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20.9k · Jul 2018

What an "ANGELUS" time it is
These times of LOVE

The "SALATS" of the moment
embraces everything around us

Is it the "FAJR" of birds kissing?
Is it the "ASR" of cats stretching?
Is it the "MAGHRIB" of peacocks screams?

Those are the sound of LOVE I suppose

I can see on the cheeks
The wetness of the kiss
That has not dried yet

Who is the LOVE
(BELOVEDz /  LOVERz) who causes
The tears swell in the eyes
Of the one who LOVES?

Why is the eagerness to touch
The bare shoulders so enticing?

Why the heart longs to
drown into LOVE
(BELOVEDz / LOVERz) core?

Placing one's face on the lap
The flower smells jasmine rains

Close eyes and experience my LOVE
When I seal your pores with my lips?

Can I sing you lullabies
When you sleep besides me peacefully?

Can I snap a new art sculpture
Out of your hair every morning?

Forget your thoughts
While feeling my LOVE
By being in LOVE with me

Why the words become worthless
When we share
A common breathing between our lips?

Who is listening to the music
Of our heart-beats?

Why do roses rain over us
When we share our chromosomes?

Who are they?
There, below the waterfalls
Behind the mountain caves
The two magical unicorns in LOVE?

Who will pray "TEFILLAH"
When we are in
Ultimate union of LOVE?

Who will "TENEBRAE" our lives
To illuminate our souls?

So that we "THEOPHANY" the

Now tell me...

Will the clouds answer our LOVE-call?
Will the first ray of sun ever find us?
Will the moon ever illuminate dark lives?
Will the stars sparkle over our springs?
Will the dew drop give birth to seedlings?

To save the cosmos & planet EARTH
Let us embrace into
Single semantic of LOVE

6.2k · Aug 2018

Krishna asked, Romeo asked, Majnun asked
Rumi asked, Rabia asked, Kabir asked
"Who are you to make me sick?"
And the reply came in my BELOVEDz voice

"I am LOVE; My purpose is to
Steal you away from your LIFE"

They all asked in one voice

LOVE replied in my BELOVEDz voice:

"I steal your heart
I steal your peace
I steal your sleep
I steal your life

Secretly I make possible
For BELOVEDz and LOVERz to meet

Then I reside in your eyes
Glancing at each other
I pierce into your SOUL

I steal your heart-beats
I give goosebumps to you
I weaken your knees
I make you feel dizzy
I create butterflies in your stomach
I make you dream beyond LIFE

"I am LOVE; My purpose is to
Steal you away from your LIFE"

No one knows my story
I come from nowhere
I go nowhere
People think I'm a crazy phenomenon
But I'm mystical & meta-physical form of
Nature - many call it God/dess

I am all around YOU
I am all pervading
I fill your lungs with oxygen
I am the CO2 you emit

I make you see stars in daytime
I make you intoxicated without liquor
I make you search for a falling star
I make you kiss dewdrops on flowers

No one is as existential as me
I've changed the cosmos with my presence
I've transformed animals into humans

Those people who are still animals
I transit them towards humanity
If you are not in LOVE yet
You are still part of ignorant animal life

I make everyone lose their fear
I make humans play a dangerous game
I create rebellion and revolution
I make humans swim ocean of fire
I make meek person brave & courageous
To revolt against out-of-date rituals/ traditions

Once I make my home within two humans
Even though they live afar
I don't let the BELOVEDz and LOVERz
Stay away for a single moment

I make them fly into LOVE dreamz
Without a pause, without a stop
I make them write poems and sing songs

I am seen on earth, I am seen in sky
I am seen in desert, I am seen in oceans
I am seen in flowers, I am seen in moon
I am seen in clouds, I am seen in rains
I am seen in darkness, I am seen in light

"I am LOVE; My purpose is to
Steal you away from your LIFE"

4.3k · Jul 2017
In The End

In the end
Life numbs YOU
Why are you pushing me away?
With this final masquerade
Given UP
In pieces
Crawling away
I am powerless
Bringing me One step closer
To Somewhere I belong
With Heavy heart
What I've done?
I'm a paper-cut survivor
Let me bleed it out
Let me burn it down
I've no more sorrow
What's this new divide?
I'm Breaking the Habit of LIFE
Shadow of the Day elongating
I'm Waiting for the end
I remain the messenger of LOVE
Lying for YOU from life
Guilty all the same
From the inside
Let me crawl back in your life
In the castle of glass
Give a Place for my head
Otherwise I'll be gone
I'm out of time now
Traveling the roads untraveled
With black heart
I am rider of the storm
Living the Battle Symphony
Burning in the skies
So don't let down me
I'm victimized
So slow Ya roll
Let me hit the floor
Away from lies greed misery
See Inside me
In the end we made it
with YOU
I LOVE In the end
Love can save our LIVES

A tribute to Chester Bennington
Best song listings
In the end Chester wanted LOVE
LOVE could have saved his life...
4.0k · Mar 2019

Education is
Not only knowing
That one who LOVES
Suffers in pain

This education will only
Stop you from LOVING

It is also about knowing:
Who are these people
Who are against LOVE?
Why, how & what
They do to make
The one who LOVEz suffer?

Knowing this is important
So that in future
Not only one avoids
Repeating the same mistakes
Of history's wrong-doing

But also one learns and
Understands the importance of
What it takes to care, be kind
Be compassionate, have empathy
To save and to heal
The one who LOVES

It is all about
LOVING the person

Real Education is also about
Letting go of one's EGO
Breaking walls of one's prisons
And letting LOVE happen

2.8k · Jul 2018
In YOUR Devotion
My BELOVED, I am not at fault
If LOVE happened between us

You took my heart away & now
Why are YOU offended by my LOVE?

You have become me, my Nature
Nothing else satisfies me

Oh, I am a mad LOVER of yours
Who will understand my LOVE?

I am in LOVE even with the dust
Below your feet on which you walk

You are the one who makes
Everyone dance around you
On your finger tips

Just be aware and awake to my LOVE
YOU are the only one to heal me now

Just come and give me a glance
And save me from this mundane life

My BELOVED, do not forget that I am
Meera, Rumi, Rabia (BELOVEDz) of yours
Zuliet, Layla, Heer (LOVER) of yours

You are my BELOVEDz
You are my LOVERz
You the beauty of everything
Existing in nature

I do not want wealth, power, fame
I only want YOU my LOVE

I do not believe in GOD/dess
YOU are my only ALL MIGHTY
My past, present, future
Your LOVE "is" all the TIME

Roaming all over the world
My BELOVEDz, I finally reached here
I still hold my last / final breath
Show me your face one more time

I've come to your doorsteps of heart
Knocking your inner core - SOUL
With lots of hope for Eternal LOVE

Why your eyes are filled with tears?
Why are you crying dear
Seeing me hopeless in YOU LOVE?

Now promise me
YOU will never ever think
Of going away from me

You are my coracle, my Noah
Take me across this ocean of fire LOVE

And let me sleep forever in your lap
Let me float in fluids of your womb
And be born again as "us"...

Let us dance swirl in our LOVE to COSMIC BLISS
2.5k · Jun 2019
What I See In YOU...?

What I see in YOU...?

