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1.1k · Sep 2015
Nastaj'a Sep 2015
Behind the closed doors of her eyes she dreams, she lives
But like an open window her forehead shows what she tries to hide
It’s funny how even her body betrays her
How her mind has her wrapped around its little finger
How her smile somehow has something against her
How they try to destroy her when she is vulnerable
When she can’t see them coming
So she keeps her eyes open
Holding onto her memories like live videos
As she sits in her cage
And waits for her daydreams to save her
1.1k · Sep 2015
How he loves her
Nastaj'a Sep 2015
He examines the when
He examines the how
The what, the who, the huh? The seriously?
Then came to a conclusion that it could not be concluded
His love for her was a contradiction
The most beautiful thing wrapped up in the ugly of this world
His love for her was hypocritical
Hates how things folds and mold to the body of mere humans
But loves the same things on his Goddess  
She was his Goddess
He could never understand how something so wrong could be so fulfilling to praise
In ways that would be considered a sin
She was his sin
He loved the ways her eyes would not twinkle in the sun nor moon light
How she could be so ordinary
How she completely disregards everything that is his disability
How never had he heard
The letters O,C or D placed together in the constellation of words
That spills from her mouth into the Milky Way
It scared him how fast words could escape the cage of her mouth
Without a second thought
He envied the confidence she had in her words
He loved the way she loves the beach
He was afraid of how careless he was with life
For he would follow her anywhere she went
Even if it was as scary as the beach
He feels himself as Icarus
Deliberately flying closer to the sun
So that he could be swallowed into the liquefied breaths of his Goddess
This is how he sees his love
This is how he feels his love. This is how he loves her
875 · Apr 2016
Nastaj'a Apr 2016
In a world where War seems to be the only answer,
Deceit is the hidden message.
And Fraternity?
Well, you'll see.
444 · Nov 2015
My wish for you
Nastaj'a Nov 2015
May you experience the love your soul yearns for
The love that your mind haven't learnt yet
The one that leaves your body on fire with the warmth that shines through your eyes, pores,
Your smile
May you be blessed with the love you need, not want
Nastaj'a Oct 2015
You have lost it, haven't you?
You have lost the one thing that separates love from its counterpart.
I am sorry,
But more so thankful,
For your first hand experience with destruction.
My dear, my advice to you is to be destroyed.
Watch patiently as your world gradually turns upside down,
And don't you dare expect to stay grounded.
Let yourself fall right into emptiness and embrace the cold,
Darkness wrapping around you.
Do not gravitate to the stars,
My love, warmth doesn't always comfort.
Darling, Panick if you need to.
Bring your body to life;
Stay alive.
Embrace your sorrow,
It will be the only thing that stays with you,
For now.
so this was a bit different than the two before. I was inspired by a book. It's a pretty dark book but nonetheless great.
204 · Nov 2015
He Said to Her
Nastaj'a Nov 2015
And I will wait,
Wait until the last fragrance of him brushes past your tear streaked face
And silence surrounds you
And I  don't promise to be this great big musical composition that breaks this silence,
But I'll be that sound that distract you from yourself, from your pain
And I will love you
Until I have lost every last drop of my scent around you.
#love #waiting #comfort #fragrance
131 · Apr 2019
When Sorrow Comes
Nastaj'a Apr 2019
Sometimes the saddest stories start with the happiest of begins.
Sometimes there is a peace to be found in your darkness.
Sometimes the stillness is scary but it's trying to tell you something.
You might not think much of it,
But it says "listen to your own voice.
Try to understand yourself.
You are no mysterious love,
You are your own romance,
Bundled in your fictitious reality,
Live and breathe the same way you yearn.
Sometimes Sorrow comes around to remind you all that Happiness has done,
So treasure them both."
109 · Apr 2017
On Acceptance
Nastaj'a Apr 2017

There is a love somewhere.
In there.
That will continue to be unattainable to you
As long as you remain separated from yourself.

— The End —