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Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Savages, animals,
uncivilized Creatures,
Fiend on Earth,
Unrully beings.
But do I complain?
Through Devious deeds,
Robbed me naked,
Devised weapons to
silence my Menacing
But do I complain?
Wrote Memoirs of how
Dark & uncultured I
called me a Devout
to my Unpolished ways.
But do I complain?
Mesmerized by my
wild and Beautiful face,
Dazed by the
Candidness of those
residing on me.
But do I complain?
Driven by Cupidity
stole both life &
Tall buildings Built by
my sweat & Blood,
my Kins sold and Tortured
on Foreign lands.
But do I complain?
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Vowed never to
fall in Love,
Thought was
Wild and reckless am falling Deep,
Entangled by Devils
wings Deep am
falling Deep, Deep!
Love seemed
Chimerical and I Credulous, NO!
A Tear Drop,
a Shed of Tear
Is all it Took! A tear Drop, a Shed
of Tear is all it took,
For me to Open
my Heart,
with Ease Deep I
fell, As the Clock Tics
with a Tic Toc sound,
my Heart misses
a Beat with a
big Pound,
A Tear Drop, a Shed of tear
Is all it Took! A Drop of Blood,
a Shed of blood is
All it Took,
Every move that I
make to Forget you,
Bourne a Pain so Strong that makes
me go Back,
to your Arms,
where I feel
Strong and Safe,
From the Harsh Earth and
its Cruelty!
A Tear Drop,
a Shed of Tear
Is all it took!!
Oliver Miamiz Feb 2018
Its ironic how a particular race
can be hold in captivity & *******
Untill they demand a fair share
of this Elusive freedom.....
"black lives matter"
As if they ought to beg their slave
masters the right to live,
Fret not oh poor slaves
Freedom can't be won through
the Ballot or street Demo's,
trade your Ballot for Bullets
Coz History can attest to this fact
& only provides the story of a contest
between Good & Evil & The
Protagonist of each side.
Truth is FRIGHTENING even to ourselves
but without pain there is no Gain
Loose me down from the chains
of Devaluing education,
Seducing images & negative societal statistics that entraps
the Wretched Black inside of me..
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
In God we trust,
Allahu Akbar,
yet we the humanist don't profess
any of this logical fallacies,
mythological beings that is
what they're, In hell you'll burn
Gues my fate is already sealed,
with reason I seek answers about God.....
Because you believers and your
charlatan prophets are hypocrites,
Your depiction of God as a lunatic narcissist,
vengeful, tyrannical, wanton God
so needy for attention that he
would burn people in hell
for eternity if they don't worship him......
In disguise you walk but deep inside hearts full of animosity,
Mayhem, atrocities, genocide all you've
in propagation of religion,
In God's name you've murdered, *****
and committed all sorts of vile, in captivity and ******* you're enslaved
by your bigotry mind,
to question your religion is inconceivable
within your domain,
" lest you seek trouble O ye believer"
so said the treasured scriptures. So you Opt to follow your charlatan
megalomanic deceivers and
wallow in self deceit....
Oliver Miamiz Nov 2016
In the Beginning
the Colour of my eyes
were Black,
Just like the colour of
the Night.
Chilling & Fearful to
the Marrow.
it was the Colour of
Dregs of substance Drenched
by Fire
it was the Colour of the
Acres of Emptiness of space,
it was Black like Soot,
soiling anything it Mingled
it was Black like the
Depth of an Ocean.
Devoid of any warmth,
but now it's Crystal clear
like the Light of the Day
radiating it's Warmth in
all Directions.
It's Colour is bright &
white like Snow,
smooth to Glide on
it's Colour is a mixture
of Flowers in Bloom.
Provoking awe &
the Colour of my Eyes
were Once dark Black
now it's Crystal clear.........

Our bigotry, misconception & preconceived Ideas about different issues can only be removed through learning & accepting novel themes!!
Oliver Miamiz Nov 2016
Confidence is Assertiveness
to Life,
sense of Triumphant
irony to Bitterness
& Heavyness of life.

the sense of Relevance
celebrating Resoundingly
the Subjection of Bending
the will of Doom........

confidence is Boldness
in Motion.
Guaranteed success
in Life......

cofidence is Clarity
of Thought.
pure Motive & desires
springing Forth from a
clear Conscience......

virtue of Modesty,
contentment with Life.......

