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This is BELOVEDz's serenade
A ballad of sorts for LOVERz


Sing everywhere
Tell everyone our LOVE
This is our story of LOVE
Heer's search for Ranjhaa


YOU met me once
And touched me with your LOVE
YOU left your LOVE in my SOUL
And when we left each other
I left a cut-scar of LOVE-mark
On your left fore-arm

Every night in darkness
You come and kiss my fore-head
You come and kiss my toes
You surrender to me and
Melt me to dissolve in YOU

I've been wailing for YOU
I've been lamenting for you
Where are you gone
Leaving me like this in
Pain of your LOVE?

Come and see me....
What all I do to search YOU
To bring YOU back to me...

Like I left a LOVE-scar on your body
Why didn't you leave one on my body?

Why can't I rub the blood on my face
That oozed out of your scars?

I want to make a permanent mark
Of your LOVE on my SOUL
On my heart, chest and breast
As a sign and symbol of
Your LOVE's accession over me

Why can't I carry your LOVE
In my motherly womb?

I dreamZ of you a lot
Because you are not with me physically
Still every night I find
Your LOVE spirit within / besides me

I am letting you know
That this is my LOVE for YOU

No one in the world knows that
I've not allowed the world
To even sense my deep LOVE for YOU
Why we should unnecessary invite and
Influence jealous people's
Evil eye on our PURE TRUE LOVE?

You come and kiss my fore-head
You come and kiss my toes
You surrender to me and
Melt me to dissolve in YOU

Sing everywhere
Tell everyone our LOVE
This is our story of LOVE
Heer's search for Ranjhaa*

(Read the Notes)
At this moment
Ranjhaa's baritone cuts Heer's soprano


"Feel my LOVE Heer
I do not have materialistic wealth
I only carry the worth of your LOVE in me
There is only one person who
Writes LOVE poems for ZheerR...

If we can't meet now to be ONE
I will meet death in your LOVE"

Call me your LOVER

Now we are no stranger to each other
Yet where does our LOVE go from here?

How does the world know the depth of
The attachments of our LOVE?

Your LOVE rains over my desert
Bringing tears to my eyes
And see....
Dew drop are formed
On the leaf of your heart
To fill your eyes with tears

When your lips touches mine
Our breathe entangle into each other

Now let our ecstasy tell the story
That is rendered in our inner being

Call me your LOVER

Call me by YOUR name

You read what I wrote yesterday
Now you understand and realize
Within my heart, the size of a fist
There are desires aplenty, the size of a sea

There is no limit to my LOVE
Please understand my dreams
As my LOVE

Even if we fail to be together
In this life-time, on this earth
The feeling of being together for once
Would let us rest in peace till next birth

There is no limit to my LOVE
Please understand my desires
As my LOVE

The distance between us
Does not seem relevant in LOVE
The sky is within our reach
But we are thousand miles
Far away on this earth

There is no limit to my LOVE
Please understand my affection
As my LOVE

Even if we pray for life
Even if we pray for LOVE
Even if we do not pray
God has heard us anyways
To make us meet again for LOVE

There is no limit to my LOVE
Please understand my prayers
As my LOVE

I share with you my thoughts
As an open book I write
Do not find problems in between words
You'll find them aplenty
I too am a mortal human like YOU
Can you measure my LOVE?
Don't invent one to scale my LOVE

There is no limit to my LOVE
Please understand my love
As my LOVE

Just for a moment
Look into my eyes my LOVE
You are the most beautiful &
Everyone LOVES you my LOVE

What is in YOU that
I LOVE YOU so much?
Now I'm asking YOU
Why I LOVE YOU so much?
You'll never betray me
Why I trust you so much?

Why this ever-young NATURE
Keeps on calling me?
From where did I wear
Your flowery smiley on my face?
Since we LOVE each other
Which new season has dawn on my life?

Every step I take
I walk inside your heart
When I saw your eyes
My heart started beating fast
Just put your head on my heart
Now what are you waiting for?

Everywhere I see
You're there in front of me
Even if I try to forget YOU
I'm unable to forget YOU
Why have you become
The ultimate owner of my heart?

What is in YOU that
I LOVE YOU so much?
Now I'm asking YOU
Why I LOVE YOU so much?
You'll never betray me
Why I trust you so much?

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My BELOVEDz - YOU are naughty
Very flirtatious
A little risque I may say

In those times
What could I - your LOVERz do?

My eyes sees BELOVEDz in every thing
Everywhere, anywhere,
The places and people I see
Yet my BELOVEDz is not present
Physically in front of me
I do not know where and why
My BELOVEDz is hiding from me

Like a bird my BELOVEDz flies
From south to north
From west to east
Along with the clouds
The winds, rains and sunshine
But never comes to sit within my nest

In such times,
When YOU are so mischievous
What could I - your LOVERz do?

YOU are the only dreamZ of my life
YOU are my only desire
YOU are born of me so that
I can be born out of YOUR LOVEz

Whoever meets YOU
Feels your warm LOVE
Whoever sees YOU
Feels good about life
That our LOVE created
YOU are adored by all

The way you live
The way you work
The way you walk
The way you talk
Everyone wants to be with YOU
Your smiles & your eyes

You seem to be with everyone
But, YOU are not with me
My BELOVEDz - YOU are gamey
Now tell me,
What should I - your LOVERz do?

Come - leave your risque
Leave your mischieves
Leave your games
Come near me
Let me see you
Let me embrace YOU
Let me hide you in my heart
Put you against my breast
Let me show you my LOVE
And FREE you from life's prisons

Whatever you do in life
Life always pulls you away from LOVE
My LOVE will bring you back
To your inner self
The one you truly seek

My BELOVEDz - I know - within
YOU are very loving
But a little coquette I may say

In such times
Just tell me dear - BELOVEDz
What could I - your LOVERz do?
I am @ your LOVEz Mercy

I've search the entire universe
I have not met anyone

Even if all the angels come together
And put all their divinity into one

It may be one of the best
But that too is no match

I keep on writing your name
With my fingers on the clouds
I find no learning
Equal to your LOVE

I am not even able to concentrate
On the verses of religious texts

In every book it is written that
No one is bigger than the All-mighty
But it is your LOVE that has taught me
That there is no knowledge
Bigger than your LOVE

In longing of YOURS
In pain of your LOVE
I'm beaten down and
Have taken a thousand scars
I've broken down and
Have shattered my heart into pieces

In front of the world
I plead guilty of LOVING YOU

Whoever sees me says
They have never ever
Seen a LOVERz like me
And they add this too

They have never seen

I've search the entire universe
I have not met anyone

Random musings...

When was the first time
A tear was shed by a LOVER?

That was the very tear
That tried to wipe out
Hate, dislike, indifference, violence
But dried out instead

That one drop of tear
Watered your historic
Dried tree of LOVE
To blossoms flower again

In this changing world
The only thing that does not change is
The true LOVE of a LOVER

A true LOVER
May be killed by a kind human
An evil human
Can become a true LOVER

And there is the desire
To be with Beloved without being
To touch the Beloved without touching
The desire to embrace
And hope of receiving a smile
No words come out
But hearts and SOUL unite

Keep ajar the windows of mind
So that the evil smell of thoughts
Are left out
In the times of LOVE

Let there seep in your heart
"Love's rights" slogans...

