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PJ Mar 1
I know this wont make you whole again. I know this cant complete  you nor compensate to all the hardships you had with me but I would like to say sorry.

I'm sorry for being me. I didnt know any better.
I'm sorry, I was clueless that you like me from the start.
I'm sorry that I shared all my hardships and life and didnt heared yours
I'm sorry that I was sharing how my days went and didnt had the time to listen to you.
Im sorry for always being so sweet and caring. I didnt mean to break your guard.
Im sorry for always talking to you constantly even when I dont have anything to tell you.
Im sorry for always answering your late night calls and talking to you until dawn.
Im sorry for sharing my 1st love and it wasnt you.
Im sorry that I always scream to the world how she meant to me and letting you see it.
Im sorry for telling you I will court her and ask you for advices
Im sorry for having someone as the moon for my tides when I was your moon.
Im sorry for talking to you when she broked my heart.
Im sorry for the days  I was so broken and all I have to talk too is you.
Im sorry for failing to see that you where there all the time I was so down
Im sorry for telling you I wasnt loveable when you have loved me.
Im sorry for going into deppression and pushed you away.
Im sorry I was stupid that I started hurting myself.
Im sorry for not noticing your late night calls.
Im sorry for not answering for chats and text.
Im sorry for not caring for your care.
Im sorry for calling you when I was slowly becoming okay.
Im sorry for being insensitive, I didnt know you were having a hard time.
Im sorry for being okay when your not.
Im sorry for not giving you a chance.
Im sorry for saying thank you, when you said you love me.
Im sorry I cant give the love that you gave me.
Im sorry for making you wait.
Im sorry that you have grown tired.
Im sorry for not making that leap.
Im sorry that I was afraid.
Im sorry for thinking I can make it on my own.
Im sorry for the love I cant repay
PJ Feb 25
The Hardest Goodbye
are those you didn't expect
to those you love
and give respect

It was like yesterday
when you said
see you tomorrow
lets have some fun
we just wrote
our bucket list
but did none

Now I found myself crying
I know its not a dream
I expected the worse
and accepted the pain
but nonetheless
it caught me off guard
now my heart is in fragments
its in shards
cause there's a goodbye
even when its unsaid

There's allot of things
I didn't had the chance
to say
cause up to now
I cant accept
that it was the last
the last
the last giggle
we had

I remember your words
and I don't want to forget
even when it will hurt
when I
Finally accept
the unsaid goodbye
when you said
see you tomorrow
lets have some fun.
PJ Feb 12
You are my sunrise on my east.
The sunset on my west
The moon for my tides
The darkness of my night
The light of my day
You are
The reality of my dreams.
My dream becoming reality
PJ Feb 1
Writing a poem is as easy as 1,2,3.
But then again you will be at 6,7,8
Without writing the 4 & 5
Now you try think back like 8,7,6,
But still skipping the 5 & 4
cause you thought
Writing poem was easy as 3,2,1.
Writing a poem dilemna.
PJ Feb 1
Is it ironic?
      that I lost everyone
Who promised they wont leave me?
I didnt pushed them away. I clinged to them until I reached the feeling that Im already bothering them
PJ Jan 15
Asking question
But I dont know why
Its hard to answer
Without wondering why
Questions produces
Answers followed with a why
Is it so hard
To stop the why
The unlimited question
Continues to the infinite whys.
To infinity and to the unlimited whys.
PJ Jan 10
You were broken
   I was too
and I took my time listening to you
for I thought it would help me too

   we shared our thoughts
   and talked about it

Wrote a poem of the beauty of your chaos
the undying strength of your resolve

         time flew by
         as days has passed

                    we talked about the moon
                    with coffee in hand

months have past and we were going strong
even though there's no label on what we are

but one day you just disappeared
without a trace

              I was left searchin
              for you and the feeling of you

Few months again
I received a poem and
I know its you

        was devastated for I cant reply
        for the stranger also left
        without a sound
        just the poem
        saying goodbye.
Pearl Im very sorry. I want to hug when we meet again, I know we will. In my time and when Im in control. So that I will be brave enough to hold you close!
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