Its so cold, am walking barefoot during midnight, i can feel the sand in my trembling feet as they try to regulate posture. Aint no warm shoulder so i look at the stars and talk to the wind,it replies with a strong blowing wind. What a good friend indeed

Its getting even more colder, am growing older and alone in dark cold outside. I beg for a piece of Sun shine if not one Ray. My shivering teeth cooks a beat in my heart . Cold with no coat. The cold is biting through my throat,  pour it a good soup. For it to go away
We all need a friend
Who gave me ambition?, he was taken too soon. I can feel your spirit in my hand as I write. Who was a hell razor, but had GOD as a good buddy, when nobody cared?. Who had a belief that made everyone believe?

The wind blows like the "Anthem" of the west side today, their leader was born on this day, he longed for better days. Finally at peace not deceased. No one sees him on the streets but he lives.

Buried as a G, the whole world remembers you. Hope you have and a paper and pen, to write about your life ascent. Let the Lord judge the "criminals. Rest in peace Amaru Shakur, hope you navigated to Thugs mansion. Make sure its cool when we get there. See you at the cross roads G.Yesterday at 7:31am·Sent from Mobile
Look how elegant it looks
No one can touch it
For it is protected by a thousand chambers
It is about to hatch and give birth to a "diamond"
The Whole nation awaits to see it hatch
It is born to shine the " diamond" that is inside a "Golden egg"

Why some of the things that happen, happen?
Who thought a "Golden egg " would grow a "diamond" inside
Predators Barred only development awaits
Look at that geeze brush dust from the " Golden egg "

Circumstances faced by the "Golden egg"
I guess they were great like the great Niagara falls
False mimic actions from predators couldn't penetrate the thousand chambers  surrounding It
Still the nation awaits to see it hatch and watch taboo
Everyday the sun rises,birds singing,
Gunshots in the Ghettos and still people
die. I give birth hoping someone is coming
To advance my life,so my new borns will
Indulge in my new blossomed life and
The ones i took feel pain for leaving, while
Delighted by the presence of God.

Everyday blood falls on the palm of my
Hands and still no one cares. Technology
Kidnaped my new borns while making
Their lives better and more improved

Well celebrated people in a banal try and
Still no change. Am on my knees because
Am getting weaker eveyday by mankind,
But i improve the lives of some, while it
Seems i hate the less fortunate. Am tired
Of mimic perfecting people, because reality is am getting close to my "slumber
Of death". The end of the begining . My
Fate revealed
Please hold her
As only you can

Would you curl her up
In the palm of your hand?
And be with her
When I cannot?

Would you attend to her most every need
With efficiency
And make her well when she is not?

Because you know how she is
How she has these beautiful wandering dreams
And occasionally such restless thoughts

Would you speak to her now
With an voice unseen?
And reassure her that you are indeed the king
The creator of time and everything

Would you curl her up
And keep her more closely
Than ever she would've been to me?

Will you do this for me, my dear Lord?
Have you heard my prayerful repetitious plea?

If so I will stop until tomorrow
And finally try and get some sleep

Would you comfort her with immortal arms?
From a prayerful, tired version of me
I'm a tired but honest young man
Gone is my inspiration , difficulties
Occur when am trying to write,since
you not here. I wonder who is getting
Inspired by the essence of your smile.

Am asking you to come close for am
  missing you and my inspiration is
Fading.  Distant you remain but my
heart ignores it all,allowing me to
Love you even more.

Grace of GOD tell me where to go,
Since am lost without her around me.
I envy these times. How can i speak to this dead walls since they only speak silence?
Only your picture and memories remain,
Apart we stay
Notes (optional)
I took a glance in her glimmering face,only to notice that it was standing next to a "sea of faces" but stood as one,one can wonder. The glimmer makes my eyes dimmer so I close them because I don't  think I should be witnessing heaven while my soul is one with my body.

A month of love,am yearning for love. With "Valentines day" coming,am I gonna hold the one I love close or even cuddle with her,everyone is relevant except her and i choose her. Am lost in trying to perfect perfection while   it turns disastrous.

One more glance and I glanced down this time her glimmer is not the reason,am loosing my mind and control at the same time. Only GOD knows,but I just know she's the one. Everything I missed before is right here next to me. Did Valentines visit my doorstep. Am I one with the month of love.

I beg the LORD to give me a sign saying she's the one,may his grace show me how to handle this grimace. "Valentines Day".
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