I hear some voices
I recede in my hole
And ready myself to howl
In the longing of my beloved

Random musings of...
A LOVE Activist

Ranzjhana -
An ordinary boy
Was Zheer's friend
And in LOVE with Zheer
But Zheer did not know that

He wanted to let Zheer know
He LOVED her
So one day - he asked Zheer
To help him write a LOVE letter
In lyrical and poetic way
To the one - he LOVEz

Not knowing it was her that
Ranzjhana was referring to
Zheer sat besides him
And started jotting down
What Ranzjhana's told her

This is that: A LOVE Letter


Oh my Precious One
Oh my Princess of dreamZ
With lots of LOVE and affection

Um... I am your LOVERz
I write this letter

[Oh, Zheer, I am hopeless - am not I?
Should I say so fast I am your LOVERz?]

Oh, my apple of my eye
Oh my Angel of heart
I am your LOVERz

[smiles and laughs]

My Rose - Please when you read it
Read it as a lyrical song
Make up some music in your mind
Let it play in back ground around you

YOU are My Moonlight
I hope you are well there
I am doing okay here

When I think of you
Poetry flows out of me
Flowers grow in garden
Oasis flows in desert
The sun rises the horizon
The clouds shower rains
The bees buzz
The birds sings love songs

When your thought passes me
My heart fills up my soul
And stream out like a waterfall

When I anticipate to see you
Some words just flow out of me
That time I feel so good inside me

But when I sit down to write to you
I am unable to jot down a single word

That is so true, that is me
In such times -
I wait for you to write through me
Which you always do...

Whatever LOVE wounds and
LOVE injuries inflict me
Inside my longing heart
It leaves my broken heart -
Full of bleeding scars

But with just a memory of your
Eyes, smile and face
Everything gets healed by itself
I do not know what it is in YOU
Some kind of magic or it is a miracle

But every time death knocks at my door
You appear to chase it away from me

[Zheer,, Please write this down too...]

Whatever scars my heart can take it
Protects you from such similar sadness
Whenever I am in pain, grief and despair
Protects you from such similar sorrows

Because it is just LOVE
I yearn for you day and night
Without expressing my LOVE for YOU
I feel like sobbing and crying

But I do not cry
My tears dry before they trickle out
Because I think - If I cry
YOU will feel sad
So when I think of that...

[Oh... stop..!]

It is difficult for humans to understand
Is not what mortals are made of
Our LOVE is beyond that....
So infinite, so unconditional
Is far more than words can define

You are my soothing "God/dess"
If I call you Ram
Will you understand my LOVE?
If I call you Allah
Will you understand my LOVE?
If I call you Jesus
Will you understand my LOVE?

Now, do you understand
How much I LOVE YOU..?.



[Ranzjhana smiles and looks at Zheer
"Please read out what you wrote for me..!"
Zheer replies:
"Oh Ranzjhana -
I hope there was one
Like YOU - to LOVE me too..."]

And Zheer starts singing the poem
In the form of a song

I am waiting for that touch
I am waiting for that embrace
I am waiting for that glance
I am waiting for that smile

Where human dignity of LOVE
Will not be measured by
The value of education, prestige
Position, power or money

I am waiting for the moment when
Lover's self-respect won't be auctioned

I am waiting for the moment when
LOVER's emotions won't be suppressed

I am waiting for the moment when
LOVER's humility won't be challenged

I am waiting for the moment when
All masks will be discarded

I am waiting for the moment when
Each person is presented as a LOVER

I am waiting for the moment when
We won't see those
Lost tearful eyes of a LOVER

I am waiting for the moment when
We won't see the
LOVERS grow old waiting for a hug
And hold each other's hand

I am waiting for the moment when
We won't see each human
Choosing the path of work-life over LOVE

I am waiting for the moment when
We wont'see anyone
Doing any oppressive wrong to LOVERz

Let us pledge to bring
A morning like that

LET us show the world
What real TRUE LOVE is...

That is the day
Peace, Equality, Rights, Harmony
Will be born

A new wonderful world of LOVE


The beauty of the trees
That takes my sorrow away

The scent of the air
That spreads within my being

The flame of my fire
That ignites desires within

The taste of nectar
That fills my hungry spirit

The path of sun
That guides my soul journey

The trail of moon
That takes me to your destination

The petals of flowers
The adores my soul - vase

The freshness of the dews
That falls out as my tears

The silence of the night
That grants solace to my being

The sparkle of the stars
The twinkles my eyes-shine

The waves of the sea
On which I sail the lifeZ difficulties

The fire of the volcano
Whose lava fertile my womb's earth

The thunder of the storm
That protects me as cautious armor

The apex of the mountains
That inspires me to climb purposes

The fragrance of the first rain
That draws me deep within your earth

YOU are the real oasis in the desert
The removes the illusion of life

YOU are
The LOVE that never goes away

That's why
When you remember me

My heart dances with joy
With spread out colorful feathers
Of a Peacock in LOVE

A robber slipped inside my heart's abode
And deposited a treasure trove of SOUL LOVE

A burglar slipped outside my soul's spirit
And took away the treasure trove of my SOUL LOVE

Both the things happened simultaneously
Without my knowing

By doing that - since that day
The robber and burglar have
Became integral part of my life & living

What has happened to me now?

Now I am responsible for
Robber's SOUL LOVE that's inside me

I also want back that SOUL LOVE
That is taken away by the burglar

I am in an unique state now
I think I am in LOVE now...

My eyes are running after
Cajoling the robber and the burglar
Who even though seems
Physically away from me
Are residing inside my being -
My Heart & SOUL

Thus I am attempting to search for
The same robber and burglar
Inside and outside my being

I was surprised and shocked
When the police came to arrest me
Mistaking me as a robber & a burglar

Interrogating me for
Days, weeks, months and years
For robbery and burglary of

I said:
"I am just a LOVERz who is
Safe guarding a SOUL LOVE of a robber"

I said:
"I am just a LOVERz who is searching
For the SOUL LOVE that's taken away by a burglar"

Need I say anything further?

I was made a LOVERz by fateful destiny
And I am suspected as a Robber and Burglar

The one who has
Deposited SOUL LOVE in me

The one who has
Taken away my SOUL LOVE

Can I say this to YOU?
"Let me keep your SOUL LOVE with me
Please keep my SOUL LOVE with YOU"

By the way if YOU do not mind

Let us deposit both of our SOUL LOVEz
Into "ONE" LOCKER of

So it was to happen
Nor you knew or me
Nor anyone in this world knew
How it happened?
When it happened?
Why it happened?
For what it happened?
Where it happened?

How does it matter now...?

YOU became I
I became YOU
Thus we transfused

Only you know
And only I know
Who is who - within us?
No one else knows
About this LOVE miracle

May be.., it was...
The way we met
The moment we faced each other
And looked into each other's eyes
We found our seeking in our souls
As if fate presented a mirror
Of our reflection into each other

As much as YOU are surprised, so am I
Can anyone differentiate us now?

