all this ****,
it makes me smile.
Life sounds more exhilarating then it does now.
Daisy C Sep 2013
Every time I sit outside
I look up at the beautiful blue sky
Remembering the fires, and laughs.
I remember the night we met
We looked up at the sky you were mesmerized by it
And so was I
I will tell you a reason it shined so bright
It shined because you and me were side by side...
Now when I look up at the sky all I see is darkness
And I look to my side and peaked and saw
That you my dear were no longer there so the sky no longer
Daisy C Aug 2013
Go away he screams
No please I plead
I don't wanna see your ugly face
I beg you please stay I say
No go away
What about my hero I say?
Are you going to fly away ?
Please don't leave me
Then he screamed
I can't take it i'm leaving
I sit there
He promised
He is just like everyone else
Eventually everyone goes away
even yourself.
Daisy C Oct 2013
Sometimes at night
I cant fall asleep
because I start to think
I know that it gets bad when
my brain wont even shut off.
I think of you.
I think of how we used to be.
The way we would talk.
It makes me feel lonely.
I shut my eyes and tell myself to
because that's the only place were you are
With me.
But then I wake up and reach to only see that you're not there
and that's my sad reality....
Daisy C Oct 2016
Happiness is a far away place.
Its a whole world away.
I wish you and me could go on a rocket
and never look back.
But we dont have enough gas.
Daisy C Sep 2013
Today I feel free.
All through the day I've felt bright.
Keeping my thoughts at ease.
Every time I close my eyes, I feel alright.

Maybe its because I am happy
Even though I know it wont last today is the day to be happy.

Although I may seem sad, i'm happy
Worries in my head have floated away
Any day I get to smile is a great day to me.
Yes finally I am okay I feel okay I feel no pain in my heart i'm finally free.
Daisy C Jul 2015
As time goes on.
I look back and regret too many
Im too strong to fall behind,
stumble and fall.
To become numb.
I wanna feel the pain.
I wanna feel love.
I wanna smile, naturally.
I can't depend on anyone but me
in order to fill in the check marks on my wanna list.
I never trusted myself,
but now I know I'm my only friend,
to hold
to support
to love.
I gotta keep my head up.
Daisy C Feb 2014
I guess that feeling has come back to me.
What happened
I thought I was supposed to be happy.
Maybe my supposed happiness
was all just a major
I convince myself at night that its not
but what if it is
What am I to do then?
My heart feels like its going to break at
any given moment.
Can you tell me why?
My happiness feels like a knife at times.
Sometimes its dull. Then its sharp.
This happiness has only been temporary.
Its like I tug on my own heart.
I guess I am my own heartbreaker.
Daisy C Nov 2015
When life knocks us down,
we tend to worry a lot.
We feel stuck.
We have not a clue what to do.
What we should do is look up,
maybe we will find some help there.
Who knows.
Daisy C Jun 2014
How can anyone love me
when I dont even love
Daisy C Jul 2015
Are you coming?
Will I have to stand here long?
My legs are starting to **** me.
Were are you?
Were can you be?
Come save me,
I'm hanging off the branch
of this tree.
Its about to snap in three.
Come save me from this catastrophe.
My hands are shaking.
God ******!
I knew you wouldn't save me.
Clench your wrist I say.
Clench em!
I'm not letting go of this branch.
Even if it kills me.
You don't always need people to save you. Learn how to save yourself. In the end you'll have to anyways.
Daisy C Jan 2014
My heart right now
feels like the
coldness that surrounds me.
Daisy C Feb 2014
I don't want to be
the person that
everyone only has a memory of.
I don't want to be the girl who
sleeps all day
and doesn't at night.
I don't want to lay in bed
waiting for something to happen
I want to be happy but
I don't know how.
How can I when I have been this way
for so long.
I finally faced the world
and my reality hit me.
I'm so past comfort.
Therapy isn't even going to help me.
But I need it.
I need my reality to be the way it was.
When I was happy.
Maybe it will change even if its at a slow pace
**I am ready.
Daisy C Feb 2014
If there is a god answer my
If there is a god what did I
do to deserve all of this?
If there is a god could he hear
my prayers and answer then
for me.
If you're there can you
at least be there for me,
so I'm not alone in this
If there is a god I want to know
why all of this is happening
to me.
If this offends anyone I am sorry. I wrote this during a hard time. I felt like sharing it. This poem inspired me to become more positive. Please if this offends you again my sincere apology. I do not have the intention of doing that. (Its just an opinion).Thank You :)
Daisy C Mar 2014
If you ever go through a broken heart
and feel as if you have no one
Always remember I love you no matter
Daisy C Aug 2013
I give my heart away every single day
Its a bad idea this I know
But when I do I can't help but smile
When I give it away i never regret,
Because its filled with love
I give it away
I Never hold it in
I always share my heart
It's filled with lots of joy and lust
so its okay to give it away
Thats what i repeat in my head.
But there comes a point where I ask myself
Whos giving their heart to me?
I think and think
and thats when i realize i need to give my heart to me.
Daisy C Aug 2013
I knew it was too good to be true.
I knew not to depend.
I knew if i did my world would crash again.
I knew better than to get attached.
I knew better than to make memories.
I knew that my life was a mistake.
I knew i should have slipped away.
I knew better but still
I made all these silly mistakes
I knew better
I knew
I knew
I knew.
Daisy C Dec 2013
Please do your deed and not
Run from me.
Our friendship means so much to me.
My head is filled with insanity
I need you to rid these thoughts in my head and keep me
Sane from all of my
Emotional pain when your around I feel
So at ease, so please promise to stay with me.
Daisy C Aug 2013
I'm dying deep inside
I never try to cry
I always have these feelings inside
But i rather hide
And lie
Say "i'm fine" " I will be okay"
though the pain is driving me insane
I'm screaming deep inside
But I don't want to worry anyone
so i choose to LIE.
Daisy C Jul 2014
I love you so
Much that it physiologicaly
I wish I could take all your pain away.
Out of everyone on this earth
you my dear deserve to be happy.
I just want you to know that without a doubt that
I love you dearly.
Not even without second guessing.
To I.S
Daisy C Sep 2013
You ever feel like your on a cliff
You're just walking as slow as you can
Your so worried about
what if I fall again?
I'm on the edge
Where you have to be steady and still
Watch every step you take...
But now I got a little to far
and fell again.
I am so far off the cliff I now landed on the floor
I'm stuck here again and need help once more....
Daisy C May 2015
Promises broken by individuals
we love is what hurts
the most.
Daisy C Oct 2013
I've traveled down a long road
Not knowing where I am going to go
I've traveled miles and miles away
I've made many turns in this life
I don't even know where I am
I need to find my way home....
Daisy C Oct 2015
A is a man,
a good friend of mine.
But can I tell you a secret?
I think he's lost his mind.
From the way he talks to his narcissistic act.
A is an Australian man.
A is an ******* and a quick thinker.
A likes my pictures.
A is my friend.
I love him.
Quite a lot actually.
It's silly.
It is what it is I guess.
I hope he comes back to me.
Time will tell. Won't it?
I promised you a poem. You'll most likely say this is ******. But ey at least I tried. I hope we can be friends again. I love you~Satellite.
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