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2.3k · Mar 2014
Daisy C Mar 2014
Pour me another drink.
Im tired of this life.
Everything has gone to a pile of ****.
Bartender will you listen to my whines?
Bartender what time will you be closing?
I already see the sun shining through the ***** glass windows.
I dont want to leave.
Life for me is misery right now.
Ive felt like ive been driving on a dirt road for too long.
Its time for me to go
I repeat in my head as I stumbled out into the world to
face another blurry day.
2.1k · Nov 2013
Replacement Doormat
Daisy C Nov 2013
At days I feel like
I'm just a doormat.
Where people just walk on.
I wish people wouldn't throw out
my mat and replace it
with a new one.
I'm to much of a nice mat, but eventually
I always end up looking
like a pile of **** at the
end of the day, because I've been stomped on
1.2k · Dec 2016
1.1k · Dec 2015
Daisy C Dec 2015
I have a label across my forehead
that everyone knows about,
"She's disabled"
"She's not capable"
"She can't work"
It's not fair.
Once again I'm being punished for some thing I never intended to happen.
**** all of you and your
I'll be whoever the hell I want to be.
1.1k · May 2014
Puff, Puff
Daisy C May 2014
Take a hit
blow it out
***** up time.
Take a hit
fall out of your head,
invision things
that aren't even there.
Ruin your life
just for a feeling.
935 · Mar 2014
Daisy C Mar 2014
The more you drink
The more I despise.
Never consume it
Because once you do it
you will never go back.
Poison is the definition of alcohol.
908 · Jun 2014
Daisy C Jun 2014
Beaming bright from the sky
galaxies away
stars that shine all the way through
its so beautiful.
Daisy C Nov 2016
Let's get high
why not said the dark angel
Don't cry just fill it with this.
Ignore it.
**** it.
Just do it.
Let's go home.
I'm lost.
Where's did the love in this world go?
I'm in pain
I'll just smile
Nod my head say "yeah its been a while"
"It's in gods hands" says the old man.
Why isn't god carrying me?
Let's share a needle
It's a secret that I got hep C.
Let's ****.
What's love? When you got to get another hit.
You lost me at hello
but I'll stare until you say goodbye.
My mind runs
Ive been awake for days.
I'll stay in bed for hours.
I'll miss you,
even though I shouldn't.
you know who you are.
Yeah I said it and I'll say it again
880 · Sep 2013
Daisy C Sep 2013
I just wanna fly.
Far, Far away
To a place where I could be
Never think about
"what if" or have to worry about a thing called
In reality its hell.
I just wanna fly to a place
Where there is great happiness and never
look back
This place would be great to me.
Daisy C Mar 2017
So tell me why you never loved us?
Is it because we speak the truth?
To be honest I'm not even sure why we're doing this anymore
You're lying
Stop trying
I know you don't care
Look at the big picture and step back
Are you happy?
Or do you feel numb?
Stop trying to hide them
All the memories on your face
Not gonna say I don't miss them
Because for the most part I do
Thats the hardest thing of all
I miss the old you
I wish you loved us as much as we have loved you

So tell me now why did you ever love us?
839 · Aug 2014
Daisy C Aug 2014
Give me the strength to stand up
for I am falling down,
way too hard.
Everyone is the same.
Nobody wants to help.
So I stand by myself.
What I needed to learn a long time ago
is to not depend on
I depended on the wrong people.
Even if blood is thicker than water,
you all hurt me.
You ****** me off.
Get out of my face.
I cant depend on you no more.
You're are all toxic.
All of you.
824 · May 2015
Daisy C May 2015
Promises broken by individuals
we love is what hurts
the most.
768 · Nov 2013
The blue night
Daisy C Nov 2013
I'm sitting outside
its so quite.
All I can hear is cars moving
around me.
Its so relaxing.
I feel so content.
Its nice to just have some
me time.
Even if it is only for a few
The few minutes I have keep
me from going insane.
Its so cold outside, but I like the way
it feels.
I think the night sky might
be taking over
766 · Mar 2014
Daisy C Mar 2014
Last night while I was dreaming
I saw you.
In a dark corner in a room
I called out your name over and over again
then you turned around and
I saw you smile.
It made my aching soul fill a little.
But instead of calling out my name you just turned back around.
I woke up with tears streaming down my brown dull eyes.
I had the chance to see you.
This was the best nightmare that I have had in a while.
762 · Aug 2015
Daisy C Aug 2015
She has long blonde hair.
Blue eyes like the sea.
A smile worth killing over.
But she's nothing like me.
Beauty fades.
Souls stay pure.
So go ahead be with your little *****.
756 · Jan 2014
Daisy C Jan 2014
My heart right now
feels like the
coldness that surrounds me.
739 · Jun 2015
Daisy C Jun 2015
She doesn't write poetry about me anymore.
I wonder why.
Daisy C Nov 2016
You fit in my palm
your so meek.
Its sad I could crush you
without even trying.
Your suppose to be strong.
Your suppose to be a listener.
Your suppose to be a fighter.