Who is who within us?
No one else knows
About this LOVE miracle

Two physicality
Two psyches
Two beings
Two hearts
But as if we are breathing
The same LOVE
As if we have the
Same spirit and

This must be a miracle of nature
Destiny gulled us into ONENESS
How can even the world understand?
The way we become ONE-LOVE

Who is who within US?
No one else knows
About this LOVE miracle

YOU became I
I became YOU
Thus we transfused


LOVE is a **miracle**

Adamah and Ishsha
Have known each other
For years now...
But hardly have spent time
Together with each other

One day,
Ishsha tells Adamah
And suggest that

They spend a few
days together
talking and being
With each other

And a few
nights together,
non-sexually, of course...

Just to be with someone
Someone who one likes

Just to sleep in the
Same bed with someone
For whom one feels LOVE

Just to hold hands
And talk for hours
Just to remain silent
And watch the
Nature & world
Around us

Just to "BE" with
The PERSON who
truly LOVES
The way one is

All these...
To counter the loneliness
Life & work gives us to live

Thus making us realize that
Everything we do here
We've do it for "LOVE"

Thus started humanity and
the LOVE story of
Adamah - Ishsha

You are my afflatus
You are in my heart
A myriad blossoming flower
Memories amassed
Within my blood cells
You LIVE forever

Oh, come "AGAPE LOVE"
Take me on the wings in flight
On the magic fairy dreams of life
Through the skies - away, away...
Far off from this maddening LIFE

Though I did carry a smile on my face
But throughout my life - within me
I was filled with sorrows and pain
Till the day I met you & LOVE happened
I was blessed with ultimate happiness
The life could ever bestow on a LOVER

YOU made me your AGAPE LOVER
Now, for your sake now
I can drink poison a thousand times and
I can sacrifice for YOU a thousand lives

You are the illumination of my eyes
Through YOU I see the world around me

Now it is absolutely true
That through my AGAPE LOVE
I try my best to
Give YOU happiness and joys
I will never ever leave Praying for YOU

Just understand and realize dear...
Where can I ever GO leaving YOU now?

If you are not existing here and now
I won't be alive anymore...
I won't be able to breathe
Because my heart beats only YOU

Now tell me...
That you understand my
And please promise me
YOU will never leave
And go away from me...

Oh, come "AGAPE LOVE"
YOU have already taken me
On the wings in flight
On the magic fairy dreams of life
Through the skies - away, away...
Far off from this maddening LIFE
Living within the SOUL of my BELOVEDz

What type of love is that?
And feel for you like this...

You are my daughter
I am your mother
I am your father
You are my friend
I am your brother
I am your sister
I am your colleague
I am your nephew
I am your aunt
You are my niece
I am your boss
I am your servant
You are my sister
You are my niece
You are my everything
I am your lover

But I am not your husband

What type of love is that?

"Agape love is the foundation for
the best and noblest relationships
that humans are capable of.
It is deliberate and unconditional love
that is the result of choices and behaviors
rather than feelings and emotions.'

I felt like Maddy
In the house,
waiting for Olly
To take me to the ocean

I found a new part of me,
The good side of me,
when I met you...

And I felt ALIVE,
Living like never before
LOVING like never before

If I stop myself now -
I will never experience
The mystery of

It is always easier
To do what heart feels
Even if it may
Harm one's health (life)

I am willing to sacrifice
To LIVE one
Perfect day in LOVE...

Inspired from the book & movie EVERYTHING EVERYTHING
I wonder
Does LOVE bud blossom
-because of Sunshine
-because of Moonlight
-because of Star-spark
Or is it the gentle breeze
The first rain drops
The sight of butterfly sitting on a flower
Or the ocean waves sound piercing our soul

I sit mesmerized
In the beauty of NATURE
I sit mesmerized
Seeing the beauty of YOU
Underneath a tree
Below a waterfall
Perspiring under red-hot sun
I remain without
Utterance of a single word
The bliss
That emanated after seeing you
Even though it was for a single moment
Has enchanted me,
I know...
For the next thousand years

And I stayed awake for nights together
To find the answer...
-Of seeing your beauty
-Of worshiping you devotionally

All my knowledge learned
All my education forbid
All my mathematics, science
Logic, Rational mind
All the intelligent discourse
The philosophy, psychology
All fall flat without
Giving a single convincing answer

Exhausted, my eyes closed
Sleep never came
I let the struggle of mind go
I let the struggle of thought leave me
And let your hypnotism overpower me

And that is the time
I saw the golden LOVE bud blossom
In my heart

Are mysteries that nobody else
Can see except me
Not even my senses of knowledge
Something I try to put on paper
But always feel incomplete to write about
My LOVE for you

I am writing our Amour saga
Of longing of my heart

Painting the colors of sky
On my soul,
My eyes seeks only your image my BELOVED

When you are not around me
There is absolutely nothing in my LIFE
When you are not with me
There is nothing in the nature & its beauty
There is nothing in this universe
Nothing in the flowers, moon and sun
Nor a sparkle in the stars
Not even the soaring of the wings

Do you wish that
Like this - YOU should deny me
Even the right of watching the beauty of nature?
Will you also deny me
Even feeling your breathe within mine?

Without YOU
I wish I should not even open my eyes
Nor I should feel anything inside my heart
Nor I should be alive...

Rendering the colors of your sky
On my soul,
My words only sing your Iliad of LOVE

In one way, I've everything
One requires to live LIFE:
With all the wealth & luxuries

But see where my fate
Has brought me
I'm like a mendicant
Waiting everyday for you
On the path you walk
Your path of LOVE

Painting the colors of sky
On my soul,
My heart feels only your emotions of LOVE

Please come back to me
My soul-mate

See the tears rolling my eyes
All the emotions are
Over-flowing your shores of LOVE
Can't you see the oceanic waves of my tears
Touching the feet of your heart?

Painting the colors of sky
On my soul,
My BLOOD paints only your portrait of LOVE

I am writing our Amour saga
Of longing of my heart

Farewell Life, Farewell
What recriminations while I LOVED
That I smiled even in pain
That I served even in suffering
But now, with death impending
You, my beloved has forgotten me
In which case
My life - An ewer unfilled
My LOVE - A completion of death!

LOVE is what I am made of
And I am made up of YOU

It is the river
That floods me
That flows along
That sweeps my shores
The river is YOU
And I am YOU
The river of LOVE

It is the tiger
That preyed & hunted me
It is the tiger
That ate me alive
The tiger is YOU
And I am YOU
The tiger of LOVE

It is the fire
That consumes me
That ignites passion within
That annihilates me
The fire is YOU
And I am YOU
The fire of LOVE

LOVE is what I am made of
And I am made up of YOU

There is everyone around me
But there is no peace within me
YOU remain the same
Inside, outside & around me
But I do not remain
In my own being...

