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Your intelligence
Framed Pretty into the four walls
All suited up
Not stepping out of the house

- - - - -

Flaunt it
Use it
Spread it
All you have, and can spare
so it’s on, with the shallow breathing
in these pools
that curdle lightning
as it falls; emblazoned -
from an angry squall,
smack dab in the middle of our
War on Things.

so it’s on with the curse that Meaning
forgot,  in a tantrum
of unbeleaguered

a quiet sort of madcap in
a straw bonnet.
because Life is the Verb
that you’ve frozen by

till it was priceless.
I’m selling your name to a star
that has never cast my shadow.
leaving your eyes where
I found them… staring at the rubble
of the sky.
I want to drink tonight
I want to forget
I want to lose myself
I want to relinquish control
I want to feel the giddy bliss
I want to relax
I just want a **** drink
Or several... or... ten...
But they won’t let me yet
I don’t get the privilege
Have to sit through the pain
While you all enjoy your vices
I don’t care if it destroys me
I can’t stand being sober
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