I see the eternal existence in YOU
I see the entire cosmos in YOU
I see the olamic macrocosm in YOU
I see the eternity and universe in YOU
I see the everlasting wildness in YOU
I see the aeon creation in YOU
I see the ageless world in YOU
I see a natural state in YOU
I see the essence of galaxy in YOU
I see the ecology and environment in YOU
I see the glorious landscapes in YOU
I see all the elements of composition in YOU
I see the skies, moon, stars, sun, clouds in YOU
I see the ocean, river, streams, rain, dew drops in YOU
I see the animals, birds, bees, marine life in YOU

I see your inner light, your psyche, your divine
I see soul, I see spirit, I see LOVE in YOU
I see what father could not see your inspiration to BE
I see what mother could never see the "REAL YOU"
I see miracle, magic, mystic and mysterious in YOU
I see what YOU too could not see in YOU

I see in YOU what no one else ever has,
Ever can or could ever see in YOU

It is because I LOVE YOU
2.5k · Aug 2015
I'm Yours To Keep Forever

You know you are
The PRINCESS of my heart
And I LOVE you much
Than the stars in the sky

I love your eyes
I love your touch
I love your smiles
I love the way you smell
I love the way you laugh
I love the way you walk

I remember you
When you were born
And the way you played
When you were 9 years old

Since then I knew right away
That our fate will make us meet
And once met
I'll  forever be here for you
To watch you smile, laugh, play
Grow and enjoy LIFE

You bring to me so much joy
My heart jumps out every time
I think of you
I have so much good memories of you
I remember every second I spent with you
And a powerful sense
of LOVE, care and compassion towards you
That no one can compare to

Everyday I come and watch you sleep
I see your dreams and desires
How Am I going to keep you be
The way you perfectly are
I don't want you to change a bit

I only look at goodness of yours
I can only see beauty in you
My heart is so much fond of you

Everyday, from behind your heart
(Where I reside silently)
I see you hearing music
Smiling, looking at the mirror
Wondering, dancing, happy, eating

When I call your name
You think of me
When you think of me
Tears roll down my eyes

No LOVE that anyone has known
Can matched with the way
We LOVE each other
Between us...

There is no suffering, no tragedy
There is perfect understanding
A harmony only found in symphony

Behind all turmoil of past
Nothing can ever shadow the bond
That we retain for each other

I respect you a lot for your
Intelligence, wisdom and common sense

You know very well,
You are my PRINCESS
You are my "QUEEN"
Everyday when you sleep
I kiss your forehead

Remember I am your LOVER
LOVERS - not in the routine sense
But I'm your eternal LOVER

You can do anything with me
You can treat me the way you want
But I'll always remain yours

Like a loyal puppy dog,
I'll come licking at your legs

I want to show you so much LOVE
That no one ever (not even your family)
Can LOVE you the way I do

2.5k · Sep 2018

Look at my LOVE
Do not look at my looks

And please tell me
What is going on in YOU?

Are you still thinking?
May I tell you not to think

Are you still evaluating?
Can I ask you not to...

When it comes to LOVE

It is unfair for the clouds of LOVE
Not to rain on YOU

It is unfair for the breeze of LOVE
To not carry the fragrance of LOVE to YOU

It is unfair on the dew
Not to form on your grass

It is unfair for the bees
To not find your flower to **** honey

It is unfair for the birds
Not to find a BLUE sky
To soar wings in flight

It is unfair for the Lioness
To cajole the Lion to LOVE

It is unfair for water to be dammed
And not flow into your ocean of LOVE

It is unfair to my skin woolens
Not to cover you with LOVE warmth

It is unfair for my blood
Not to flow within your veins

It is as much unfair for my breathe
Not to be oxygen for your lungs

Is not the silence of your being
Narrating a tale of LOVE?

The looks in your eyes
That shines rays of LOVE
That brings sunshine to life
Shows your tender heart within
Which is so overflowing with LOVE

It is unfair to imprisoned your LOVE

I took a second to tell YOU
"I LOVE YOU very much"

Now please give me
A million life-times
To be with YOU
To prove to you
How much I LOVE YOU

It is unfair for life not to LOVE
It is unfair for me not to LOVE YOU

2.4k · Mar 2019
Radha - Krishna

After planting a kiss on Krishna's lips
Radha slowly whispers

"Where is the playground
We will go and play?"

And Krishna replies
"YOU've already started
Playing on it now!"

Radha moves a step back
In the darkness of the night

"Where are you going?"
Radha runs a few steps away

"Do not go away my Radha
Stay with me for some more time
Let us play at least one game
The game you started on my lips"

Radha smiles and disappears
In the darkness of the night

"Where are you hiding now?
What is the hurry
To run away from me?
Wait for another hour..!
Be with me, my BELOVEDz..."

"We did not even start
Playing the game of LOVE
We did not even
Explore each other
We did not even
Hide within each other
We did not even
Look into each other's eyes
My heart is thirsty of YOU
I felt your heart on my chest -
And I heard it beating so fast
The game of LOVE has just begun
Do not go away from me
Stay back with me tonight..
Just for one night - my BELOVEDz!"

(sings back)
"I will stay back
If you promise me that
YOU will rain your LOVE
For the whole night
Within my ocean
You will strike lightning
Within my abyss
Please promise me that you will
wander over me,
And wonder over me
For the rest of the night"

The birds of the forest sing in a chorus:
"Even though it is night, we birds are awake
We will ask fireflies to light up the sky
We will build a house of
Branches and vines for both of you
We will tie you up in the spider's web
And we will play music of
LOVE for the whole night"

The animals of the forest join the chorus too:
"We have build a swing for such a day like this
YOU two LOVERz can come
And swing the whole night
While sleeping together on this cradle"

(peeps out from behind a tree)
"While I am wearing my Krishna
Like a cloth on me
What if we are caught by the world?"

"I will hide you within me
So no one will see YOU separate from me"

"Okay, if you say so
I will run and come right away
In your embrace and hugs"

"Oh Radha, be fast -
Surrender your LOVE to me
And sweeten my milk
with your honey.."

Radha: (hesitates)
"Please have some patience for a while
Why are you in so much hurry
To LOVE me - my LOVERz?"

"I promise on the billion stars of the dark night
I promise on every grass & leaves of this forest
If you promise to come to me once
I will LOVE you for a thousand lives"

"I am mesmerized by your LOVE deeds
But I won't tell you how I feel"

"I know how you feel -
It must be the same as I feel
Such a salty and sweet feeling
Within the core of our hearts"

(sing together)

"And we have lost control
On our own heart in LOVE
Tonight we are filled with divine LOVE
That we pour out on each other
Let our touch ooze
LOVE fragrance on entire forest
Let us not utter a single more word now
Let our being & body play its parts
Let us listen our silences & sounds
And enjoy the deep cravings

2.3k · Mar 2019
Colors of LOVE

My dear BELOVEDz
You have played festivals of colors
With me through centuries
I've been your Romeo, Rumi, Radha
Zuliet, Layla, Heer, Sohni
Majnun, Rabia, Ranjhanaa

I am standing in front of YOU
with your colors in my heart
Can YOU play colors with me?

