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 Nov 2015 Nastaj'a
i became something dark.........
                  .........but i didn't mind
because i was in love
with a monster
 Nov 2015 Nastaj'a
Arcassin B
by Arcassin Burnham

looking inside out
for that chance to be in love again,
cause she's just a friend,
I can't imagine all the thing's that you've
been through,
making love to cure your pain too
I know you,
lost and confused to a different Muse,
if only you could fuse the two,
I would so happy with you,
if only you'd see how much I cared in a sence,
I promised I would never lose you to couple cents,
those are words to cherish and live by,
can't wait and sit and watch time fly,
or her love will pass me by,
and I'll maybe die,

Along with some attitude,
resistance to ever be cruel,
you might see it differently,
but I see the love in you,
certain things you just misconstrued,
something about settling all your fueds,
you might see it differently,
but I see the love in you,
Love in November
She broke me, but I suppose that's what happens when you give a child a toy
I was just used for her amusement, but eventually children always fall back to their favorites
He was her first love, how could I ever compete, so I just stood there quietly watching her break me
It's been months and now I finally realize what she did, she wasn't an earthquake that broke my foundation, she didn't cause that insignificant of damage
She was a nuclear strike for the bombing that someone else did on her life, you see I'm just collateral damage
She took me in, accepted me for the flaws I'll never be able to overcome, she made me feel warm, but that's how con artists work, they make you feel like winner while they **** you dry
She was a tick, a parasite masquerading as someone I willingly kept around while she drained my spirit, my essence, my happiness
She trapped my soul in a bottle and takes it like medication every time she starts to feel the pain of the relationship she ran back to
Now all that's left is the hollow shell of a man, expressing his hurt through words and lacerated skin
She ****** me dry, she nuked me, she broke me, but that's what you do with toys that never meant anything at all
Just some honest feelings
 Oct 2015 Nastaj'a
in every lifetime
there is that special someone who steps into your path
while their presence may be brief
their footprints are eternal
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