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Mr Poet May 2020
No matter how much of a burden you have for a while
Just let your emotions die and put on a temporary smile
Inspired by the people who fakes a smile to conceal their sadness.
Mr Poet May 2020
Even these past few months I can still feel your warmth.
Mr Poet May 2020
Mesmerized by your beauty
I am forever yours truly
Mr Poet May 2020
Your friends says you're a fool for loving me
My friends says I'm stupid for loving you

We may be hearing these negative feedbacks from them;
But it won't hinder us from loving each other

They can call you deaf
They can call me blind
But whatever they say
It won't make-up my mind
Mr Poet May 2020
Things could've been perfect
If it went out as planned
Mr Poet May 2020
Is this love?
I can't seem to explain it

Aside from the raindrops crawling onto my skin
I can feel the warmth of your body as you hug me

I only want your hug
Yet you gave me a kiss

It's like I'm requesting for a rain
Yet a storm arrives
Mr Poet May 2020
"love is for fools" she said
i'll tell you everything I know
so listen

it's because
she's been betrayed
cheated, and

i know it all
because i'm there

it all started because of her impression of love
she used to think that love is just a game

i insist to mend her broken heart but she refused
she left
she moved town
without me knowing

now, we haven't met for years
i'm thinking she's okay now
and i'm happy for her
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