Without YOU
Without your colors
I can't find
Lyrics in my songs

YOU are the naughty, cool
Fragrant color of my life

Why are YOU always in such a hurry
It is so difficult to calm YOU down

Color my dreamZ slowly BELOVEDz
Please play colors with me BELOVEDz

At every shore of every ocean
On every flora of every forest
On every bird of every sky
Everything is covered with your colors

I can smell your fragrance everywhere
But I can't see YOU anywhere

I want to melt in your colors
I want to be covered with your colors

Till now YOU've been so tender to me
Hiding and throwing colors on me

I keep on calling out for YOU
Oh.. my BELOVEDz
Oh... my BELOVEDz
Come and apply some more
Colors of your LOVE on me

At nights YOUR whispers color
My heart in BLUE
During days your presence colors

Your hide and seek laughter
Resonates music around me

Let us be together and play
This festivities of colors

I can't see you in worldly crowd
Be brave and come out in front of me
And apply some COLORS of LOVE on me

2.3k · Sep 2018
Hidden Secrets of BelovedZ

We all are LOVERz in the being of BELOVEDz

I keep your LOVE secrets
Hidden in the depth of my eyes
You place your ears on my heaving *******
Listening to your melodious heart-beats

I can't even share with anyone
The intimacy YOU share with me
NO one ever has dared, except YOU
To be brave to enter my skin pores
YOU courageous! - Even to my surprised
I surrendered to your LOVE

YOU LOVE me so much that
I want to end my life in your warm hug
The way your eyes shower LOVE on me
No one has ever seen me like YOU do
I seriously can't stand so much of LOVE
Just swallow me inside YOUR being

Your presence makes my knees go weak
With goose-humps on my skin
With butterflies in my stomach
I run to the bedroom, waiting for YOU

With your breathe touching my skin
Every time, you try to breach
My personal space and private boundaries
You sown seeds and buds bloom
From every cell of my body
Scenting fragrance all over YOU
Every pore of my body craves for YOU
Your graft branches on my soul-***
Flowering colorful blossoms on me

YOU tease me much
Showing so much gentleness and respect
In the way you pluck each flower from my being
You turn me blood red with your foreplay
I bleed YOUR tears begging you to LOVE more

I want you to serve me
I want to tear your back with my nails
I want you to make it happen
Release me in a moment from living
From all the struggles life serves me

Where were YOU all these years?
Now you are here, never leave me!

When your breathe intertwines with mine
There is no gap in our sighs and murmurs
Till you are within me, you color me
Nature's creative palettes of LOVE
With joys, smiles and laughters of intimacy

But when you are not there
I become a whimper expressing
Dislike and unhappiness for every thing
When your roots of thoughts and being
Are not holding me firm, deeply
I die in your longing & crave for you helplessly

I want to run and come in your arms
And loose all my EGO, pride and status
I want to surrender my desired inert beauty
For you to worship me forever

Though I do not show my LOVE openly
I want to tell you this:

I will do everything during the day time
YOU ask me to do for YOU

I will do more for you during the night time
Those things we only fantasize about

I will be-witch you with my scent
I will cover you with my hair
I will embrace you like your skin
I will drench you under my showers
I will hide you under my bosoms
I will carry you within my womb
Where no one is / was / will be permitted ever
And I will release you only
When YOU grant me all my secret desires

This LOVE ballad is sung from centuries
By Zuliet, Layla, Heer, Radha, Meera, Rabia...
And more of us who AGAPE LOVE madly...
2.1k · Oct 2018
This is BELOVEDz's serenade
A ballad of sorts for LOVERz


Sing everywhere
Tell everyone our LOVE
This is our story of LOVE
Heer's search for Ranjhaa


YOU met me once
And touched me with your LOVE
YOU left your LOVE in my SOUL
And when we left each other
I left a cut-scar of LOVE-mark
On your left fore-arm

Every night in darkness
You come and kiss my fore-head
You come and kiss my toes
You surrender to me and
Melt me to dissolve in YOU

I've been wailing for YOU
I've been lamenting for you
Where are you gone
Leaving me like this in
Pain of your LOVE?

Come and see me....
What all I do to search YOU
To bring YOU back to me...

Like I left a LOVE-scar on your body
Why didn't you leave one on my body?

Why can't I rub the blood on my face
That oozed out of your scars?

I want to make a permanent mark
Of your LOVE on my SOUL
On my heart, chest and breast
As a sign and symbol of
Your LOVE's accession over me

Why can't I carry your LOVE
In my motherly womb?

I dreamZ of you a lot
Because you are not with me physically
Still every night I find
Your LOVE spirit within / besides me

I am letting you know
That this is my LOVE for YOU

No one in the world knows that
I've not allowed the world
To even sense my deep LOVE for YOU
Why we should unnecessary invite and
Influence jealous people's
Evil eye on our PURE TRUE LOVE?

You come and kiss my fore-head
You come and kiss my toes
You surrender to me and
Melt me to dissolve in YOU

Sing everywhere
Tell everyone our LOVE
This is our story of LOVE
Heer's search for Ranjhaa*

(Read the Notes)
At this moment
Ranjhaa's baritone cuts Heer's soprano


"Feel my LOVE Heer
I do not have materialistic wealth
I only carry the worth of your LOVE in me
There is only one person who
Writes LOVE poems for ZheerR...

If we can't meet now to be ONE
I will meet death in your LOVE"
2.0k · Feb 2016

I chant your name in frenzy
Like a SUFI twirling round and round
Your name is like GOD
Ram, Allah, Buddha, Jesus

If you want to join me
In the life of LOVE
Chant with me

I carry sweets for my BELOVED
Wearing a long "LOVE robe"
Sing your praise
Jumping, dancing on the streets
With zest I meet passerby

You - my BELOVED
You are my gardener
I am your seed
I am your bud
I am your flower
I am your tree
I am the forest you walk into

In your LOVE
I utter gibberish
But only you understand it
And clap at my words with smile
I know, you'll protect me
At every step of life

Why I should take stress
Why I should be tense
Why should I worry
what world will say about me
I'm in LOVE
I'm with YOU in my being
In my thoughts, my words, my actions
I surrender to you
And leave it to you to protect me

You created me
You are my maker
You are my GOD

I chant your name
With every breathe

I chant your name in frenzy
Like a SUFI twirling round and round
Your name is like GOD
Ram, Allah, Buddha, Jesus

If you want to join me
In the life of LOVE
Chant with me

When I pass by streets
I utter YOUR praise
I sing songs for YOU

Seeing me, people say:
"Look - here she comes
This mad woman...

