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Pure yet vile
in Words,
mute, voiceless but
thoughts Echo
through the human
Humble & simple
don't confuse with
Within the ugly facade
& beneath the false
Lies an insidious
spirit of Denial.
Defiance is what
you need to survive
the storm Brewing
inside of me.
This is me..... This is me
taking a LEAP of
faith to a world free off
Hatred and
lets all take a leap of faith & perform wonders
In God we trust,
Allahu Akbar,
yet we the humanist don't profess
any of this logical fallacies,
mythological beings that is
what they're, In hell you'll burn
Gues my fate is already sealed,
with reason I seek answers about God.....
Because you believers and your
charlatan prophets are hypocrites,
Your depiction of God as a lunatic narcissist,
vengeful, tyrannical, wanton God
so needy for attention that he
would burn people in hell
for eternity if they don't worship him......
In disguise you walk but deep inside hearts full of animosity,
Mayhem, atrocities, genocide all you've
in propagation of religion,
In God's name you've murdered, *****
and committed all sorts of vile, in captivity and ******* you're enslaved
by your bigotry mind,
to question your religion is inconceivable
within your domain,
" lest you seek trouble O ye believer"
so said the treasured scriptures. So you Opt to follow your charlatan
megalomanic deceivers and
wallow in self deceit....
A red red light
                   Illuminating the nights

As an Emblem of
                             Dazzling Stars
Waited so high
And Embers
From the dark night
Every part of the night.

Embers of Peace and Love
Joy and Hope
To the dismayed
A Red Red Light
Illuminating the nights
With the Embers
Beaming and Gleaming
Shinning out
                                 Every Gloom
From different
                     Ovi OdieteĀ©
Embers of peace and tranquility, Embers of Love.
There is a study of some interesting production
That says that continents drift, but I disagree,
Listen if you will to my theory it's of a sort
That is of a very different decree.
In the beginning a planetoid smashed into the earth,
It would later become our moon, it was larger at first,
This matchless form of damage caused a great impact,
From which would later be whole continents birth.
The lava that flowed would be enough to make
Whole parts of Pangea sink, and huge amounts of
Ocean would poor into, eventually be. But this is my theory,
Why when the damage was done the magma flowed
So much from such areas, it formed what is now the
Colorado mountains, as well as the whole of Australia,
Japan, and the Polynese. I know this is just a theory, but I'd put
All I have into simply wanting to believe. The truth is always
Out there, and this is simply what ideas that I conceived.
I have a Facebook image that shows in depth imagery of what I believe (in the basic sense) all of what I call the "mega continent" of Pangea looked like before the eventual volcanic activity which I believe caused the formation of the oceans and land masses. Here is the link:;=3&uploaded;=1

— The End —