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 Apr 2020 Meruem
as years passed by, the moon had fallen out of love
the light of the sun was so bright
that the moon told itself that it could never reach it
to cradle the sun in its cold palms
that their fingertips will never meet
and the sun's light had gotten dimmer in the moon's eyes
until the raging fire that the moon had once felt for the sun
shrunk, diminished
had put itself out
but the sun felt the ignition
a spark deep within its core
like a single match thrown into a city doused in gasoline
burning bright and powerful
eating away at the very walls of the universe
and without even knowing
had fallen in love with the moon.
 Dec 2019 Meruem
Sally A Bayan
(The Chaos)

Sing your blues in rap,
let restive feet start to tap,
rap'n tap your gripes!

a touch of humor
should lighten..ease discontent,
learn to rap...and tap!

words and steps can rhyme
find tempo ’midst the chaos
chin up......rap, then, tap!

in the Christmas air
rap your will hear, as,
heels, toes ...touch the floor

the world suffers, too,
find ways to save our planet's rap-tap!


Cop­yright Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
December 24, 2019
 Jul 2019 Meruem
Your Love
 Jul 2019 Meruem
In spite of all my flaws,
You still showered me
with all your love
You eradicated your laws
And replaced them with your grace

How sweet your love tastes
Often times, I do feel undeserving
Who am I to be loved so lavishly
I have found my worth in your love
All thanks to you, my Lord!
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