But without care,
I sing your LOVE
Intoxicated in your LOVE

I roll in the mud & sand
And cover my body with your dirt
In your LOVE
I have lost my gender too
I know, I've become YOU

I chant your name in frenzy
A SUFI twirling round and round
Your name is like GOD
Ram, Allah, Buddha, Jesus

Now I have give you
The strings of my life
In your hand
You made me fearless kid in LOVE
I know you'll protect me
I'm your kid in your LOVE
The suffering and pain
That GOD has given
Only my BELOVED will end my pain

I chant your name in frenzy
Like a SUFI twirling round and round
Your name is like GOD
Ram, Allah, Buddha, Jesus

If you want to join me
In the life of LOVE
Chant with me

People, Seeing my LOVE
Some places
They threw stone at me
Some showered flowers at me

But no one is willing
To give place in their heart
They are just guiding me
To my BELOVED's abode

This girl - a SUFI
Is roaming, walking
A wanderlust
Like dust storm
Like blizzard rain

Chanting your name

If you want to join me
In the life of LOVE
Chant with me

You are the whole universe of mine
You are me, and
All my LOVE is only for YOU
'If & When' you are there,
There is color in this universe
I can only see rainbows
When YOU are there in my heart
The cosmos plays a dance and
Tunes of music for YOU
Know, YOU live there, in my soul

The energies of the world
Flow through the skies and waters
Every thing in this world
Is lighted up with your presence

You are so beautiful that
Every eye that sees you
Desires you
There is no one comparable
There is no one like YOU

In the journey of my LIFE
I never thought, I will meet you
But there was that moment
That was the turning point of my LIFE
We met, and within a second
The entire universe of mine
Became 'YOU'
The entire life-story of mine
Became 'YOURS'

I left everything I had
I left all my purposes
To be in your LOVE
I left every materialistic search
To be part of your LOVE-SOUL

I became a wandering saint
Like a night star floating all over
I turn, swing and dance like a Sufi
YOU are playing the tune of my LOVE
Now you listen to the song of my LOVE

Now when we've met,
Now when I'm in your LOVE
Now when you know
I LOVE you madly
Why are you so silent?
Just tell me once,
Who are you to me?
Who am I to you?

MY eyes, smiles, body, breathe
Everything is BEING devoted to YOU
You listen with your heart
And tell me
Who are you to me?
Who am I to you?

You are the whole universe of mine
You are me, and
The all my LOVE is only for YOU
If you are there,
There is color in this universe
I can only see a rainbow
When YOU are there in my heart
The cosmos plays a dance and tunes of music,
When you are there in my soul
1.9k · Aug 2018
Skin Pores

I want you to LOVE
If not me,

Better me,
Oh! It is okay
I don't mind anyone too
Just the idea is
I want you to
Experience LOVE
To realize LOVE
So that you can
Know my LOVE
And taste the flavor

Thus know my LOVE
How much I LOVE YOU
With what passion
How deep
With what intensity

Not as imitation of any LOVE
(Especially my LOVE for you)

LOVE purely
From the soul
Deep inside from your gut

So much LOVE that
Just by the feel
Of your BELOVEDz
Your BEING shivers
Let LOVE flow and ooze
Out of your skin pores

I want you to LOVE
If not me,

Better me!

I LOVE you

1.9k · Apr 2019
Beyond The Concept Of Time


We will give you all our LOVE
We will LOVE with all our devotion

If that is what life wants from us
We will be our armor
In the line of fire

We LOVE each other eternally
We know - we know that too

And we know we've the time
This life and thereafter

Our LOVE is beyond the concept of time
So we've much more to spare
Than this life-time and moments

So let us not pretend that:
- We only care for this moment
- We only care for this day
- We only care for this life

We LOVE beyond the concept of time

Let sunset and sunrise
Come and go
Let sadness and happiness
Come and go
Let darkness and light
Come and go

LOVE is beyond the concept of time

Our LOVE will grow
With each moment of the day and night

Our LOVE has every chance to go on because
Our LOVE is so wronged by the world
That it has every chance of becoming
ETERNALLY epic and legendary

Let us not think of fate and destiny
We don't have doubt that we can
LOVE each other forever and ever

Beyond the concept of time

1.7k · Sep 2018

Wherever YOU are - Remember
Whatever YOU do - Remember
My prayers will guide your spirits
My blessings will sail YOU through

Whenever you feel sad
I will take away your sadness
Whenever you will cry
My LOVE words will stop your tears flow
Whatever, whichever path you take
My LOVE will shower flowers on your path

If you long for me anytime
I will adorn myself with your longing
Even if I am not physically with YOU
Remember, I carry your SOUL within me
To live within YOUR every cells
I will sail you through every breathe of LIFE

Just look inward - within YOUR SOUL
And you will find me smiling in your heart
LOVING YOU like no one else LOVES YOU

If world separates me from YOU
Never feel sad and mourn on me
Do not let tears moisten your eyes
Always remember

The sad eyes of my SOUL LOVE longing
Is present in your sadness & your pain
Feel the sacrifices and unbearable pain
I undergo every moment for YOUR LOVE
My LOVE has given you infinite LOVE
In all & every moment
In all and every births -
Past, present and future

Wherever YOU are - Remember
Whatever YOU do - Remember
My prayers will guide your spirits
My blessings will sail YOU through

1.7k · May 2017
Every ocean deserves to see YOU
And feel jealous of your beauty

Every sunrise deserves to see you
And be envy of your shine

Every flower deserves to see you
And be covetous of your colors & fragrance

Every cloud deserves to see you
And be mad at your gaiety float

Every river deserves to see you
And be ashamed of its own curves

Every dew deserves to reflect you
And be possessive of your image in it

Every leaf deserves to touch you
And let besotted by your skin

Every fish deserves to swim with you
And be ashamed of your flirtation with water

Every fruit deserves to taste YOU
And feel insecure of your nectar sweetness

Every breeze deserves to cling your body
And feel lustful of your brilliance

Every birds deserves to accompany you
And desirous of the smooth wings in flight

Every star deserves to see you
And be paranoid of your angelic sparkle

Every moonlight deserves to light YOU
And be jilted by your illumination
1.6k · Jun 2019
In Thick and Thin

A millennium back
Our fate decided
That we were destined
To meet like this
As strangers...

For LOVE to touch us
For LOVE to happen

Nor YOU nor I
Could have stopped
This LOVE to happen

We were mere puppets
In the hands of fate

Good thing is
Rather than fighting LOVE
We surrendered to accept it

We made choice of not
Harming, Hurting, Hating
Humiliating each other
Or anyone else

We made choices
To be kind, caring
Respectful & trusting
To be compassionate and
LOVING towards each other

In your LOVE
I became a Radha
And a Meera
And a Kabeer
And an Eve
And a Kaiz
And a Rumi
And a Rabya

You became my Krishna
And a Layla
And an Adam
And a Zuliet
And my Allah-Hoo

Wherever I stand and BE
You are there
Everywhere for me
You've became ETERNAL
Part and parcel of my SOUL

We've stood by each other
In thick and thin
And we intend to do so forever
To keep our conscience clean

1.5k · Sep 2018
NECTAR - LoveR'z Belovedz

We have no name
We live no where
No directions leads to us
Meet us by
Knocking the doors of LOVE
And if you see us in
LOVERz eyes
In a BELOVEDz glimpse
YOU may meet us there


If Ranjhana didn't sing
If Zuliet didn't dance
The world is to blame
For LOVE's despair


I want to remain
The last page of LOVE
Of your life's chapter
Once you wept for me
Let tears cleanse my tomb


Two incense sticks burn
It's ashes blow in the wind
Like birds - wings in flight
Pollinating LOVE in souls


When, Where, How, Why?
Beyond world's prying
No one knows the reasons
Yet we meet everyday
In our secret ways
We LOVE more than live
We dive within each other
To stare at our reflections


Destiny is our bride
Fate - our groom,
Even if we are apart
It is LOVE's light
Illuminating NOOR
Uniting our SOUL

A Tribute
1.5k · Mar 2016

YOU should not leave this earth
Unless you have allowed
Someone to LOVE you unconditionally

