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 Sep 2017 Madison
Jozef Vizdak
Blue eyed boy, brown eyed girl
on stage


J:(he is stunned as usual by the flower
which is her being,
unmasked with naked heart
watching her every move
both with gentle serenity
and never ending lust
moments when their lips touch
make him feel the true heaven
her eyes make him blessed)
V:(she's maybe never felt like this before
the way he looks at her
the way he smiles and sings
it feels like hundred butterflies inside her
started a long journey entangled with time
the way he kisses her every part
the ways he can aimlessly talk
without him she misses him dearly
with him she wishes he’d never leave
there’re so many ways he makes her smile)
for V.G.
 Jul 2017 Madison
Ryan Holden
I want to kiss your lips
until my whole mouth burns,
The kind of affection that would leave
me in pain and suffocating for air
as my lips weld shut,
Yet your breath is a small consequence
to pay for the moment with your touch.
 Jul 2017 Madison
B H H Burns
I was prepared to share
my dreams with you -
but that alone
wouldn't do,
You had to own me through and through;
You had to have it all...

So instead you crept
into my head;
Day-by-day stole
my thoughts away,
Til there was nothing left of me
but a hollow, sorrowful shell.
Inspired by #SableSwanVerse prompt 'Stolen Thoughts'
 Jul 2017 Madison
He drives a gray Subaru

I get in the passenger seat
He turns on nirvana
I don't want to
But I can't
Help it
I begin to weep
He asks what's wrong
I can't explain
He turns it off
I thank him
Water falls from my eyes once more
I shouldn't be in this car

I should be riding my bike beside yours
 Jul 2017 Madison
Um, I'm from a small town.
You probably don't know it.
You've probably never been there,
but you've probably driven through.

Oh it's a few miles from here...
have you ever heard of it?
That's okay, not many have.

I mean it's not exactly near there...
do you know the other towns in the area?
Okay. Fine, yeah it's near there.

Let's play 20 questions.
Maybe that will help.
Is it bigger than a breadbox?
No, not really.

Honestly, forget it.
It's a really tiny town,
not much left to say.
But it's where I'm from.
 Jul 2017 Madison
Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
It seems the morality of the world has thinned,
and it's hard for me to differentiate
how to be good, and how to be great.

There's so much bad stuff swirling around,
and unfortunately, as I have found,
it's so easy to get swept up by society,
and so easy to be remiss in one's piety.

I long to be a better person.
I don't want to just worsen and worsen.
Can you help me be a saint?
Make me in your image, the way only an artist can paint.

I just need your guidance and your aid,
I need to have more confidence in the me that you made.
Because if I stare really hard right into a mirror,
There's a person I'm becoming, and frankly, I fear her.

Help me to be in the world and not of it.
Help me to embrace my true self and love it.
And in the face of the world's ignorant braying,
help me to just keep on loving and praying.
 Jul 2017 Madison
Everyone has a
love-hate relationship
with us.
One minute
we're being kissed
and the next
we're being left.

People shake us,
throw us,
use us
just to get themselves
more money.

In this game of
love and luck and life,
we lose
every time.
 Jan 2017 Madison
Lydia Cooper
I've made a lot of mistakes
Trying to **** the pain away
Shedding clothing, like skin
To get to my core
Making love to closed doors
Running away in circles
When you were the only
Straight line I was looking for.
 Oct 2016 Madison
 Oct 2016 Madison
Laughing at yourself is easy.
Self deprecation is hilarious.
To others, anyway. And to you,
to an extent.

It's good to laugh at yourself,
but you've become a joke,
a punchline,
a caricature of who you
wish you were.

You're a fun house version of yourself,
and ugly.
In your head you're a smart,
savvy person with a
great body.
In real life, you're dumpy,
and messy.

You feel out of control,
your thoughts are lapping you.
You're still at the
starting line.
You'll never win
this race. Accept your
participation trophy and
move on.    

You're the only person
who knows what you're feeling.
And guess what?
You have no idea how to
express it.
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