I'm wearing a robe of Romeo
And walking the footsteps of Majnun
I roam like Ranzjhanaa
And I sing love-songs like Meera

It's none of your fault my LOVE
YOU are the most beautiful SOUL

I'm laughed at by everyone
Humiliated for talking to myself
Chanting only your name

I devote my body & soul to YOU
And I'm called " Y O U "

Poem: Part 5 of a six part series of poem

You are the sparkle of my eyes
You bring the twinkle in my eyes
But you are so far away from me
And I keep on calling your name within
Day and night, morning and evening
The hope is you will come back to me
And one day we will meet

In my heart, only your 'heart' beats
There are thousand messages
In my heart for you
Come and read them one day
My words just sing your songs
I recite your praise in my poems
I've been madly displaying my LOVE
To this world, who stand around
To watch the spectacle of my madness
The hope is you will come back to me
And one day we will meet

Oh my secret BELOVEDz
Where are you dear?
Just give me a sign or signal
I'll appear before YOU
LOVE has waited a life-time inside YOU
Just look into my eyes,
My LOVE is always there inside you
Just feel my LOVE through your senses
The hope is you will come back to me
And one day we will meet

Sometimes YOU come silently
Like a thief, every night
YOU wake me up in the middle of the night
And disappear into the dark illuminating light
I fumble and walk around just to find
Your scent around me floating everywhere
The hope is you will come back to me
And one day we will meet

My LOVE is ripe, my LOVE is here
Where else you are going away from me?
You burn me - my heart, my body and my soul
In the fiery longing of my desires
Now come and meet me secretly - again
And let nobody know about our LOVE
Let them not be jealous of our LOVE
The hope is you will come back to me
And one day we will meet

The celebration of our LOVE is so unique
There are two lovers, but we don't meet
We unite just by our longings
Just in our dreams we become ONE
We search for each other
with the light of our heart
Igniting our souls
Both are waiting on the paths of LOVE
You believe it or not
We stand on the same path of LOVE
Waiting for each other
Let the roads of our LOVE meet
The hope is you will come back to me
And one day we will meet

Everyone is putting a mask over my face
Most mask make me also phobic
On my worldly mask you put another mask
Some put color on my black stain
While most put black stain on my color rainbow
We have invented ways to cover our faces
And paint a mask that suits our perception
When will you see deep inside my heart?
When will you see deep inside my soul?
And see the real me?

A FREE spirit bird
Soars wings in flight
Heart as soft was steel
Wisdom bigger than intelligence
Seen through her lovely eyes
Flowers grow on her radiant face
No wonder the honey bees flutter
Her being is a garden burgeoning
Her smiles as fresh as rain
Her laughter flowing as early spring
Her eyes - the cosmic gaze
Her hair - the blue violet nests
Her breathe - like tulips and roses
She walks and comes like an autumn
That makes everyone fall for her
Fruits grow over her
Ripens redz in LOVERz shade
Pomegranate juice, chin apples
How round and sweet her *******
Riches, fame, desires shower on her
Her purity is wealthy royal treasury
Her skin is silk
Her pores essence is scent
Her body is gold-dust curves
Her ruby lips
Her pearly teeth
I always say to her
YOU are God/dess/ Nature's
'Over indulgence"
It is all about celestial LOVE
Her existence evokes paradise sweet
Her walks everyone sway in red wine
Her lips honey, her breathe musk
She is all divine, from head to toe
Don't be surprised - if intelligence
Missed the mark for wisdom...!
Even her touch steals spring's heart
Many have sighed and died though
Just by the gaze of her LOVE
Her face like sun & shine
Her eyes like moon & light
Does she know the sorcery of LOVE
Her lips pink, cheeks red roes
Her eyebrows - black and dark nights
Her glow of eye - burn many hearts afire
To me the curls of her hair
Look like dark clouds
Oh... her hand, fingers - reeds of ivory
Her nails shining golden filberts
Her neck - like an aware cautious deer
Flows of the conflagration of her bosoms
Her back as shining as surface of Mars
She donates inward strength to LOVERz
To play the mischievous subtle
Her being plunders hearts and soul
She profits through the trade of LOVE
There is no one like her in this world
The beauty of heavens on our earth
She is an Angel of LOVEliness

As it rained
A Rainbow was seen

My Angel
Spread its wings
Floating on the rainbow
Swinging lightly on the breeze

"The Final Judgement Day
Is about to arrive
The World
The universe
Is about to crawl inwards
Into the Black Hole of Evil
Whoever wishes to be saved
Can come with me"

There were only ten people
Who listened to the Angel
Every brain thought
Every intelligence explored

A Banker, A Technocrat,
A Politician, A Priest
A Vendor, A Manager
An Actor, A LOVER

Angel continued:
"only one can be my BELOVED"

Everyone raised their hand
And told the reason
Why they should be saved
- Except the LOVER

The Angel asked the LOVER
"Why don't you want to live?
Why didn't you raise your hand?"

The LOVER pleaded:
"I want to save my BELOVED
But my BELOVED is not here
I'm staying 1643 kilometers away
Can you go and save my BELOVED?"

The Angel smiled
"I'm riding this rainbow on the clouds
The breeze will take us there...
We'll pick up your BELOVED on the way"

A day later the world saw
The Angel riding the rainbow
With the BELOVED and LOVER
Into the heavens!
It wets my eyes
It jumps up my goose flesh
It leaves me silent for days,
Now months...
In a state of vast
Deep dark blank space
Like watching the night sky!
Doesn't matter
What realization has dawn
Upon us
Whether it was right or not
Doesn't matter
My LOVE for you
Is now beyond the hour of reconciliation
And objective / subjective analysis ..
Our LOVE has happened
It was transpired by fate
what needs its commendation
Is our self assessment ..
We will know
There can / will never be
Another better substitute
Than My LOVE for you
And Your LOVE for me...
So our heart says!

Wherever you are
Please call out to me
Call aloud my name
With LOVE...
And I'll be there with YOU

I am waiting in anticipation

Do not torture and
Make me suffer
So much in your LOVE

Since we've parted
My life has been
Full of miseries
Filled with pain

Even if I die in your LOVE
My ashes won't be
So distraught as I'm now

Just like a dying candle
Flickering in stormy winds
Don't let me burn-out slowly

I hide within YOU
In every breathe you take
I live within your heart-beats

Just try to look within
The inner core of your being
Inside your heart and soul
You'll only find me inside YOU
You'll only find my LOVE within YOU

If YOU won't exist on this earth
While I am still alive
I'll cry for YOU in LOVE
Drenching the woven fabric
Of my heart with your LOVE

Do not even try to ****
The one who LOVES YOU
Who has already
Annihilated in your illumination

Wherever you are
Please call out to me
Call aloud my name
With LOVE...
And Ill be there with YOU

I am waiting in anticipation agog

And when they Open up
Their hearts & SOUL
On display to the society and world

It'll be an apocalypse moment of LOVE


The modern age we live in
Where each person is hidden behind
A fake mask of artificial shallow-ness
Speaking parroted knowledge
Of ineffectual education

When LOVING dismantles
Such faulty veils of life

It'll be an apocalypse moment of LOVE

BELOVEDz-LOVERz always shower
Joy and happiness to one-another

Only they understand
The hidden POWERS of LOVE

Read between the lines of these words
Understand what LOVER-Z eyes are saying

Blink in synchronized ONENESS
The world will wake-up from
Their wasted slumber of
Rat-racing success, power & wealth

It'll be an apocalypse moment of LOVE


When the heart of flowers
Will burn with LOVE
Those times the dew drops
Will emit insatiable LOVE fire

This season
When the Nature will nurture
LOVE flowers to bloom
In every corner of planet earth

The sky will adore itself
With a billion color rainbows

It'll be an apocalypse moment of LOVE

APOCALYPSE - meaning "An Uncovering"
Disclosure of knowledge or revelation

Do not fight with LOVE
It is futile!
Because no victory is ever achieved
By fighting LOVE
Fighting with LOVE is nothing
But a gradual defeat

Accept LOVE
Joyfully, gratefully, gracefully
All that is LOVE, is good
Because LOVE comes from 'being'
LOVE comes from existence
Accept LOVE, accept yourself
Seek out your liberation
And unravel the mystery of LOVE
The possibility of FREEDOM
Grow the wings to FLY

LOVE is a seed of Godliness
It is also door to your inner-self

Don't worry dear
Your not LOVING is not so bad
Simply understand this & realize that
"NOT LOVING" is simply blocking LOVE
Caging YOU, Walling YOU
Be aware of this fact and
Arm yourself with LOVE

Who articulated LOVE
For the first time?

