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 Dec 2018 Meruem
the silence of the night
it keeps me awake
waiting for you at my bed side
oh it makes me ache

the silence of the night
the absence of your scent
i want you at an eyesight
empty space is a torment
all of you
 Dec 2018 Meruem
you’re in my dreams
you’re in my head
i got tangled in your arms
i got tangled in your heart
i can’t escape you
i can’t get away
now i’m trying
i’ll run away from you
don’t lure me back
let me walk away
because no matter what we do
i can’t have you
i can’t
 Dec 2018 Meruem
Apporva Arya
 Dec 2018 Meruem
Apporva Arya
Today decided to LIVE,
Each moment at a time,
Today with full might,
May be this feel is once in a while,
Still i will try,
Before i completely dry,
Hoping this way things will get ALRIGHT...
So how you want to live today ?.. lets make life in our years count not years in life.
We should go away
not too far
just enough
and I'm willing to
because it's thrilling you
maybe we could laugh
In this world that
banish you
vanish you
punish you
we should go away
from this uncomfortable life
that's enough

I was there
staring at that cold wall
hoping that I
could have knocked it down
I could have reached you
touched you
felt your scarred skin
breathed your familiar scent
I could have sunk
in your astonishing silence
but this wall devide our souls

 Nov 2018 Meruem
i watched you slipped away
slowly taken away by time
the morning
you died in my arms
i didn’t know i could die
a million times
i miss you everyday
sleep now my love
close your eyes
when you open them
no pain, no tears
you’ll be in paradise
sleep now my love
i’ll watch over the night
when you perish
by the morning light
i’ll sing you a lullaby
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