But most importantly your suppose to be there for me.
Where are you?
Where have you gone?
Are you in that deep dark hole once again?
Are you struggling?
Will you come back this time?
I have my doubts.
This women thats taken over your body
is not you.
You are not my mother.
You've become my enemy.
684 · Mar 2014
Used by my own
Daisy C Mar 2014
The heart has a funny way of making
everything a mess.**
The heart always adds more weight
to what is happening in your life.
We always try to ignore the painful feeling.
But in reality once we are alone in a room
we realize our heart is using our mind to its
676 · Mar 2014
Daisy C Mar 2014
Last night in my dream the world was okay.
Last night in my dream everything was different.
When I woke up
I had to face the real world.
Sometimes our dreams have a way of messing with our
It messes with our head so much that we wish that they would
come true.
646 · Dec 2015
Daisy C Dec 2015
I made a mistake,
but that's okay we all do.
We're only human.
644 · Jun 2014
Daisy C Jun 2014
I can't even save myself
so in reality I don't expect
you to save me.
633 · Sep 2013
Bailey Hitt
Daisy C Sep 2013
The day I saw you is the day I became me.
Now I can share my feelings without being scared,
And now I don't have to have a fear of being alone
I no longer have thoughts of pain, just ones of how much fun we have.
And it makes my heart fill with great joy
Our bonded love as friends is unbreakable.
It's great to have someone who cares, finally a
Best Friend.
612 · Aug 2014
Entitled Life.
Daisy C Aug 2014
I miss you guys
my family.
I miss my best friend.
I miss my parents.
I miss my mom and dad.
I miss the way we used to be.
I miss your laugh.
I wish I could be happy.
I don't know how.
Its 2:30 in the morning and all I hear is
I miss me.
I miss the way we used to be.
All I have is nobody.
I am *******.
This room is a fight free zone
if only you could understand what that
601 · Dec 2013
My key...
Daisy C Dec 2013
I turned off my lights
climbed in bed.
Lay there repeating things in my
Is it crazy that I sleep alone
but don't want to.
Not because of my age.
Not because I want somebody
its mostly because I don't want to
get locked in a door in my brain and
loose the key on the way.
Maybe I drag people along to comfort me
emotionally. Help me eventually find my
key on the way.
So I can flee from this thing called reality....
-There's good in all of us. I think I simply love too much, so much that it makes me feel too ******* sad- Kurt Cobain
600 · Sep 2015
The sex pistols
Daisy C Sep 2015
I'll be nancy,
you'll be sid.
What a tragedy itll be in the end.
599 · Nov 2015
Higher power.
Daisy C Nov 2015
When life knocks us down,
we tend to worry a lot.
We feel stuck.
We have not a clue what to do.
What we should do is look up,
maybe we will find some help there.
Who knows.
583 · Oct 2013
ABC :)
Daisy C Oct 2013
Always be happy
Be brave
Care for yourself like you do others
Don't give up
Eventually you have to smile
Forget about your past just move on
Getting along with others can take patience
Hell, I mean heck "my bad"
Its gonna get worse before it gets better
Just yell if that's what you want to do
Keep friends close to your heart
Love unconditionally
My moods are moods its just another thing
Nobody can make you happy but you
Open your mind to new things
Please have hope
Quit you're winning ! Just kidding it helps
Run the pain away
Stay away from thinking
Tomorrow will be better
Understand how people feel
Venting is a great stress reliever
Why hold in your emotions?
X-ray your heart every once in a while
Yell even more loud if you feel like it and be you, never change for anyone else
Zapperoni i'm gone !!!
Z didnt know what to put made up a word hope you liked it :)
581 · Jul 2014
Fairy tale...
Daisy C Jul 2014
Life is no fairy tale sweetheart!
Even though we try and find our princes and princesses  
they are surely hard to find!
Life is about magical things don't waste
your time!
Try and find the good in a persons soul
whether rich or poor.
Remember to not always depend.
Be confident.
Never give up on yourself or this world.
Make wishes and hold on to them.
Keep hope.
Make life fun.
Welcome to this
magical horrible beautiful thing
called life...
578 · Mar 2014
Leave me to become nothing
Daisy C Mar 2014
Leave me behind in the dust
as I watch you drive away.
My heart feels like its gonna fall on the floor and
crash into a million pieces.
You complain you don't want to go, but you do.
I see you go I tell myself don't cry
You are so much stronger than you think
Let out your smile and let it shine.
Maybe in the end the dust will swoop back up and
you will get to see him soon again.
564 · Nov 2016
Mom I miss you.
Daisy C Nov 2016
I miss the old days.
Me and you against the world.
557 · Oct 2013
Soul Chipping Away
Daisy C Oct 2013
She described it as an unbearable pain
She says its like you can tell that your soul just
Chipped away
I look back and say
"It starts in my head
At days it feels as if the pain isn't going to go
Though I will admit my soul does chip
I don't want to accept that thought."
She looks back and says
"Your soul has chipped so much hasn't it"?