YOU? or You? or you?
None of you?! Strange...

The precepts of heaven
Is enscrolled
In your beauty
In your eyes
Your Forehead
Nose, lips, bosoms
And the scent of your armpits

The flames of passion
That your beauty flares
The smiles that you
Bless the world with...
The nectar that flows
from your mouth to mine

The "I" that deserts me
And is born inside your blood

These are the teachings
One learns in YOU
Articulating the form of LOVE
Only LOVE can see.


Longing is as good as intimacy
Crying is as good as laughing
Separation is as good as being together
Fall is as good as rise
Far is as good as near
Down is as good as UP
Valley is as good as mountain
Abyss is as good as Apex
Spice is as good as sweet
Salt is as good as sugar
Limited is as good as infinite
Worldly is as good as UNIVERSAL
Earthly is as good as COSMIC
Rock is as good as water
Black is as good as white
Summer is as good as winter
Monsoon is as good as spring
Thorns are as good as flowers
Night is as good as a day
Darkness is as good as light
Moon is as good as the sun
Words are as good as silence
Sadness is as good as joy
Tears are as good as smiles
Death is as good as life
Despair is as good as elation
We is as good as "I"
Lonely is as good as alone

Life is as good as LOVE

At this delicate juncture
In our LOVE's journey
Let us promise to hold
Each other's hand steadfastly
Let us not even think of
Ever leaving LOVING each other

Otherwise, the flowers, the bees,
the wind, the clouds, the rains
The sun and the moon, the stars
Everything on this planet &
Earth's existence will forget
Their roles and start searching
For our "oneness" of LOVE

If by mistake
If we lose our-selves in life
And miss out on
LOVING each - other
Remind us and bring us back
To LOVE each other
Let us promise,
We will come back
to LOVE  each other

So wherever we are,
However far we stay
Let us promise to be patient
Wait for each other,
And not lose our heart

At this delicate juncture
In our LOVE journey
Let us promise to hold
Each other's hand steadfastly
Let us not even think of
Ever leaving LOVING each other

It may happen that
When we are physically away
We might be driven to
Chasing success, career & money
Thus let us decide that whatever may be
We will never forget each other
We will be together in LOVE,
Under all circumstances
Our abode will always
Remain each other's heart
Till we are alive, until we die

There is no chance now
That someone or anyone else can
Take your place in my heart
Your soul image is engraved in me
Your heart reflects my soul within

This is the ultimate truth
Without our consent
The "LOVE-happening" has happened
No one can change our fate in LOVE
Not even us
So, let us remember that
We will be together - forever

Whatever sadness of longing,
Let us be happy
Let us always LOVE each other
Let the candle of our LOVE
Burn eternally in our hearts
In that way we'll never be lonely,
Living within each other's being

Just take care that in sadness
We should not lose hope
Please do not lose your last-breathe
Please wait for me dear...
I will come to hold your hand
And let you dissolve your soul
In my hug, My embrace, my cuddle
You head resting on my lap
Your face pressed to my *****
Listening to your heart-beats
Within my heart

At this delicate juncture
In our LOVE's journey
Let us promise to hold
Each other's hand steadfastly
Let us not even think of
Ever leaving LOVING each other

Beyond the time we are born
After the time we will die
You and I have something
A bond, a connection

Otherwise why so much of
LOVE attachment
Otherwise why our hearts
Long each other's beats

Whether we know this or not
Whether we agree with this or not
Whether we believe in it or not

You and I have something
A bond, a connection
Otherwise why so much of
LOVE attachment

Till we met each other
The life was a foggy mist
Hazy, smoked and dimmed
Everywhere we go,
We meet the fake faces
Wearing smile masks
We huff and puff and ask
"Where can we go now?"


Then we met each other
On an fateful turn of life
As total strangers
Unknown to LOVE's plans

"Why is it that without our permission
Our hearts exchanged LOVE-light vibes?"

"Oh, have we met before?"

Seeing you, feeling you, realizing YOU
I felt -
Beyond the time we are born
After the time we will die
You and I have something
A bond, a connection
Otherwise why so much of
LOVE attachment

YOU live for my smile
I live for your happiness
We must have surely crossed
LOVE paths before this birth
I remember memories of
Dancing together before...
Swaying in LOVE breeze
In night's embraces

Let us NOT miss this moment of LOVE
Let us not get separated from each other
Let us fight everyone and everything
Who are against our LOVE

Let us PROMISE each other
We will remain in this
Entanglement of LOVE forever
For this life-time at least

Beyond the time we are born
After the time we will die
You and I have something
A bond, a connection
Otherwise why so much of
LOVE attachment

I see you every moment
Within and around me
Still why my eyes are
Searching for YOU?

Oh kind blessed BELOVED of mine
My soul is seeking your touch

I wish an auspicious 2017
Greetings for my BELOVED

May be it was not our destiny
To cross roads last year 2016
Let us hope for change in 2017

I've sent my Greetings to my BELOVED
I am waiting for the miracle to happen

Even the heart of the earth
Even the spirit of the ocean
Even the soul of the sky
Are cracking listening to
My plight of LOVE
I pray my LOVE
Touches your soul

If it was not in our fate in 2016
Let LOVE be our destiny in 2017

I know that for my BELOVED
There is no in-equality
There is always rights - human rights
A fight for empowerment of LOVE
Everyone who shows LOVE
Is tendered with grace, kindness & care

To whoever my BELOVED touches
Will live thereafter in peaceful calm

I know I am very far from my BELOVED
From the aura of BELOVED'z magic

Someone come, tell & show my LOVE
To my BELOVED and
Grant me a relief from my despairs
I live compelled by sadness of
Time cycle of days & nights
Everyone is allowed to see BELOVED'z
Flowers except me,
Why I've been given thorns to walk on?

BELOVED, you know it all, so
What else I should say to YOU?

Just give me a sign from there
My stars sparkle due to your benevolence
Like a mother-baby,
It is not good to keep
Us separated for long

You know I am ready to exchange
Even my life for your sake

I wish an auspicious year of 2017
To everyone

May be it was not our destiny
To cross roads last year 2016
Let us hope for better in 2017

May I ask you one question?
Why are you changing me by LOVING ME?

