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PJ Jan 10
You were broken
   I was too
and I took my time listening to you
for I thought it would help me too

   we shared our thoughts
   and talked about it

Wrote a poem of the beauty of your chaos
the undying strength of your resolve

         time flew by
         as days has passed

                    we talked about the moon
                    with coffee in hand

months have past and we were going strong
even though there's no label on what we are

but one day you just disappeared
without a trace

              I was left searchin
              for you and the feeling of you

Few months again
I received a poem and
I know its you

        was devastated for I cant reply
        for the stranger also left
        without a sound
        just the poem
        saying goodbye.
Pearl Im very sorry. I want to hug when we meet again, I know we will. In my time and when Im in control. So that I will be brave enough to hold you close!
PJ Jan 10
I waited for the sunset
at the beach
with salt in air
and sand on my feet

I wandered far
and wandered deep
now the tide takes
me off my feet

now I see the lighthouse
at the beach
I yelled , little lighthouse
light my way
when I comeback
but for now let me stay.
PJ Dec 2018
Was I afraid
when I was young
or I just followed
the whispers in the wind

those whispers
didn't disappear
even when time
has past

they keep telling me
stand back
don't go,
just stay.

but my heart
take flight
and do what you must
ignore the whispers
in the wind.

So I listened to my heart
and took flight
I did what I must
and spread my wings

I'm still hearing whispers
to stand back
don't go,
just stay

So I listened well
to the silent whispers
Now I realized I was
missing something

it said
Stand (OUT! never go) back
don't (wait, just) go
just stay ( and let the wind carry you).
poem for a friend
PJ Dec 2018
Why am I still filled with suicidal thoughts?

       When I want to live on.
PJ Dec 2018
Today it will be
different when I say
I'm tired

I'm tired of standing back
when I know I
was born to stand out

I'm tired of waiting
for opportunity to knock
that's why I will be the one
to knock on opportunity's door

I'm tired of the grass being
greener in the other side
that's why I will plant on mine.

I'm tired of being better than yesterday
that's why I will be the best today

I'm tired of taking a step at a time
that's why I'm taking all the steps every time

I'm tired of having only Plan A
that's why I will have Plan B-Z
even 1,2,3.

cause I'm tired of being mediocre
when I can be best
of what I think I can do better
PJ Dec 2018
Depressed, Sad, Burdened, Anxious, Scared?
Yes, Im all of that and more
I dont think I will last
But with writing
I want to stay
In this world
Thats hard
to live in
But not hard
To fell in love with
PJ Dec 2018
Life in pour and flow
Pouring in fun
Flowing in tears
Everybody runs
Away from what they fear

Its scary you see
To be in my shoes that wouldnt
Even fit me
My heart beating so fast
And I dont think I will last
As I ran away from the demons
Who's always chasing me.

Let me name them
Myself and I
Yes those are my demons inside

Yet I always fret
Knowing I will not be free,
Free from being me

But still im ready
Even though its scary
And everything feels so eerie
For no one is better
Of being me

I have done what I can
And  I will just believe,
That believing
Is the only way
Of truly living

Cause its time to put my weight
On this scale
To be the one writing my own story
So I wont be sorry
Because I have carried
My demons into the end
and showed them to the world
That they are not scary
Embrace your inner demons until those demons are the ones that will company you
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