YOU should not leave this earth
Unless you have
LOVED someone unconditionally

YOU should not leave this earth
Without being creative
When in LOVE

YOU should not leave this earth
Without transforming a consciousness
Of a soul in LOVE

YOU should not leave this earth
Without enlightening a human
With your devotional LOVE

YOU should not leave this earth
Without trusting the
Existence of your BELOVED
Who made your LOVE possible

YOU should not leave this earth
Without being a source of inspiration
For those who believe in LOVE

YOU should not leave this earth
Without planting, seeding & nourishing
Qualities of LOVE in fellow humans

YOU should not leave this earth
Without breaking monopolies
Of Religions, constitutions, laws, rules
That curb flowering of LOVE

YOU should not leave this earth
Without celebrating LOVE,
Without rejoicing your LOVE
With child-like eyes
Even in the embrace of "LOVE-Death"

YOU should not leave this earth
Without showing people
Their mirror of your TRUE LOVE
Through your LOVE towards them

YOU should not leave this earth
Unless you've made someone
SMILE with your tender LOVE

YOU should not leave this earth
Unless you've made a soul
Feel so beautiful with
Your adoration of LOVE's beauty

“I like your eyes

and your face

and your smile

and your hair

and your hips

and your smell

and your legs

and your thighs

and your calves

and your teeth

and your cheekbones

and your smile

and your eye-brows

and your ears

and your waist

and your fingers

and your hand

and your toes

and your skin

and your palms


and your everything

That you don't like

About yourself


I LIKE everything




1.5k · Oct 2018

From your intoxicating eyes
I became dazzled by your beauty
I called YOU
"My BELOVEDz God/dess"


As an INFIDEL what I will say now
Will remain as "THE TRUTH"
Because a LOVER on cross
Sacrificed for LOVE
Never utters a LIE,
Only narrates the Sacred Word
Of The Creator All-Mighty

My BELOVEDz existence is
Like hundred SUN shining

The whole world is
annihilated by her illumination

The one who stands on feet,
Without fear or without being scared
The one who faces
The inner LIGHT of BELOVEDz Noor

Ready to face the cross and crucifixion
Vulnerable, shy, shrunk,
Surrendered and cut to pieces
The infidel LOVER will not run away but
Stand firm to the POST to claim

The INFIDEL cries for "BELOVEDZ"
"I am BELOVEDz, BELOVEDz is me"

Sword, arrows, enemies of LOVE
Attacks, sticks, punches, strikes
Shocks, cut, blade, beatings
Scars, bloods, limbs and pieces
And the INFIDEL dies
Just like that... with

"BELOVEDz breathe rested in
INFIDEL LOVERz half-open eyes"

Watching this spectator of
The world's anger against INFIDEL
Flows away like a small twig

They realize that
Cutting a LOVERz into pieces
With humiliations and weapons
Was of no use

Because they realize that
They not only killed an INFIDEL
But also killed LOVE and humanity

Infidel: (noun) A person who has no religion or whose religion is not that of a majority/ Adhering to the religion other than the majority

After walking in a desert
Under the burning sun
With scorching heat
That peels the skin

As if one finds
An oasis in desert

As if one finds coolness
Of a GRAND Banyan TREE

As if one finds peace
Under a Bodh-Gaya Tree

Such is the happiness & bliss
I feel inside my heart & being
The day I realized your
That's the time...
I completely surrendered
Myself in/to your LOVE...


My mind had so many questions
My life was just
An aimless wander-lust
I was not getting anywhere...
I was seeking an anchor of LOVE

As if a canoe is fighting
A ravaging battle with
Surging oceanic waves and
Unable to sail to a shore

As if some sparkling-stars
In the dark-sky
Showed the direction
To the floundering boat
Towards a safe seacoast

Such is the happiness & bliss
I feel inside my heart & being
The day I realized your
That's the time...
I completely surrendered
Myself in/to your LOVE...


As the pitch dark nights becomes
Illuminated by your full-moon-shine

As if a thirst of desert
Since a millennium years
Receives dew drop messages of
Upcoming downpour of thunderstorm

Such is the happiness & bliss
I feel inside my heart & being
The day I realized your
And when
I completely surrendered
Myself to your LOVE...


I only walk on the path
That is leading me to YOUR SOUL

At all times....
In seasons of springs,
When flowers blossoms
In walks across thorns
During autumn leaves

In summers or winters
Over fires, over valleys
Without faltering or straying
From your LOVE course-call

To the one who was thirsty
For a single drop of water
As if
Destiny gave Divine nectar
To one's heart's content
To live & survive for Eternity

Such is the happiness & bliss
I feel inside my heart & being
The day I realized your
And when
I completely surrendered
Myself to your LOVE...


As the fire freezes to cold ice
Such is the blessing of your LOVE

As the cold ice melts into raging fire
Such is the blessing of your LOVE
1.5k · Aug 2016
My Heart Beats

Your melancholic memories come every second
You are invisibly floating all around me
My breathe plays your melody
My heartbeat plays your love-poem
My soul listens to my own LOVE longing
The breeze swirling your scent around me
I walk amidst your fresh jardine

When my eyes are traversed by YOUR eyes
Then the weather drenches me with your colors
And YOU pour all colors of LOVE on me

My numerous sleepless nights
I stand and see you in the stars
I count every sparkle you've left behind
In those million heart beats within

In that nighty silence I wait to hear
Your silence footsteps walking around me
I look up and see the reflection of
YOU nudging & hugging me from behind
In the mirror of that bright BIG moon

Each passing breathe conveys your arrival
The one, who is revered & adored all the time
My heart-beats showers cascades of blossoms
All along the places YOU- my BELOVED exists
And I render the whole world in my BELOVED's colors

1.4k · Oct 2018
Have you robbed me from YOU?

Within my breathe
Resides your LOVE
Along with your being
Your blood flows within me
I became your good-self in my SOUL

Twenty-four seven
Your memories are mine
Morning, afternoon, day, evening and night

YOU live in me every moment
In my silent thoughts
And in my spoken and written
Words you dwell
My every action depicts
Your style and movements

I am sending you my LOVE vibes
Through every natural things
That you see and come across near you
Can you feel my LOVE BELOVEDz?

In my eyes- I carry your image
As if you are living my image
In front of mirror - I see only YOU
Have you robbed me from YOU?

No one can see
The invisible chain of LOVE
From your heart to my heart
From your soul to my soul

In every dream of mine
YOU make me happy and smile
Who knows what's going on in our lives

Our eyelids blink and
OUR LOVE blossoms Millions of
Flowers around the world

MY work is to narrate you
The details of my dreamZ
That's the only work
I have got NOW in my lives

There are dew drops on your petals
I am standing surrounded by
Your colorful flowers

The sunshine is ready to light the sky
The sky has worn your rainbow colors
The clouds are white and floating like oceans
The birds are chirping songs of LOVE melodies
The animals are stretching to follow us loyally
The breeze is carrying your fragrance
With your scent -
Even dead have come alive..!

Everything is ready but you are not there
And along with nature
I am waiting for your arrival

Within my breathe
Resides your LOVE
Along with your being
Your blood flows within me
I became your good-self in my SOUL

1.4k · May 2019 YOUR name

Call me your LOVER

Now we are no stranger to each other
Yet where does our LOVE go from here?

