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I do not wish to see how love fades
Like a new moon, once full, sinking
Into the blackened ocean horizons,
I only wish for eyes blind as hopes.

I do not wish to hear how words lie
And promises only lead to sorrows,
How the strings of words string us
Along from daylight into long darks.

I do not wish to speak what I do not
Feel, as rock in abandoned quarries,
I only wish for wings to sail forward,
As ocean birds do, well on their way.
Crazy does
What crazies will
Crazies live
On crazy fill.
Crazies need
Their crazy pills
Rock and roll
Will be my thrill.
 Aug 2015 Muhammed Amir Shaik
His smile has rained over my ribcage
where inside rests a soil field
for him to grow hundreds of red tulips
as red as my kiss to his sweet lips
and they've been blocking my breathing
each time he tells me that he's leaving
or simply return to me and staying
so I pluck them all and start counting
one and two and three
does he loves me not?
or does he loves me?
until teardrop falls and I cannot see
cause it always ends up with him
not loving me
In depths we dive
the sun we trust
till we hit the rocks
and get shattered to dust

holding our breath
the pressure gets worst
this mighty sea has never
quenched anyone's thirst
They laid their hands upon my head,
They stroked my cheek and brow;
And time could heal a hurt, they said,
And time could dim a vow.

And they were pitiful and mild
Who whispered to me then,
"The heart that breaks in April, child,
Will mend in May again."

Oh, many a mended heart they knew.
So old they were, and wise.
And little did they have to do
To come to me with lies!

Who flings me silly talk of May
Shall meet a bitter soul;
For June was nearly spent away
Before my heart was whole.
Sometimes when the house is quiet
and everyone's asleep
I lie on the cold floor
And hold myself
because no one holds me now.
My big hair sprawled out
like a mane
Illusion of fierce.
Sometimes I look ahead
but then I look back
and fall back.
(C) Franziska Grech

— The End —