Confidence the fuel that runs the engine "Determination" to greater heights!!
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Malicious devour the void
Stealthy figures roam
about wearily,
hungry mouths drooling
with Saliva,
Yearning for something
to Quell the hunger,
Squalor & Poverty lay
behind the City's
Glittering Facade,
like Myriad stars they
Quest for food & water
to Quench there thirst
& Hunger,
In squalid & Inhumane
conditions they're
left alone to
Fend for themselves,
those Opulent quibble
about their Crooked
toes & noses,
yet the Poor & Beggars
only seek Basic neccessities,
without Complain they
portray Factitious smiles
as they go about
there Daily Routines,
though Pauppers in
God they believe
unlike the Rich who
have Negated God.
Pursuit for success
is the Vital nexus
between them.
Through nefarious activities
like Peculate is how they
Acquire there wealth,
while the Poor wan't
Success through the
what a Mutty and

Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
My love is Pure
and Crystal Clear,
Free, Everlasting and
no Drop of Tear,
full of Peace and
and no strings
My love is bright
and Shines day
and Night,
it's Patient and
Perseveres every
Depth of Descrimination
and Acrimony.
Open and Whole-Hearted,
to the Big & small,
the Young & Old, the
Poor & Rich,
has no Boundaries,
Blows like the Wind
& Swooves like the
from the Deep Black
Jungles of Africa,
to the Dry Deserts of
Amazon & the
Ice cold Glaciers of
Surpases Black or
Principled & Legit.
And Guided by the
Virtues of Integrity.
Queer and peculiar,
and Yearns for one
"what does life and
love hold for us?"

Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
When wailing and
Mourning Jams the air,
Glittering Dreams goes
up in Flames,
And your Predicament
comes to Pass,
Laugh yet not that you
have won.

When Fellicity is
to all Sorrow and
Grief Dispensed,
when our Strength and
our Vigour is Devitalized,
Laugh yet not that
you have won.

Out of cry voices
become Husky,
task gruelling we
Can't Placate each
other when in Vanity,
we Doubt the essence
of our Faith,
Laugh yet not that
you have won.

From out of Dark
gorge of Fear,
from out of Deep lips
of Silence,
from out of Fringe
of Freedom,
away from our
Out of Trance,
Arise full of life
our Departed Souls,
Laugh yet not that
you have won.

Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Succubus why Torment
and Torture me,
is it Savvy to get your
Immoral ****** satisfaction
from Incubus, am Human with Blood
in my Veins,
my Zing isn't akin
to your Zeal succubus,
Your Presence is Subtle,
would you Deign to Leave me Alone,
God's Succor and
Fortification is all
it Takes,
and no Day will I
ever Fret about you, Though you're Fractitious
Opposite of me Frail,
But through the Struggle,
I stand to Gain,
De Jure am supposed
to be FREE not a *** slave,
Self assured with
I'll Reach my Zenith......
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
I too had a
Drean once,
it Died before
before it was Born,
Never had the Chance to see
Nor Hear it
Whisper or Cry,
would have been
Pleased, Had I seen it
and Filled with
Zeal had I heard
it Babble,
Hard and Cold, im my Arms I hold,
a Dead Dream
in Ashes,
Tears Trickle Down
my Cheeks,
with my Efforts Futile to hold them Back,
I Too Had a Dream
ONCE, It Died
before It was
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
The salubrious nature
of the climate,
could'nt Conceal the
Sardonic smile of
the Sun.
Scorching heat withered
the Green carpet on
the Visage of the Earth,
Turgid & Rigid plants
Conceated defeat to
the Harsh enviroment
and became Flaccid.
Both live & dead,
micro & macro couldn't
Elude the Vindictive
& Reprisal power of
the Earth,
Destructive habit of man
was Remunerated with
the Sadism nature of
If only Replenishing was
a Custom within our
Catastrophy befalling us
would be a Past-Tense,
Trees & Animals may
seem lesser
but there Impact on our
eco-system is Vital......!!

Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Life short,
Death longer,
Born on the Surface,
burried Deep Under,
our Minds Small, thoughts so Wider,
Tear Filled eyes,
no Leaning Shoulder,
social Pariahs,
Dreams so Bigger,
Just Deeds only mean't for the Bolder,
Visions so Paramount,
Limitation seems Lesser,
daily Pains & Struggles,
makes Us Stronger,
Beliefs and Ambitions are Ostracized,
making Us so Certain
& Credulous Believers....
Oliver Miamiz Oct 2016
I too once fell in love,
With a real person
not an Imitation,
was Young, Naive
and Gullible,
In Strangers and
Unhollistic hands I fell,
Warmth and Pleasures
of Love I felt
to the Brim,
an Optimist I was and Flushed all my Dreams
at the Expense of Love,
Not knowing what was
waiting for me
at the other End:
I too once fell in love,
If Beauty is what led
me to Her,
Blindness was'nt
the Case,
her Physique turned Misers
to Givers,
and Her smile
Drained the Strength
of any Man,
Fiend on Earth or Angel what was she?
In Pieces is how
She left my Heart,
and Up to now,
no one can Salvage me
from her Obscenity,
I too once fell in love.
I too once fell in love,
my Heart would be
where she is,
She is so Mysterious
like the Blowing wind
and Whirling Tornado, But Forever her Image
she Etched into
my Mind,
Debilated me almost
to a Sorry State,
Invaded my mind and Emotions,
to think of
Nothing but Her,
Whilst I smell her
a Mile away,
and I would be numb...
I too once fell in love,
With a real person
not an Imitation,
was Young, Naive
and Gullible,
In Strangers and
Unhollistic hands I fell,
Warmth and Pleasures
of Love I felt
to the Brim,
an Optimist I was and Flushed all my Dreams
at the Expense of Love,
Not knowing what was
waiting for me
at the other End:
I too once fell in love,
If Beauty is what led
me to Her,
Blindness was'nt
the Case,
her Physique turned Misers
to Givers,
and Her smile
Drained the Strength
of any Man,
Fiend on Earth or Angel what was she?
In Pieces is how
She left my Heart,
and Up to now,
no one can Salvage me
from her Obscenity,
I too once fell in love.
I too once fell in love,
my Heart would be
where she is,
She is so Mysterious
like the Blowing wind
and Whirling Tornado, But Forever her Image
she Etched into
my Mind,
Debilated me almost
to a Sorry State,
Invaded my mind and Emotions,
to think of
Nothing but Her,
Whilst I smell her
a Mile away,
and I would be numb...
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Adam and Eve flouted
Sensual Pleasures
Supercedes Mida's
Touch of Gold, no patent Motive
what Triggers the
****** Desire Code,
Sage and Twit person
aren't Bold Enough,
to Conceal their Luscious Greed for the
Forbidden Fruit.
Empires and Kingdoms
have Succumbed
to these Demise,
Though it creates an Immoral society,
It's God's Devise,
brings Parity to both
the Rich and Poor,
It's Ancient, Popular,
yet People feel Vile (OPPROBRIUM),
to Built it's Memorial
be Vigillant for these
Forbidden Fruit..
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
They mourned, they
cried, they yelled
others wen't to the
Extend of howling.
Do the Dead hear?
Young & Old, Poor
& Rich, Thin & Fat,
Beast & Beauty
all came to pay there
last Respect.
Was the Dead this
In multitude they
flocked the Compound,
but many came with
different Agendas,
some coz of there
Growling intestines,
others to display there
Ghoulish behaviour,
women came to Gibe
at each others Gimcrack
others gave others
Amorous looks.
I was Bemoaned &
Crestfallen by their
I couldn't help but wonder,
Do the Dead have

Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Mere mention of your name
sends a wave of emotion
through my body,
in love deep I fell and
entangled in your web
blindly I got caught, thought was strong
and the mere utterance of
her name brought me
down to my knees... In air mammoth castles
I built, selfish I was
without a sense of guilt.
All love atrocities and havoc
wedged on you by me
cupid couldn't acquit me off my crimes,
And De jure I was guilt
without a shred of innocense
blessed with Allaah I am
with such a great muse
but me life was in darkness only yearning for the love of me life..... Even though we're apart,
my love will never part, all I beg is trust
commitment while I redeem
what's left of US......
I won me a trophy, reason why with you I feel like a
just a way, a way to show you
how much I love you......!!
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
All of us believe
in something,
be it Real or Pseudo-Illusion,
Religious or Materialistic.
Most of us have
although we seem
strong and Rough.
but DEEP within we
seek and yearn for
Though the thought
of it scares the HELL
out of us,
no DOUBT most of
us OPT to seek shelter
from our own
Forlon seekers we've
remained for so Long,
and at night nightmares
HAUNT us Rendering
no wonder our minds
are filled with Hideous
and Grubby thoughts.
JOVIAL faces we
portray daily,
but our Souls are
CYNISISM is the Order
of the day and
maledicting at other
Peoples success.
In DEED real Ingrates
and Sartunine we are,
best things in life
are free and simple.
We're our own path-finders and
choosers of our own
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Dark, black angry
Obscure the
beautiful Azure sky,
trees Down wave
there Leaves &
whistle through the
In solemn tune
welcoming the
coming of the long
Rodents, ants gather
as much as they can,
and Disappear into
their Burrows &
as the 1st Drops
percolate through
the Earth,
Dead roots, micro-organism
become lively
and Burst out
the Crimson
bringing new life
to Earth,
new Green carpet
on the Surface of
the Earth stretched
miles apart............
Oliver Miamiz Sep 2016
Love of it is
the ROOT of all
Yet there is no
we can do without
beggars & rich
old & young
men & women
all go in search of it.
Some spill or shed
blood for it,
others loose their
MORALS & dignity
for it.
Our societies are
Ethically corrupted
by it.
Minds are filled with
Hideous thoughts on
how to acquire it.
It has created unaltruist
Source of it's power
still remains CRYPT.
Both of us are blinded
by its hocus-pocus
we've lost our sense
of NOUS and
fell in love with papers
and COINS.
as they say money makes the world go round. we're so much concerned on how to acquire it that we've forgotten all about our humane side...
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Teach them numbers
and don't Forget
Eager and yearning
let them Drink the
Knowledge of words,
away Recriminate
there Ignorance.
Colour there little
world with a
Picture of
Honesty and
Kindness let
them Gain from
Each Day let
their Innocent
souls Blossom
with Hope,
Repose is a must
for their little
Enlighten the young millenials with hope and Optimism
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Love has caused nothing
but Havoc in my
Was I Cynical to
pledge allegiance to
to you I gave in,
Though you gave me
a Haughty smile,
Recklessly & wildly
Deep in love I fell,
in you I saw Haven
from the Harsh earth.
Although I was your
Fanatic your companionship
was a Zest.
My hand felt your
and made me Deleterious,
your Moves in Bed caused
a Feeling of Eerie,
was I to yell, howl or
moan with Esctasy,
Love made me Despair
& saw you as Numinous,
Allured by your Charm
the Wrong life I chose,
your Extolement
could'nt Out-Way my
Alacrity to leave....

Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
"OH POOR POET......!!!
The more I Read
the more I Fuss,
Statements made Beyond
Eternity Bond,
how Can a man have Heaven Inflow,
and not have a Voice
in the World,
words so Frugal & Frail,
yet Defines the True
meaning of Life, Cash flow or not in
the Singing Bone,
Eternity will Hear
my Royal Rymes,
for I'll sound it to
the Hearts of men, And they'll Hail it
even in Silent Graves,
Fret not Oh Poet
of our Time,
for Money Goes with
one with Words, the one who has a
Tale within,
and will Recite it
whether Paid or Not.....
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Can we build a world
civilization on shaky foundations?
Can we ***** the palace
of human prosperity on lies? The world is aching and it's pain and
anguish is
augumenting day after day.
The cause of its tribulation is disunity,
apathy and intolerance.
The symptom of which are the wars that are taking lives,
devastating families and shattering
These small planet shall never see
one day of peace and tranquility,
untill we learn to accept each others as humans and love all as members of one
Our peace and security shall never be
unless and untill we abandon
the doctrines that advocate hate. How can you promote tolerance let alone
unity when people follow doctrines that
ask them to them to hate? Supremacists religion sects are not
preaching peace but war.
It calls the faithful to wage wars
against the unbelievers, **** them
and subdue them untill our cult
becomes the only religion in the world.
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Cult is not a religion that could
allow diversity of thoughts and belief.
It demands conformity and exerts control
over the thought of its subjects.
Any deviation is punished severely.
All dictatorships are harmful but religious dictatorship is the worst of all.
All political doctrines,
whether leftist or rightist,
once proven false, are abandoned,
but religious fallacies endure,
coz they're believed to be from God and therefore infallible.
" The heaven and earth can pass but the
word of God won't."
Rational people are willing to accept its
irrationality and philosophers
endevour to rationalize and legitimize them for intellectuals' consumption.
But lies are lies, no matter
how elaborated they're and how
long they have survived.
General acceptance of a lie, does not
make it truth, nor universal rejection of truth would eclipse it's
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Some religions believe that
snake and cows are sacred beings,
others believe in spirits.
These seem illogical to those who
don't believe in them.
Muslims accuse christians for their believe in trinity that to them seems
Yet they've no difficult believing
in the absurdities of Quran like
the jinns, creation of Eve
from the rib of Adam, the story of Noah or the splitting of the moon.
Its not clear why all other
unreasonable beliefs are wrong
but theirs is right. If we do not use reason to
distinguish which faith is the
right one,
how can we pick the right religion?
There are myriads of faiths
that are all irrational yet all say that their faith is
above reason.
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Even otherwise rational people
are willing to accept the irrationality of
their religion.
They give preference to revelation
wherever their faith and reason collide.
They maintain revelation is the ultimate source of truth.
This is basically the thesis of all religious
If that were so, which revelation is the
true one?
Why do they differ? How can one be certain that her/his
religion is right and others are not?
If faith is irrational, why should our
irrationality be
preffered over others. Only through reason would we know
way is the right one.
And when we test the religions with
you find many of religious teachings do not conform.
It requires a leap of faith and
a great degree of mental gymnastic
in the limitation of reason....
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
I'm the cradle of
yet I Prey on
Atrocities befalling me
are Unimaginable,
Warriors & Intellects
have met their fate
at my feet.
Millions have Yielded to
Despair at my Guard,
in Desolate am left
to Fend for myself,
Feigned smiles, Gorged
out Eyes,
bony Figures,
Ghost shadows ramble
my landscape.
Pain and suffering is
so Certain & Dogmatic
in my Vicinity.
Sons & daughters seek
Greener Pastures
in far away lands,
Yet those left Behind
are Caged in today's
living HELL!
All we Yearn for
is Tranquility,
Valour and

Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Still walk in the
still Born twice,
still Believe that
Christ is Life,
still Dedicated to
my Destiny.
Still fall to my Knees
when it's Hard to SEE,
still the Old MIAMIZ
that Fell in love
Still stay chill,
am still the Messenger
tryna bring the TRUTH.
You're my Legionare
king coz he watches
Over me,
is like I hit the GYM
I feel stronger
than before,
no weapon or Foe
will win,
Energized by Divine
my Faith Disintegrated
with HIS.
His love gave me
like a CHEQUE in a
Bank roll.
We do undermine our Inner strength or will, let it take over us!
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Derailed, feeble and
Frail in there beds,
wailing, mourning and
yelling but to no Avail,
Seconds, minutes and
hours the Clock is
Days, weeks and
months are just but
too Long.
Stench in the air
enough to cause Death,
Kinsmen portraying faces
of Despair,
others Driven absolutely
Cuckoo by Pain,
Amidst sadness, sullen
shimmering figures
glow in the Dark,
Angel of Death out
to collect Souls,
Death is Looming in
the Atmosphere,
Amid Desparity hope
still lingers in
the Horrizon.
Free at last
struck by the hand of

Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Way up to reconcilliation so steep,
Memorandum of understanding so creep,
Shortage of fuel in our reserves no beep,
Political promises in abundance they cant
Yet the pain in our hearts so so deep!! With no complains daily meals we skip,
Economic status swallowed by recession
hefty and handsome rewards given to
zealous supporters as tip,
public treasuries in coffers depleted in form of expensive trip,
Yet the pain in our hearts so so deep!! Yet the pain in our hearts so so deep,
God's succor, alleviates our pains,
Imbeciles at the helm of power with no
Hideous thoughts full of personal gains,
Yet the pain in our hearts so so deep!!
for the corrupt leaders, whose only mission is to embezzle there countries treasury coffers
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
An Island on a
Brink of collapse,
Leakages on our
national budgetry,
Cronysm and Inept
speeches seizes
Powerful seats.
Our national oil
Reserves Guzzled
down by twit Politicians
women Aspiring for
change by Denying
their Husband Conjugal
Millions of unemployed
youths run Amok
causing a Frenzie
Anarchy spells Doom
across the
State of Internal
security is a vital
sign for the Failure
of our current
Reforms of national
cohesion and a new
constitution seems
like a Fantasy to
many Africans.
Our cumbersome
Judiciary procedures
discourages Investors,
so goes the Plea
of Desolate souls
in Africa.........
AFRICA'S future is bright with the right crop of new leaders!! But despite the fact of its immense and huge natural resources the continent still lags behind in terms of development and over-dependence on Foreign aid!
Oliver Miamiz Sep 2016
Pure yet vile
in Words,
mute, voiceless but
thoughts Echo
through the human
Humble & simple
don't confuse with
Within the ugly facade
& beneath the false
Lies an insidious
spirit of Denial.
Defiance is what
you need to survive
the storm Brewing
inside of me.
This is me..... This is me
taking a LEAP of
faith to a world free off
Hatred and
lets all take a leap of faith & perform wonders
Oliver Miamiz Jul 2016
Time of the Reds
is here Again,
roses Dazzle but
deep Inside with Pain,
Spontaneous eyes
with smiles of Gain,
Love is in the air
falling like rain.
Who we love is the Say,
Valentine is just
but a Day.

Some will Conquer,
some Give in,
others Lie Dead,
others Dance in,
some will spend.
Just to please their
others will sacrifice life
Just to be with a King.
At the End,
who we love is the Say,
Valentine is just
but a Day.

Oh happy Day,
this Day is Great
the time to Share,
the love we claim to Bear,
we'll smile all Day.
Hail valentines day.


— The End —