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monica Sep 2016
you picked your addiction over me
i wish you could see just what you used to be
and the effect your problem had on me

it feels like yesterday
before you broke down and left me
and found yourself in another bottle
i'm stuck here waiting for you to come up
there's just no luck

i'll wait
monica Sep 2016
i get home and end up on the floor
the same story as the night before

you think you have me figured out
you want to leave and i kind of want you to
i can deal without the judgement

i don't have a problem
i just want to finish this drink
i can stop
by why would i want to?

*if you want to leave, then leave
monica Sep 2016
you might not miss me
i miss my nails in your back
screaming out your name
monica Sep 2016
My feelings were never true
Just in love with the idea
I just wasted your time
monica Sep 2016
I always think it's over, until drunken nights when I beg to come over
You can smell the ***** on my breath
I sense the disappointment judging by the look on your face
I know how badly you crave the taste
You're sober
I know I'm going nowhere
*But I always end up back in your bed
monica Sep 2016
your eyes look like death
your hair is a mess
your touch feels desperate
monica Sep 2016
Spill out lies about how much you hate me, but just last month you were spilling your guts about how much you loved me
You're a coward, and everyone will soon squirm once they can come to terms with your true identity

Your face is fading from my brain
You're a worthless memory

I don't miss the  sound of your voice
and I certainly don't miss the sound of your teeth grinding in your sleep

I used to spend hours awake thinking you were the reason I wanted to breathe
But now you're the very reason I want to stop breathing

You're nothing to me
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