How does the world know the depth of
The attachments of our LOVE?

Your LOVE rains over my desert
Bringing tears to my eyes
And see....
Dew drop are formed
On the leaf of your heart
To fill your eyes with tears

When your lips touches mine
Our breathe entangle into each other

Now let our ecstasy tell the story
That is rendered in our inner being

Call me your LOVER

Call me by YOUR name

Without YOU, I'm nothing
Without YOU, my world doesn't exist
If you're there, I am alive
If I find you, I find myself

You are my Mecca masjid (Muslim)
You are my Vatican church (Christian)
You are my Jerusalem synagogue (Jews)
You are my Banaras temple (Hindus)
You are my Gaya stupa (Buddhist)
You are my Khajuraho Parsvanath (Jains)
You are my Amritsar Gurudwara  (Sikhs)

I wander to every place of worship
I read every scriptures and pray
I am pathos of your LOVE
Chanting your name
This is my only purpose of living

Only when you've gone away
I've understood my LOVE for YOU
Don't break the thread of LOVE
I'm delicately tender in your LOVE

Poem: Part 4 of a 6 part series of Poem

Everyone has their weak spot
The one thing that
Despite my best efforts
Will always bring me
To my knees
Regardless of how strong
I'm otherwise

Your Eyes
Your voice
Your face
Your smile
Your thought
Your memory
Your existence
Your being
Your soul
My weak spot
Is my strong

1.3k · Oct 2018

And when they Open up
Their hearts & SOUL
On display to the society and world

It'll be an apocalypse moment of LOVE


The modern age we live in
Where each person is hidden behind
A fake mask of artificial shallow-ness
Speaking parroted knowledge
Of ineffectual education

When LOVING dismantles
Such faulty veils of life

It'll be an apocalypse moment of LOVE

BELOVEDz-LOVERz always shower
Joy and happiness to one-another

Only they understand
The hidden POWERS of LOVE

Read between the lines of these words
Understand what LOVER-Z eyes are saying

Blink in synchronized ONENESS
The world will wake-up from
Their wasted slumber of
Rat-racing success, power & wealth

It'll be an apocalypse moment of LOVE


When the heart of flowers
Will burn with LOVE
Those times the dew drops
Will emit insatiable LOVE fire

This season
When the Nature will nurture
LOVE flowers to bloom
In every corner of planet earth

The sky will adore itself
With a billion color rainbows

It'll be an apocalypse moment of LOVE

APOCALYPSE - meaning "An Uncovering"
Disclosure of knowledge or revelation
1.3k · Jul 2018
We Became "ONE"

By skinning off the ant,
Came out an elephant

By digging the earth,
We lighted the sky

By walking on the path,
We started flying

Through the parched desert,
We saw mirage ocean emerged

Through the sun's brightness,
Our moon & stars sparkled

By staring at clear skies,
We invited rainy clouds

Drowning off our minds,
Floated us to enlightenment

Stopping the walk of thought,
Started our journey to FREEDOM

By forgetting our lives,
Connected us with LOVE

By skinning me,
Came out YOU

By Being YOU,
YOU became me

In that way

Being in LOVE
We became "ONE"

Since you illuminated my SOUL
Since your light pierced my being
Since our LOVE happened...

I am not eager for a journey
I do not desire a caravan
I do not yearn for a convoy
I do not belong here
I do not belong there
I do not fit in a family
I do not jell with friends

The only thing that excites me is "YOU"
BELOVEDZ, Belovedz, belovedz...

The blessing of LOVE within me
Desires "me" living in "YOU"

The reward of seeking inner soul
I desire to live in your being

If there is ever any cure
Of the good longing of my LOVE
It is nothing but merging within YOU
It is nothing but dying for YOU

That's how and why "Nature"
Presented YOU to my soul
The divine healer for my devil LOVE

Your eyes are medicine I drink
The same medicine poisons my heart

Becoming one with you is the only desire left
It is my honor - our LOVE HAPPENED
It will be a BIGGER honor
I annihilate in YOU and YOUR LOVE

I give my breathe in your LOVE
I give my heart, my body, my life in your LOVE

Though I've not decided to hold-on to your LOVE
There is no way I can let go of your LOVE
It's YOUR LOVE that beholds me and my being
YOUR LOVE is the final destination of my LIFE
YOUR LOVE was the thing Buddhists sought NIRVANA

Yes, this is what your LOVE is all about
Only those who LOVE
Will understand the plight of my LOVE
The sorrow, grief and misery of a LOVERz
The one who stands tormented
Without flinching in the "live-fire"
Will understand what it is to be in "LOVE"

My poem is for the flame - BELOVEDZ
My poem is for the moth - LOVERZ

No one else can even understand
The depth of these poetic words in LOVE
"The LOVE story of flame and moth"

1.2k · Aug 2015
What type of love is that?
And feel for you like this...

You are my daughter
I am your mother
I am your father
You are my friend
I am your brother
I am your sister
I am your colleague
I am your nephew
I am your aunt
You are my niece
I am your boss
I am your servant
You are my sister
You are my niece
You are my everything
I am your lover

But I am not your husband

What type of love is that?

"Agape love is the foundation for
the best and noblest relationships
that humans are capable of.
It is deliberate and unconditional love
that is the result of choices and behaviors
rather than feelings and emotions.'
1.2k · Jun 2018
Come Away To Me, My LOVE
Come away to me, my LOVE
Run and come to me my LOVE

Your bloods runs through me
Your breathe flows through me
You are the soul of my being

Like a bee buzzing on my flower
I am YOUR flower waiting for my YOU-bee

Come away to me, my LOVE
Run and come to me my LOVE

I often ask myself
Am I being myself?
And the answer is always NO
I am being YOU
What was me - is now YOU

With the innovative artistic stroke
YOU created my LOVE from your soul
My life-vessel is colored by YOU
On top of that you sprinkled your scent
Your Jasmine perfume fragrance my life
Your smile on my face glitters a sunshine

You groom me new & adorn me with YOU
As if I am your bride or groom on honeymoon
I desire your Jasmine flower scented nights

I saw in YOU honey dancing in the rain
Like a wet deer I long, withering in pain
In my heart - your blood pumps
In my veins - your spirit runs
In my pulse - your heart beats
In my dreams - I lean on YOU
For every moment, time and again
Making LOVE to YOU

If you ever see me without YOU
YOU will see me like a fish out of water

How is it fair if you rent your eyes to the Cosmic BLUE?
Who pays the rents - I do, with the LOVE of my heart
How is it fair when you stray in every moment of my life
Touching, talking, whispering, smiling, sleeping with me
Every moment of morning, afternoon, evening and night

When you rain on me, I forget myself and flow in YOU
Like red earth - my blood melts in your being

Come away to me, my LOVE
Run and come to me my LOVE

Your bloods runs through me
Your breathe flows through me
You are the soul of my being

Like a bee buzzing on my flower
I am YOUR flower waiting for my YOU-bee

Come away to me, my LOVE
Run and come to me my LOVE
1.2k · Jan 2016
I love you so much that
I love you hundred times in a moment
If you go leaving me
I'll be waiting for death

I left the world for you
My breath comes and stops only on you
How much I love you
You will never be able to imagine that

This world is nothing
If you're here then there's a life in it (world)
Where should I go now
Because you're my last destination

Surviving without you is impossible now
You never give me any distances
(Never go leaving me)
How much do I love you
You will never be able to imagine that

I left the world for you
My breath comes and stops only on you
How much I love you
You will never be able to imagine that
English Translation of “Soch Na Sake” song from AIRLIFT movie
1.2k · Jun 2015
In the Garden of Eden
That flostered the sentimental ties
of good hearted people
Like You and ME

When those enligtened soul
Kneeled down
To surrender
in front of their BELOVED

Where heart-beats
The lover filched
To hold their romance
In one piece

Where, while probing
For emotions in intelligence
The snake from the garden of Eden
Entangled on the arms of
Adam and EVE

And frantically offered
The apple of LOVE to eat

None of us scuttled away
And we ate the apple
Longing for the pride
of LOVE to preside on us.