"I don't want to admit it but yes."
I say
"My soul drifted away in the air awhile ago, slowly everyday"
550 · Jun 2014
Emotional train wreck...
Daisy C Jun 2014
In a few short ways it can be described as
overdramatic, and
taking everything way too seriously.  
It controls your brain.
Makes you confused as hell.
Not knowing what to do is even worse.
Bipolar disorder takes a hold of your life
and uses it wherever and whenever it can.
Bipolar disorder gets to your head.
Its literal hell,
unless you do something about it.
No matter how much you wish it would just go away
but it wont and that is the hardest part about it.
Its an emotional train wreck.
550 · Oct 2016
Daisy C Oct 2016
When I look in the mirror
I dont see me
I see her.
The me I loved is gone and she is here
to stay.
541 · Aug 2013
Go Away...
Daisy C Aug 2013
Go away he screams
No please I plead
I don't wanna see your ugly face
I beg you please stay I say
No go away
What about my hero I say?
Are you going to fly away ?
Please don't leave me
Then he screamed
I can't take it i'm leaving
I sit there
He promised
He is just like everyone else
Eventually everyone goes away
even yourself.
536 · Apr 2015
This is for you
Daisy C Apr 2015
I looked up towards the night sky,
and upon my gaze I noticed
your face laying upon it,
slowly you were consumed by the other constellations,
you slowly faded away and what seemed like forever, was only a mere second it took you to leave me behind...
This doesn't make sense but....
533 · Jun 2016
Daisy C Jun 2016
The story isn't done yet my dear.
I'm not closing the book.
532 · Apr 2014
Daisy C Apr 2014
passages to new
515 · Mar 2014
Daisy C Mar 2014
My perspective of you will always
be the same.
No matter how disappointed you make me.
No matter how many times you mess up.
You don't have to be perfect for me to love you.
I just do.
Whether you like it or not.
490 · Feb 2014
Daisy C Feb 2014
I guess that feeling has come back to me.
What happened
I thought I was supposed to be happy.
Maybe my supposed happiness
was all just a major
I convince myself at night that its not
but what if it is
What am I to do then?
My heart feels like its going to break at
any given moment.
Can you tell me why?
My happiness feels like a knife at times.
Sometimes its dull. Then its sharp.
This happiness has only been temporary.
Its like I tug on my own heart.
I guess I am my own heartbreaker.
482 · Aug 2014
Daisy C Aug 2014
Lost together
but drifting far apart.
Daisy C Dec 2013
Please do your deed and not
Run from me.
Our friendship means so much to me.
My head is filled with insanity
I need you to rid these thoughts in my head and keep me
Sane from all of my
Emotional pain when your around I feel
So at ease, so please promise to stay with me.
470 · Nov 2016
Daisy C Nov 2016
Lay off the cookies and cupcakes tay-tay.
470 · Sep 2013
Vent Travels ....
Daisy C Sep 2013
Pick up a pen and write
it makes you vent
she said
so I did
I picked up the pen
and traveled and went
every open road and crack
and wrote and wrote and finally
did this thing called
465 · Aug 2013
My heart has been fixed
Daisy C Aug 2013
I have a paper heart
Its ripped and torn apart
It has creases in the middle
And bends here and there
But then i decided
To flatten it out
Make it more round
And now its perfect again...
462 · Nov 2013
Daisy C Nov 2013
Some days I wish yesterday
was tomorrow
where everyone is happy
when we weren't so
About stupid little things.
But you know what?
There's always tomorrow, once more
where we are happy and go
one day at a time.
That's all that matters,
we just have to
try and enjoy
this thing called life.
459 · Oct 2015
I promised A
Daisy C Oct 2015
A is a man,
a good friend of mine.
But can I tell you a secret?
I think he's lost his mind.
From the way he talks to his narcissistic act.
A is an Australian man.
A is an ******* and a quick thinker.
A likes my pictures.
A is my friend.
I love him.
Quite a lot actually.
It's silly.
It is what it is I guess.
I hope he comes back to me.
Time will tell. Won't it?
I promised you a poem. You'll most likely say this is ******. But ey at least I tried. I hope we can be friends again. I love you~Satellite.
457 · Aug 2015
Olive juice baby.
Daisy C Aug 2015
Days go by with out your voice,
its official that I've said goodbye.
I can't love you.
No more olive juice for you.
I deserve better,
than you.
Good bye my dear.
Good bye my friend.
Good bye my trust.
Good bye my dear love,
I hope to never see you again.
447 · Jul 2014
My heart stopped
Daisy C Jul 2014
I hate you.
Well that made my heart stop beating
for a while.
446 · Mar 2014
This world.
Daisy C Mar 2014
Our hearts can become filled with so much
hatred yet even though we continually feel this way
we still think about all the possibilities.
This world is filled with anger.
This world is heavy on souls.
This world never gives us a break.
Is it a punishment to humans ?
What if you were able to change the whole world?
Where would you start?
School, Home,  or even
The world is filled with so many great possibilities.
Its time for this world to become what it can be.
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