The way you show LOVE to me
I change to be good for YOU every moment

Your LOVE lights up my heart
It brings smile on my face
It sparkles a twinkle in my eyes
There is a dance in my walk

You make me believe in Heavens
You make me feel as if
I have received everything in your LOVE
You give me wings in flight
To take me soar beyond the clouds

When you show LOVE to me
I can not think of anything else
My mind, thoughts - everything disappears
I am soaked into an inner joy of your LOVE

You add your flaming fragrance
Like a magic of your wonderful memories

You came into my life like a fairy Angel
Giving me utmost bliss of the divine

People become devotees and go to places of worship
They indulge in rituals and traditions
Humanity congregates seeking blessing of All-mighty

But without I doing anything
I am lucky that I am blessed by your

This is enough for me in this life-time
Nothing life offers is equal to your LOVE

Even if I have all the world's wealth
All I need and want is YOU
Even if I have all the world's fame
All I need and want is YOU
Even if I have all the world's knowledge
All I need and want is YOU
Even if I have all the world's fan following
All I need and want is YOU
Even if I have all the world's POWER
All I need and want is YOU

With your LOVE towards me
I feel intense compassion
It feels that I took million births
Just to reach this moment -
Where it was destined and fated to meet you

How will I ever leave you NOW
You are the one
- Who is without any FAKE-NESS
- Who is without any ARTIFICIALITY

I was and I am awe-struck with your LOVE

May I ask you one question?
Why are you changing me by LOVING ME?
The way you show LOVE to me
I change to be good for YOU every moment

When I talk of beautitude
Please do not think it is "my" bliss
It is "YOURS"

The LOVE's awakening is all yours
That is what I am trying to give
Your bliss back to YOU

So even if I am right or wrong
In realizing my BEAUTITUDE
Do not consider I am in bliss
Beautitude is YOU,
Please accept it...!

Utmost Bliss has always been YOU
Just a part of that bliss
YOU showered on ME with LOVE
That started our LOVE-journey

I opened up my soul —
To absorb LOVE and
Realize beautitude

Now I give your bliss back to YOU
Open your soul — and
Absorb LOVE to
Realize beautitude

If you do not do that
Our LOVE will wither away
A cold winter death...
Understand this TRUTH

Without YOU —
We don't have beautitude


Beautitude is not bliss, nor happiness — It is the REAL TRUTH we all seek And never find it in any way and/ or In any thing we do It is only LOVE that grants us Beautitude
Whatever they may do
To look beautiful, but
Until a LOVER doesn't
Enter your life to
Make beauty out of your being
You won't be 'Beautiful'!

Wear the best clothes
Adorn yourself with
The most precious jewels
Apply layers of make up
And wear the most expensive perfume
Let all BRANDS show its logo on yourself

May you walk delicate
May you talk sober
May you speak truth
May you be kind & caring
Nothing adds up to your beauty

Until an eye of Beholder
Sees you as LOVE

Drop all your accessories of beauty
Try to find a LOVER
You'll naturally feel beautiful
Through the eyes of adoration
of your LOVER..!
You are the most beautiful
Like Angels from the sky

You have inside you
The ability to make
Everyone around you happy

Seeing YOU itself is like
Making the sun rise

YOU bring smiles on people's faces

YOU can be the cover-girl of
Any glamor magazine
And all star models / celebrities
Will bow down to your divine beauty

I've always talked about the
Sparkle I see in your eyes

Even in the most common talks
Of your routine day
Your eyes shine and face glows

You make the flowers bloom
From the bed of thorns

You make the bees buzz
With the perfume of your being

Even in your solemn silences
There is solace and peace

Like the earthy ether
Of compassion flowing
Even from your sad tears

You are beautiful for the way you think
For the way your words flow with wisdom

You are beautiful to the core of your soul

Beauty that can be defined simply
By someone's physical looks

You are beautiful beyond words
You are beautiful beyond "BEAUTY"

You are beautiful the way YOU are

I LOVE YOU so much
Thus I let yourself know
I remind YOU the powerful natural beauty
Of the whole world you hold within YOU

Your pearls & diamonds
Would transcend into tears

One needs to kneel down
In front of BELOVEDz
But it is important
To surrender at the feet

There is no need to
Utter a single word there
Your coming to the
Threshold of BELOVEDz heart
Is more than enough
To be blessed with LOVE

That is why...
Everyone comes with a prayer
Everyone comes with
their wishes and desires
But I have come with
my LOVE at your doorstep
I have come with a
Broken heart in my begging bowl

Look at me, look into me
This heart carries within
And displays to the world
All the good glories

I've searched for you everywhere
With a broken heart of mine
I've wandered everywhere
With melancholic memories of your LOVE

When I am without YOU
My fate isn't working for me
Now how can anything change
The destiny of my life?

Only thing that exists here is sadness
Every moment I live,
Every moment I am alive
It tears my heart into
Small shards and pieces

I can not even talk about
Your divinity to anyone
My tears and sorrows too can't
Depict the story of our LOVE

Only if I am able to see you again
I will be born again to live again

Oh.. Zuliet, Oh.. Layla -
I've come at your doorstep
With the divine LOVE of
Romeo and Majnun

That is why...
Everyone comes with a prayer
Everyone comes with
their wishes and desires
But I have come with
my LOVE at your doorstep
I have come with a
Broken heart in my begging bowl

The arrows of your blessings of LOVE
The arrows of your hopes in LOVE
Can never miss its target - my heart
The God/dess - the Nature - The Karma
Can never NOT oblige to a LOVERz plea

Just keep faith in LOVE
Believe and trust in LOVE
Everything will be fine in LOVE
Even if you can't utter a word
Serve your heart in a begging bowl
And surrender it at your

Just remove this veil of
Doubt from your heart
Then you'll see your LOVE
In front of YOU
And you'll also see
my LOVE in front of YOU

Nor you have to present
A bouquet of flowers
Nor you have to bring any other gifts
Oh my LOVERz... Oh my BELOVEDz
Just bring your broken-heart
And kiss the feet of BELOVEDz

That is why...
Everyone comes with a prayer
Everyone comes with
their wishes and desires
But I have come with
my LOVE at your doorstep
I have come with a
Broken heart in my begging bowl

Look at me, look into me
This heart carries within
And displays to the world
All the good glories

Without any wealth

I went to proclaim LOVE

Without any wealth

I told - I LOVE YOU

Now I am roaming on the

Streets Of LOVE

begging for my love
This is ME
The very same love
This is YOU
The very same LOVE

It was a tender age
Where we played together
Where LOVE played together

Where we wilted to see
our bodies unravelled
That our sacbrous skin
We rubbed with eachother

Where not having learned
To distance ourselves from LOVE
We ventured into passionless explorations
We ventured into the unknown
The Deep mysteries of human LOVE

We submerged into eachother - thrice
If you remember
We swallowed everything eachother had to offer
And at the time of ecstasy
We almost touched the passion of death
Within our union

And if you remember
It was so so difficult
To hug- out of each other
Didn't we lay there for millions of years
Cuddling each othe
In the midst of nature

It was so frantic to separate our souls
And how we looked forward to jump back in
That lingering embraces

Now when we are learned
We fear the same LOVE
We fear the same WE

You are the same YOU
I am the same ME
LOVE is the same LOVE

Now the way we look at eachother
Is so different...
Have we forgotten being within each other?

