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Peter (my bf) and I are at Heraclee beach for the weekend.
It’s a little sliver of heaven, about 11 miles south of Saint Tropez.
It’s too early in the season to swim - being breezy and 72°f -
but it’s still the beach. I’m a neophyte beach ***,
but I’m willing and eager to learn.

I’m valuable even if I’m not being productive [I self-affirm].

something poetic-ish..

The sun’s a drowsy tyrant, not yet willing to unforgivingly scorch.
The beach is like glistening sugar, the sand still cool enough to walk, rogue west winds occasionally whip it to an ankle stinging sandpaper.

Majestic umbrella pines are dancing the hula. The shrub-like understory is dominated by drought-tolerant lavenders and rosemary that dense the air with perfume which complements the mediterranean brine.

There’s laughter, off somewhere, like wind-chimes playing clear, just above the ever-roiling sound of the surf. Birds are everywhere, gulls walk around like they’re bored, cory float on air, like kites and petrels skim against the wind, centimeters above choppy waves.

The beach isn’t crowded - French kids are still in school - but a few hardy, oiled, bronzed and sculpted bodies are sprawled on the pristine sand, like offerings to the god of leisure.

Our hotel has its own private cove, with adirondack wooden lounges under yellow parasols. Pastel blue-vested wait-staffers circle, on the quarter-hour, eager to please.
“Deux (two) American Martinis, S'il te plaît! (please),” I ask, expectantly.

It’s a **** beach, but Peter got an alarmed look when I joked I might go *******. “Annick (my older sister) always goes *******,” I informed him.
“I’d like to see that,” he’d said, and when I gave him a raised eyebrow, he amended, “That came out wrong.”
songs for this..
Summer of Our Love by Triangle Sun
That life by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
The kiss of Venus by Dominic Fike, Paul McCartney
BLT Merriam Webster word of the day challenge: Neophyte: someone who’s just started learning something
Every step
toward truth I take
I find my ankles
chained with fetters that

Behind those veils
that obscure the truth
I searched for the fruit
wasting my youth

I grasp the meanings
with opened arms
unjust deceptions
that created harm

Oh , by God !
Where does the truth
really lie
Just one step away
in the questions
of why
 12h Nylee
 12h Nylee
I've lost the will to penned
the undetach cord
between real and fantasy
where I laze and daze
the uncomfortable feeling
until I become the ultimate leech
who ***** people
Sometime I get to lost to something unimportant until I don't know art anymore and the burden seems forgettable.
 12h Nylee
Be careful folks and do be warned
there’s no safe place in open forum!

Perhaps you seek a loving rhyme         In the intimate sea of human kind
Perhaps you believe in a sacred place
Where love is limited to face-to-face

Perhaps you forgot to question why
Believing it’s best if others die
Open forum allows these things
But just be warned of where it leads…
Traveler 🧳 Tim

Just thought I’d try something different.
He walks so far away
Yesterday and today
Maybe he will see
One would think that would be up to me
Make myself known, flail about
Jump up and down
Scream and shout
Amid the crowd
Millions of kitties
Pulling up shirts
And showing off *******
I got ******* too
But my brain is
So much more beautiful
Like most things that are hard to see
You gotta pay attention to notice the beauty
Candle by the sea
A sudden gust cuts us short
As Gloom turns to speak
Trying to think of something poignant to say
But I’m not sure poignancy works that way
Think and think til your brain turns blue
But it’s just the kinda thing that’s gotta
Come  to you
and that was just a hot dream,

corn me in a can of beef
I am shipwrecked off a coral reef
best not tell her
She'll give me grief
I'm going for a shower.

today is Sunday
and I have to work
to keep the dogs at bay

now I know what the piggy-wigs saw
when the wolves were at the door.

Summer and it's raining
blood draining from my face
I need to take a powder
lay down on the chaise.
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