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16/F    Hey, I'm Ever, (That's what most people call me) I love writing poems and short stories, I'm a huge Marvel/Riverdale fan. Ummm, my favorite color ...
Keiya Tasire
F/Canada    The tapestry of life keeps me in awe of it's wonders. I am a counseling hypnotherapist, energetic healer, & artist currently living in British Columbia, ...
Antigone Awkward
"I'm really pleased you like the hat. It's so you. Oh! And your mum says she's coming round on Sunday and we're a little short ...
42/M    Five kids that all live with me (though there are grown), and I am in a committed, yet open relationship with myself. So grateful to ...
38/M/Arkansas    I’m just a guy that’s a little lost and a little crazy. Writing helps me feel a little more sane. That’s all.
Oh    I am drawn to scale. I work for scale. Which is to say; your admiration. Can you differentiate? In new territory? I am laughing at ...
Glizelle Alderite
23/Philippines    let's dance to awkward silence
♥ lovely and lonely ♥
19/F    "Madness lives inside your head, of poems lost and pages dead."
M/SpaceTime/    Hello, Hello Poets
Angela Liyanto
F/Sydney    A heart of gold is worth more than a pot of gold
M/Victoria, Australia    Self-taught composer, tenor (opera, art songs, folk..) and violinist. A humanist. Basic words: love, humility, compassion, tolerance, humour. JOURNEY OF THE HEART, collection of 163 ...
F/UK    Have lived but not enough would like to travel more and write about it. At present I'm puzzled somewhere in EAST Asia where life and ...
44/F/Pune, India    To my thoughts... Someday , I will get you all worded ..
21/M/Tucson, AZ    My anxiety’s throwing gang signs.
22/F    Trying to find the words to communicate my soul
Terry Collett
71/M/England    I have been writing since 1971 and have been published on and off since 1972. I am married to Pauline with 8 children( my eldest ...
Angela Okoduwa
Lagos    I'm a highly spirited girl and a writer of paranormal and romance stories on Wattpad with the user name- Angelique_Esmeralda. Besides being a sucker for ...
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Abbottabad Pakistan    I am an army officer .I did my MA in English MA TEFL MA EDN and LL.B I am a celebrated poet and published three ...
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