LOVE is a bespeak

You know my LOVE
YOU know my ask
MY petition is pending in your heart
My call for LOVE is your SOUL's call

What more can I say?
YOU know my appeals

In your LOVE longing
I've become innocent
Purity & truth has made me YOU
My LOVE is beyond our thoughts
Look into my heart,
And see your SOUL's LOVE

Look at your doorstep
I'm waiting there with a bowl of LOVE
I've fallen there while bowing to YOU

Do something for me
Either **** me, or save me
Don't keep me lingering in life
Waiting for your LOVE like this

I know you've never rejected LOVE
Even sinner is reformed by YOU
Grief too, dances joyfully in your LOVE
Parched - quench their thirst in YOU
The darkness bathes in our illumination
All ills are cured and healed by YOU

I was drawn to your fragrance
Your LOVE drifted me to YOU
I only saw you in desert's mirage

Traveling thousand miles
When I reached your ocean's shores
I realized your inner beauty
And I fell on my knees
In your AGAPE Eternal LOVE

Everything else is just "maya" around me
YOU are the first "true reality" I see in life

To find and understand YOU
People come to search for me
I'm the only one who carries your scent in me

Broken into pieces,
I'm unable to be whole without YOU
I do not know the etiquette of praying
So I surrender myself to serve YOU
I won't go away from you now
I don't have anywhere to go now

In pride of your LOVE
In blessings of LOVING YOU
I hold my spirits high with a begging bowl
Standing here, waiting for YOU
On the path of life you travel

When you appear, and pass by me
I could not even meet your eye
Shy, coy, demure, I fall at your feet
Bowing at my BELOVEDz,
Adoring your existential "beauty"

Came home in my heart
And stayed there eternally - forever
Your presence in me becomes

You meet someone
You like someone
You love someone
And what happens after that?

That someone is YOU!

And the more I know you
The more I
"Go Beyond LOVE"

You are the dream
Everyone dreams of to be with
When I think of goodness
I see every goodness in YOU

What is beyond LOVE's dreams?

It's YOU


We will give you all our LOVE
We will LOVE with all our devotion

If that is what life wants from us
We will be our armor
In the line of fire

We LOVE each other eternally
We know - we know that too

And we know we've the time
This life and thereafter

Our LOVE is beyond the concept of time
So we've much more to spare
Than this life-time and moments

So let us not pretend that:
- We only care for this moment
- We only care for this day
- We only care for this life

We LOVE beyond the concept of time

Let sunset and sunrise
Come and go
Let sadness and happiness
Come and go
Let darkness and light
Come and go

LOVE is beyond the concept of time

Our LOVE will grow
With each moment of the day and night

Our LOVE has every chance to go on because
Our LOVE is so wronged by the world
That it has every chance of becoming
ETERNALLY epic and legendary

Let us not think of fate and destiny
We don't have doubt that we can
LOVE each other forever and ever

Beyond the concept of time

We LOVE during this life &
We'll LOVE beyond this..

Whatever we do
How can we express our LOVE?
I can't, You can't,
Neither can WE - totally
See how much we struggle...
To express all our emotions

Every thing we do to
Show our LOVE to each other
Hide our LOVE from the world
All our attempts fail

We know we're in LOVE
Our "Truth of LOVE" ever exists
Ever existed, will forever exist

Can't be hidden or un-hidden
Like the sun and stars
Flowers and breeze

Our LOVE blossoms
Every season of LIFE
Every time we are born
Every time we've met

We LOVE during this life &
We'll LOVE beyond this life too

Black and Dark are not necessary bad things
Many people associate negativity to it
All our African people are dark and black
Night is dark - and that is not bad too
Thinking, speaking, writing of Black, Dark, & Night
As negative, pessimistic and bad
Only shows our ignorance in how we all are
Brain-washed by those who think & believe
White and light is superior to every thing

Please remove this ignorance
While reading this poem
Where LOVE is hopefully represented
As a Black Dark spot on white light life

Black and Dark are as good as
Or even better than white and light
Here Black and Dark is used positively
Read it so that way


How can I remove
The Black spot of LOVE
From my life?

How can I hide
The Dark spot of LOVE
From my being?

How can I not find
A job that will give me work
A place to go and stay
A friend who would understand me
A family who would accept me
A BELOVEDz who will hold my hand

My life is considered useless
By everyone in this city
Because of this
Black Dark spot of LOVE
I carry around my heart's kitty

With such accusations
Falling on me from everywhere
How can I go in front
Of my BELOVEDz to
Show how much I LOVE her

I've forgotten everything in life
I'm lost everything in the process of
Adoring this...
Black and Dark spot of LOVE

People say I've gone mad & crazy
In seeking positivist within Black and Dark

How am I suppose to find
The ways of life again for
The journey to my BELOVEDz heart
On the dark night path  of fate?

This life without
A  Black Dark spot of LOVE
Was nothing but waste

Life was just a maze of chase
For greed, success, wealth & fame

Till my BELOVEDz painted my soul
Black Dark with her LOVE SOUL illuminate

Now how am I suppose to
Remove the Black Dark liquid of LOVE
That runs within my veins

And why should I?

When my Black Truth is
Much better than world's white lies

When my Dark LOVE is
Much better than world's light life

Black Dark Spot of LOVE
Is the only positive I carry

So why should I even try to
Remove the Black Dark spot of LOVE

My Black Dark Spot of LOVE is my only POSITIVE...!

The Tragic True LOVE Story of Blanche Monnier

Just for falling in LOVE
With a commoner
Blanche Monnier was kept in attic
For 25 years
Blanche's True LOVE survived

The year was 1876

In midst of the Third Republic period in France
When the historical power struggle of royalist ******* and republican radicals were discussed in bourgeois socialites
That's the time when
In a small place called Poitiers
Four hours away from Paris
There lived:
Madam Louise Monnier
Wealthy and prominent
Member of CLASS society
Known in Parisian high society
For their charitable works
Who had received many community awards too

With her son
Marcel Monnier
A brilliant student
And a prominent lawyer
Well respected in Paris

And her daughter
(Marcel's sister)
Twenty Five years old
Beautiful beyond words
Very gentle and good natured
A young socialite in rich circles

Lived happily in their
Monnier Estate

It was during this time
Blanche fell in LOVE with a suitor
Let us call him
Who lived in her neighborhood
Sadly he was not young
Nor was he from rich aristocrat family
He was elderly man,
Basically a commoner
And an unsuccessful penniless lawyer

Madam Louise Monnier - disapproved
Of such alliances for her daughter Blanche and
Insisted Blanche to marry a more suitable man
Of her own age, class and status

But in passion of her LOVE -
Blanche profusely disagreed
And Madame Monnier got angry
They quarreled and argued
One day Madame Monnier locked Blanche
In a dungeon attic ordering
"Until you would agree - you are imprisoned"

Years passed
But Blanche was stubborn
So much in deep LOVE with James
She did not relent to her Mother's wishes

