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She hides her acne like a child,
desiring more than herself.
Finding solace in the untouchable,
and anger in its confusion.
Where will she go,
when the impossible is made possible?
Will she continue to reach that light,
with her bare fingers,
oblivious to its transparency?
I am skimming the water,
barely making flight,
constantly flying and falling,
I fear that I'll sink soon.
But I wonder if that also could be seen as flying.
Temptation is sickly sweet.
Speechless Aug 24
I just wanna fall in love a million times,
is that really that selfish?
Speechless Aug 23
So, heres the thing.
I miss a fly.
I didn’t before,
Didn’t even try,
it’s buzz and buzzing,
were all so annoying,
but now that it’s gone,
I feel so alone.
Speechless Aug 22
My eyes are underwater,
I can't see ahead,
I'm drowning now,
can't feel the ground,
is this all in my head?
Speechless Aug 12
I look around and see people missing fingers,
It's seems like I'm the only one with a full set,
and I'm scared because I can't find a knife.
Speechless May 20
I want to lose all I have now,
so that I can gain back it's value.
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