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Jul 2016
In God we trust,
Allahu Akbar,
yet we the humanist don't profess
any of this logical fallacies,
mythological beings that is
what they're, In hell you'll burn
Gues my fate is already sealed,
with reason I seek answers about God.....
Because you believers and your
charlatan prophets are hypocrites,
Your depiction of God as a lunatic narcissist,
vengeful, tyrannical, wanton God
so needy for attention that he
would burn people in hell
for eternity if they don't worship him......
In disguise you walk but deep inside hearts full of animosity,
Mayhem, atrocities, genocide all you've
in propagation of religion,
In God's name you've murdered, *****
and committed all sorts of vile, in captivity and ******* you're enslaved
by your bigotry mind,
to question your religion is inconceivable
within your domain,
" lest you seek trouble O ye believer"
so said the treasured scriptures. So you Opt to follow your charlatan
megalomanic deceivers and
wallow in self deceit....
Oliver Miamiz
Written by
Oliver Miamiz  Eldoret, Kenya
(Eldoret, Kenya)   
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