So the story goes....
Nine years passed

On this side James - Blanche's suitor
The beau too died in 1885

It is said that
Blanche's brother Marcel apposed his mother
To at least set Blanche FREE now
But Madam Louise Monnier had absolute
Stronghold and control over the family
Thus Marcel aboded to his mother's decree
And Blanche was kept locked still after

In the eyes of society
Beautiful young Blanche had simply disappeared
Without a clue

Madame Monnier and Marcel mourned
In front of everyone
Stating Blanche ran away
And continued to live their lives
As normal as those rich aristocrat families live

No one gave much thought to this
Everyone went about their life
As if nothing had happened

With time - they say
Blanche was forgotten
From everyone's memory

For over 25 years,
Blanche remained in a attic dungeon
Tied to her bed
Waiting for her LOVE
But her mother Madam Louise,
And her brother Marcel
With their two servants
No one helped her to be FREE

Blanched was chained in a dark attic room
She was accompanied by rats and lice
Day after day
Living in dirt and darkness
Alone, isolated, in solitude
Blanche became insane
Drown in her own tears and
In company of
Rats, bugs and pests...
And rotten odor

Rumors say that it was one of the female servants
Who slipped the secret of
Monnier Estate's beautiful daughter Blanche
To her boyfriend
Who immediately wrote a letter to
The Attorney General

In 1901,
Attorney General of Paris
Received an anonymous note
Handwritten and unsigned

The content were disturbing
And The Attorney General
Sent his police team to investigate
The Police arrived to search Monnier Estate

At first,
Police couldn't find anything unusual
Until they came across strange odor
Coming from upper floors

When the Police went upstairs
Madam Louise Monnier sat
On the ground floor living hall
Calmly reading a book

When the Police approached
The attic room
From where the odor was coming
They saw that the room was padlocked

Realizing something amiss
Police smashed the lock and
Broke open the room

The horrors lay within

A pitch dark room
With only one window
Shut closed with black curtains

The stench of room was so over whelming
That immediately the window was broke open

With the light coming in
The police realized that the bad odor
Was because of rotting food
That littered all over the floor

And in a corner - there was a bed
Where an emaciated women was chained

She was our Blanche Monnier
Fifty years old now
Tied to the bed
It was over two decades
She had not even seen the sun
And she had lived
In her own excrements

That beauty of youth
That youthful LOVELY being
A divine, kind, pure hearted girl
Did not even resembled like a human

She was naked
Chained like animals to the bed
Lying on a straw mattress

She was completely
Frightened and delirious

She weighed just 50 pounds (22 kilograms)

Police covered Blanche in a white sheet
And took her to the hospital
Madam Louise Monnier - and Marcel were arrested
For this atrocious inhumane crime
Of imprisoning and treating Blanche
So badly
For what? -
for a natural act of LOVING

"We can not even comprehend
What a LOVER goes through
When subjected to such punishments"

Blanche was horrendously malnourished
In hospital she was lucid to be rescued and freed
She exclaimed...
"How lovely it is to breathe the fresh air"

When she was informed about James
She could not even remember
The reason for her current state -
Was "LOVE"
Her eyes were hollow, her face was blank

There was public out-cry all over France
It was loud and clear
Public out-raged was brimming
They wanted the mother and brother punished

And Madam Louise Monnier -
Who was seventy years old then
suffering from heart disease
Could not take the shock
Of such societal backlash
For the horrible crime she committed

It is accounted that
Madam Louise Monnier
Died in police custody
15 days after Blanche's rescue
Police say -
Probably of a heart attack

Brother Marcel was imprisoned for 15 months
He confessed of
Not being directly part of the crime
But just acting under pressure of his mother

The whole blame was put on Madam Louise Monnier
Brother Marcel was considered only an accomplice
And thus when Marcel pleaded innocent and sought pardon
He was acquitted and set FREE
Such were the laws of those days

Our LOVER - Blanche Monnier
Had suffered greatly
The mental trauma
Of LOVE longing had
Lasting psychological damage

There after
Blanche lived in a French Sanitarium
Till she died in 1913
Twelve year after she was liberated

People say - that at times
The nursing staff used to hear Blanche
Sing the songs of LOVE

And they used to see Blanche
Talking LOVINGLY with a non-existing person
Most probably that person was "James"
The man she LOVED more than her life

Thus is remembered
The story of Blanche's LOVE

She suffered but never relented
To her mother's wishes
"To forget her LOVER James"

It was impossible to survive for 25 years
Without proper food, light, sun, or any human company
In that tiny dark dungeon attic
But Blanche did miraculously survive
With the hope that one day
She will be FREE
She will meet James
And she will LOVE James
And she will say to James
"My Jamie, see I did truly LOVE YOU"

That's the power of TRUE LOVE
This is a TRUE STORY

My BELOVEDz came to soothe me

Placing a bouquet of LOVE flowers
Within my heart's vase

And rode away on my
Golden heart chariot

Even with a restless soul
Heart beats galloping fast
BELOVEDz trusted me

My BELOVEDz came to soothe me
To kiss me with pink petal lips

I listen to those jingling anklets
While LOVERz walk and run towards me

With a garland sewed out of her gazes
BELOVEDz adorned me with thousand desires

For sole LOVE's reason BELOVEDz unlocked
The gates of life's prisons for me

The haunting nights were over now and
The fantasy world of our dreamZ lives on...

BELOVEDz carved a name on my heart
With the sharp shards of broken pieces
Of her own heart and colored it
With her own blood red

With each inscription carved
On me by my BELOVEDz
LOVE & LOVING pained a lot but
Healed my broken heart's scars

BELOVEDz repaid with due interest
To the LOVERz LOVE & LOVEz debt

BELOVEDz came and provided me
A lap to sleep on
The bosoms to hide me in
The lips for me to drink her nectar
The breathe for me to LIVE forever
A womb for me to be born again

BELOVEDz surrendered the being to me
To fulfill all our wishes & desires

I placed my eyes on the path
And played the strings of music
With rhythm and melodies of LOVE

Now I live within the inner being
Making dark nightz within BELOVEDz hair
Making bright dayz within BELOVEDz gaze
Transforming me into a life-long ETERNAL LOVERz

Now I don't want to wake up
My heart filled with BELOVEDz desires
I live and die for every single word
Uttered by my BELOVEDz

BELOVEDz stays as
Visions in my eyes
Prayers on my lips
Chants of my worship
Music of my heart

BELOVEDZ came and deposited LOVE
Never to leave me again

My eyes, my heart, my being
My soul, my spirits are
Fixed only on my BELOVEDz path

My BELOVEDz came to soothe me

Placing a bouquet of LOVE flowers
Within my heart's vase

And never left me again...

LOVE is inconceivable by any means
O Mind, O Logic, O Rational, O Science
All put together to understand LOVE
Has resulted in utter disasters
True LOVE is beyond the realm
Of human perceptible dimension

Congent question is this
LOVE blooms in vacuity
LOVE prospers in beuile tedium

LOVE is the invisible wheel
That turns the universe go round

The raindrop falling on the parched earth is LOVE

Open up the seed and break it into two halves
Between the two halves resides LOVE

LOVE is not today
LOVE is not tomorrow
LOVE is not even NOW
LOVE doesn't exist in your Time-meter
Yet LOVE exists
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