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Liv Blaise May 21
These walls are too close together
their shoulders are too broad

The ceiling is too low
for their high egos

I am a big girl
in a small room

where no one moves
sometimes its hard to make room for yourself
Liv Blaise Jan 2019
The walls weren't always strong
and more times than not rain got in
The cracks would grow with my bones
and the attic was cloudy
The dirt would get dug into
mud covering the yard
Liv Blaise Jan 2019
Burning and thrashing
your skin is melting into mine
your heart and your lungs a ball of fury
burning and burning
until they are gone
your bones falling to the ground
laid in a pile of misfortune
Liv Blaise Dec 2018
you started a fire in me
a fire so strong
it burnt my walls down
you couldnt handle it
it blazed for days
before it burned everything down
and you were nowhere to be found
im trying to write again. feeling very unconfident
Liv Blaise Dec 2018
you snap me in half
wondering why im not filled with flowers
when youve stopped watering me
long ago
Liv Blaise Dec 2018
my ribs crack when you breathe
your hands rough on my shoulders as you crack my back
my insides spilling into you
you pull me apart
you sew me back together
you pull the strings
my body moves
only for you
Liv Blaise Oct 2017
It's eerily silent in the dull
No one speaks
Only the sound of clicking keyboards fill the room
But it is loud and I am dizzy
The floor is falling from beneath my fidgeting feet
Cracks go up the wall and spider off
Pieces of the ceiling fall down
No one moves
No one notices
The dust makes the air thick
Its hard to breathe as
A question interrupts the silence
No one is coughing but me
My face is red and my lungs are full
i havent written poetry in a while but im relapsing and university isnt helping
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