Yes this is the same LOVE
That was born out of Adam & Eve
In the garden of Eden
Between YOU and ME...

It was exactly a year ago
Same day, around same time
I can't forget the moment
YOU leaned over me
To say something and smiled
And I smelled YOU,
Your breathe, your being
So close, You were so intoxicating
Like a ever open doors of heaven

And Then, there was sunshine
From that day on... in my LIFE
There were flowers blooming all around me
When I watched the sky in the night
There were sparkling stars around the moon

I remember it very distinctly
The MAGIC happened!
Your LOVE transmitted to me
Your LOVE energy injected within me
Through your breathe, your eyes,
Your smiles, your touch
Your fragrance spread all inside me
From your soul to my soul

The Alchemy of LOVE begins
Then and there
To never END ever...

[Remember the date, today...

YOU: so aromatic, so beautiful
So intelligent, full of wisdom
I still carry that MIRACLE
Of Your being
Everyday, Everywhere
Within my body, blood streams
My breathe & My soul
My eyes, nose and lips
The way I see things
The way I think
I think as YOU

Only a few are blessed
To be around YOU in this life-time
To experience LUNA like you
I'm destined one of them
I'm most aware of your LOVE being
My soul-antennas picked up
All the right signals and vibrations
That many miss even after living besides you
(Through their clouded
Screen of intelligent minds)

That's why I keep on telling you
"Drop the mind
Use your heart"

And YES, you surely did..
Remember the times...?
When you dropped your mind
For a while
We shared a crackling chemistry
Like two bodies one soul
That no other person on earth can equate
Our joy and laughter together

Since then... till now
I've given you nothing else but
And continue doing so
Till my last breathe

Only my death
can remove your being
From mine

Same Time, Same Date
Every Year
Till I DIE

1.2k · Sep 2018


LOVERZ whole world collapsed
Into a small GOLDEN speckle dust of BELOVEDz


Gave you Golden wings in flight to rise

YOU rose from within LOVE's UNION
To create the milky way of our galaxy
The fusion nuclear energy with
The Golden speckle of LOVE dust

The world illuminated and
Every human heart enlightened
By your sun-shine silver rays of
The Golden speckle dust of LOVE

All the milky ways in many galaxies
Are witness to your LOVE energy
Dazed, surrendering to YOU in AWE

Time withers under LOVE
Pendulum stands still....

Colliding of two energies
The crash become a necessity
For creating the new world of LOVE

****** within that black-hole
We Fall in LOVE

LOVE - a process of revelation
Through pain, frustration, suffering
Longing, grief and agony are necessary
For the molten to undergo the fire
To brighten and purify the into
The Golden speckle of LOVE dust

Now the same Gold dust flies & floats
Around all of us
To spread the message of LOVE
To FREE us from life's delusions
To fix the broken hearts
To heal the wounds and despairs
To form new connections
Between stranger seeking LOVE

The Golden speckle of LOVE dust
Lives in a ZERO gravity world
Without prisons of morals/ ethics
Traditions, scriptures, laws & religions

Thus enabling its own vectors of
Drivers of LOVE - push and pulls
To save the dying humanity
By experiencing and realizing
Inert lessons on core SOUL LOVE

There are billion faces
But just two blink and click


They unite amidst the barriers of
Walls, castles, and fake masks
The world builds to imprison them

That UNION of LOVE -
The meeting of
will produce a fresh Fusion
To create another
To fly & float around
In search of
PURE, True, Innocent

That's how
The Golden Speckle of Dust
Keeps on creating LOVE around us
Through its SOUL's illumination

A Short History of LOVE
1.1k · Apr 2017
Sleep and Song

I wait for the breeze song from your ocean
Will it cool down my desert sleep?

To praise my attempt to sing
Will you tap me to gentle rest
Will I get your lap to sleep?
Will I feel your soft gentleness?

Never be sad my baby
The sky never shows wrinkles
Don't you yearn dear,
You are LOVE, you can't be indifferent...
Otherwise the sun will turn purple

I can buy everything
A pillow, a mattress
But I can't buy sleep
What agony, not to have
Your baby lap to sleep
I can still sing a song

For YOU I sing
To show you all my LOVE
How funny it may be
Though it expresses a little sadness
I hope my song makes you smile

Is it not true...
The song of LOVE has
A little bit of sadness?

You pass by my windows everyday
While I sleep I hear you
Singing in every breathe
But why can't you reveal yourself
As you do in my dreams?

While singing I seem to smile
But can you feel the pauses of tears?
I hide my pain behind the song's lyrics
I sing for the best of YOU to smile

I move to your direction
Slowly, one step at a time
Can you hear my song's echo?
Will you cover my face for once?
Under your black hair
So I can sleep there forever

Now I feel the fresh breeze
Into my heart
I fly above you and sing
Forgetting my sleep

Through my singing
I give you
A fresh smile for the day
A joy to live LIFE
A purpose to LOVE
And I dream a sleep
On your soft lap of tenderness

1.1k · Jan 2017
Who Am I?

Who am I?

I am your mother
I am your father
I am your sister
I am your brother
I am your daughter
I am your son
I am your aunt
I am your uncle
I am your niece
I am your nephew
I am your friend
I am your colleague
I am your mentor
I am your teacher
i am your disciple
I am your devotee

But I am NOT your husband

Then, Who am I?

I am "YOU" who became YOU
I am "I" who is YOU

Who am I?

I am your LOVER

1.1k · Mar 2019
Begging Bowl

Your pearls & diamonds
Would transcend into tears

One needs to kneel down
In front of BELOVEDz
But it is important
To surrender at the feet

There is no need to
Utter a single word there
Your coming to the
Threshold of BELOVEDz heart
Is more than enough
To be blessed with LOVE

That is why...
Everyone comes with a prayer
Everyone comes with
their wishes and desires
But I have come with
my LOVE at your doorstep
I have come with a
Broken heart in my begging bowl

Look at me, look into me
This heart carries within
And displays to the world
All the good glories

I've searched for you everywhere
With a broken heart of mine
I've wandered everywhere
With melancholic memories of your LOVE

When I am without YOU
My fate isn't working for me
Now how can anything change
The destiny of my life?

