Mae 2h
Fell on the end ,but.
When the moment you stand.
And as you offer your hand.
I was shaking but also glad.

My heart was filled with tears.
As you forgive all my sins.
Scars was within my blood.
Symbolizes to what I've done.

You are kind and pure.
Ready to give his heart to cure.
For he is ***.
And he is love.
Mae 2h
staring at the drops,
slowly falling and fading.
everywhere is splashing.
as people are walking.

a beautiful cold scenario.
a moment of peace and serenity.
but when you walk by,
a strong wind in my heart pass by.
Mae 2d
starry night,
a beautiful sight.
through his eyes,
I can see beauty inside.
it shines so bright.
the star and it's light.
deep staring.
please, keep talking.
moments, kept.
keeping it in my head.
a beautiful night with you.
this late conversation at 2.
Mae 3d
when you've enjoyed doing things
that are prohibited to you,
and consequences are chasing you.
overthinking. unfinsihed
Mae 3d
Problems are here and there.
They are everywhere.
Making our minds full and aware.
Her soul to dispair.
Death is nice.
But suicide is not her option
Cause she's not a sinner with delusion.
Has faith without solution.
Reading a collection.
Full of sacred texts.
She has a book in her hand.
Bible is the name, written inside her heart.
Her name is Rose.
Full of Prickles.
She is reckless.
But not faithless.
Cause *** is within her
And she will not fall
Mae 4d
she was at a society full of hypocrites
yet, in this dark room she was at peace.
her presence is much more valuable.
rather than in this world, unpredictable.
she is vulnerable.
her emotions are fragile,
wants to be like a willow.
but she is soft as the pillow.
she wants to have a freedom.
anxiety attacks,which makes her doom.
and as they talk to her, it was too late.
her soul was not there anymore.
Mae 4d
You were my solace.
Every moment I'm with you
I'm in a world of serenity,
I don't want to escape,
Please don't set me free.
Cause I want to be a prisoner in this dream.
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