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Oct 2016
Laughing at yourself is easy.
Self deprecation is hilarious.
To others, anyway. And to you,
to an extent.

It's good to laugh at yourself,
but you've become a joke,
a punchline,
a caricature of who you
wish you were.

You're a fun house version of yourself,
and ugly.
In your head you're a smart,
savvy person with a
great body.
In real life, you're dumpy,
and messy.

You feel out of control,
your thoughts are lapping you.
You're still at the
starting line.
You'll never win
this race. Accept your
participation trophy and
move on.    

You're the only person
who knows what you're feeling.
And guess what?
You have no idea how to
express it.
Written by
Monica  Garwood
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