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 Oct 2016 Madison
Quarter Moon
 Oct 2016 Madison
The yellow crescent
overlooks America.
Washington's smile.
 Sep 2016 Madison
 Sep 2016 Madison
Gently clutching these
Pages, your heart touches mine.
You hold a place there.
 Sep 2016 Madison
 Sep 2016 Madison
my fingers have forgotten how to hold a pen,
and let worlds flow from my lips

my eyes have forgotten how to open,
they've been closed since you left

my feet have forgotten how to dance,
they patiently wait for you to come back

but my tears have not forgotten how to run

and my lips have not forgotten how to scream out your name when I am alone

and my heart has not forgotten how to love you
 Sep 2016 Madison
Hocus Pocus
 Sep 2016 Madison
Give me your wounded; I can heal their ills.
I spin miracles like tailors spin thread.
I cure bleeding, sneezing, quaking with chills—
believe it or not, I can show you the dead.
Very few can handle the magic I spawn—
I bend the rules as blacksmiths do metals.
My power is strange, running dusk to dawn;
it’s gained from people, pencils, even rose petals.
All it takes is a wave of the hand:
I swirl words on paper—an artist mixing paint.
Not witchcraft, yet some pieces are still banned;
each and every writer isn’t a saint.
Some claim our magic is fading away,
but really we’re thinking up more words to say.
 Aug 2016 Madison
Daniel Magner
She has big dreams
filled with London and New York,
acting, musicals, on stage, spot light,
and she's chasing them down,
a huntress in a red dress,
they don't have a chance.
She gets what she wants,
no one can resist her,
all the guys and girls are dying to kiss her.
She could have anyone by simply
beckoning with her finger.
When she steps in a room
it's all eyes on her, but her eyes on me.
Oh God can't she see
that the whole world's in love with all that she does?
Her touch is electricity
shocking me back from a life of complacency,
the voltage between us charging
both our batteries.
All the others who want her,
who might try and ****** her,
they don't really matter.
She can leave for three months,
be set on by handsome men and gorgeous women,
but they can't do what I can if she gives me the chance.
I can dance to her beat,
I keep up in the sheets,
I love her in the bedroom,
on stage, in the streets,
I love her, I love her,
and it's so hard to believe,
but she,
she loves
Daniel Magner 2016
 Apr 2016 Madison
Becoming who you are
Is not an easy feat.

You have to shed the skin
Of many failed versions.
Prototypes are stowed away,
Blueprints shredded.

Which laugh works?
Is this personality too loud?
Will I be a loser if I don’t go to that party?
Or to that event?
Should I modulate my voice?
Am I too much of a nerd?
Am I not enough of a nerd?
Do these glasses work with my face?
Do these clothes work for my body?

Over and over,
The plans change,
And you change,
And you try to find the best
Version of yourself.
And you wonder why
There’s more than one
To begin with.

You wonder what happened,
To the innocent kid
Who thought her elementary school
Friends would always be there,
And who thought she could do anything.

You look back on yourself
As an athlete.
You look back on yourself
As a writer.
And you wonder why
You became this person
Who will just settle
To get by in life.

You wonder why
You’re constantly at
The drawing board,
Why the things you really
Want to do in life
Are impractical,
And why the things
You’re going to do are
Only semi appealing.

How did you get
****** into this society,
And how did you become this

Automaton with no autonomy?

Why can’t you decide
What’s best for you
Without being wracked with

Looks like you need to be
So we’ll scrap this model
And get back to you
With a new one.

Try not to break it.
 Mar 2016 Madison
Same Old
 Mar 2016 Madison
Always doing
What you're told.

Never ever
Being bold.

This cycle of life
Is what some would call
A rut,
Or a stalemate.

It lands you
In the doldrums,
It makes you a person
That you hate.
 Feb 2016 Madison
 Feb 2016 Madison
Encased in a
I traipsed my way
through childhood.

What I knew then:
People don't drink until they're 21,
*** is if you're male or female,
People you love are always there for you,
Friendship is forever.

What I know now:

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