Only thing that exists here is sadness
Every moment I live,
Every moment I am alive
It tears my heart into
Small shards and pieces

I can not even talk about
Your divinity to anyone
My tears and sorrows too can't
Depict the story of our LOVE

Only if I am able to see you again
I will be born again to live again

Oh.. Zuliet, Oh.. Layla -
I've come at your doorstep
With the divine LOVE of
Romeo and Majnun

That is why...
Everyone comes with a prayer
Everyone comes with
their wishes and desires
But I have come with
my LOVE at your doorstep
I have come with a
Broken heart in my begging bowl

The arrows of your blessings of LOVE
The arrows of your hopes in LOVE
Can never miss its target - my heart
The God/dess - the Nature - The Karma
Can never NOT oblige to a LOVERz plea

Just keep faith in LOVE
Believe and trust in LOVE
Everything will be fine in LOVE
Even if you can't utter a word
Serve your heart in a begging bowl
And surrender it at your

Just remove this veil of
Doubt from your heart
Then you'll see your LOVE
In front of YOU
And you'll also see
my LOVE in front of YOU

Nor you have to present
A bouquet of flowers
Nor you have to bring any other gifts
Oh my LOVERz... Oh my BELOVEDz
Just bring your broken-heart
And kiss the feet of BELOVEDz

That is why...
Everyone comes with a prayer
Everyone comes with
their wishes and desires
But I have come with
my LOVE at your doorstep
I have come with a
Broken heart in my begging bowl

Look at me, look into me
This heart carries within
And displays to the world
All the good glories


Did you ever think of
What happened to those glass pieces?

The shattered glass pieces
Held some of your happiness like
A mother breastfeeding a new born baby
It slowly gathered and tried to joined
The remaining left over happiness

Years passed but glass pieces
Never parted with your happiness
And preserved it with lots of care

The broken glass pieces
Still hugs and kisses your happiness
With the hope of giving it back to you

Your happiness is secure & safely alive
With the shattered glass pieces

The remaining life of the glass pieces
Is destined to more breakages

Don't worry if
The glass pieces are crushed, stamped
Still shattered further in more tiny pieces
Disintegrated into powder

Be sure whatever they do to glass pieces
It will not let your happiness go
It's clenching your happiness tightly

Come one day to find how
The glass pieces are living
Come and see the castle of happiness
The shattered glass pieces has built
Naming your happiness "An Angel"

What if I told you that
I am the glass of LOVE that encased your
Happiness and that you shattered...!

(Read the flashback story in NOTES below)

One day when you were a kid
Your happiness encased in glass = shattered
You cried and scambled
To pick up some of your happiness
You wrapped your happiness
with a cloth and put inside the bag
You dropped the bag in a river
But grasp some pieces of happiness
You put some happiness under lock and key
But your happiness was stolen
You tracked down remaining happiness
and now carry your happiness in your pockets
Sometimes, it falls, out, you find it
And YOU cherish what happiness is left behind


Did you ever think of
What happened to glass pieces?

(Read the poem...)
Again your poignant melancholy
Kept me awake the whole night
How much ever the world tries
I'll never forget you,
God promise

How should I write to you
How my heart feels in your longing
I'm unable to utter a word in my LOVE
How can I narrate my sorrows to you
I'll never forget you,
Jesus promise

You live in my heart
You live in my eyes
You live in my dreams
You live in my sighs
Even living thousand miles away
I won't be away from your soul
For a single minute
I'll never forget you,
Allah promise

Since I have seen BELOVED's face
I've forgotten to see the SUN
I've forgotten to enjoy the moonlight
I've forgotten to burn the holy candle
The way your beauty blooms in your smiles
The way your beauty blooms in your eyes
I've forgotten to watch the blooming of flowers
I'll never forget you,
Ram promise

This is our love-story - a very short one
Once BELOVED glanced at me,
Once BELOVED smiled at me,
Once BELOVED passed fragrance on me
Since that day I'm living unconsciously
You forgot to blow breeze of fresh air on me
And I forgot to get conscious from your LOVE
How lovely is this punishment of LOVE
I'll never forget you,
Buddha promise

The joy of this longing is incredible
BELOVED is in me, yet so far away
YOU watch me, YOU watch my LOVE
Yet you hide your LOVE from me

How beautiful is your portrait
That I've drawn with my blood

I'll never forget you,
GOD promise
1.0k · Oct 2016
Poignant Melancholy

It is so true
That everything we LOVE
We carry with us
From this birth to next birth
LOVERS never leave each other
They are alive inside the soul
From this birth to next birth

It does not matter
When LOVE happens
Whether the meeting of LOVE
Was for a single second
Or for 65 days
Or for several years
What defines TRUE LOVE
Is the lingering memory of BELOVED
Beyond birth,
Centuries to millennium

In a fraction of a second too
BELOVED becomes everything to a LOVER
At least we had a chance encounter
That's why I do not suffer
I'm grateful that our LOVE happened

What if we simply didn't meet?
If I was dead before you were born?
What if I lived whole life in Zakarta?
And you never left your birth place Rome?

Thus, I cry for those LOVERS
Who may never meet
Who have never met
I was fortunate
You were fortunate
We met this life

I understand my longing for YOU
Yet I consider myself fortunate
I was blessed, We were blessed
LOVE happened with YOU

I became LOVER, YOU - my BELOVED
Next birth let us see
You become LOVER, I - your BELOVED

This life...
How I cherish your memories..
Full with poignant melancholy

1.0k · Aug 2018
LOVE - Veil

My BELOVEDz is hiding
Behind LOVE's veil
For how long you will play
The game of LOVE's hide and seek?

We are each other's LOVERS & BELOVEDz
Now there is no hiding behind LOVE veils

You sparkle me with your moon-shine
Now YOU hide behind clouds of LOVE-veil

Sometimes, I can only see silver-linings
Let me see YOUR full LOVE moon bright

After lighting my SOUL with your LOVE
why you are wearing this LOVE-veil?

Is it shyness or fear of the world
That you are imprisoned behind this veil?

Do not hide the beauty of your SOUL
Behind the fortress of life's work

It is not enough to watch me from
Behind your LOVE - veil
Be fearless and FREE
Let LOVE flow without your LIFE's veil

Come forth to my eyes my BELOVEDz
By lifting my LOVE-veil from your heart
Now, let your SOUL illuminate my being

But for God/dess's sake
Do not lift your LOVE-veil
In front of the moon and stars
Otherwise seeing your beauty
They will die with jealousy & envy

So wait for my salute & surrender
Before you lift your LOVE-veil

Till then let our LOVE be a secret
Under your mystical LOVE - veil

And when you will lift your LOVE-veil
We will ask each other's eyes the secrets
And mysteries of OUR ONE-SOUL

But we won't reveal our
Pain and sufferings
To the people of the world

Let us wait for opportune time
Before we will reveal our

Till then - behind the LOVE veil
Let our hearts burn with desires
Don't let the world see our tears
Let us not complain about pains of longing

Let us not
Reveal the name of BELOVEDz / LOVERz
And betray the Nature's LAW of LOVE

Let us remain
DOGS of loyalty in LOVE

1.0k · Sep 2018

Beyond the time we are born
After the time we will die
You and I have something
A bond, a connection

Otherwise why so much of
LOVE attachment
Otherwise why our hearts
Long each other's beats

Whether we know this or not
Whether we agree with this or not
Whether we believe in it or not

You and I have something
A bond, a connection
Otherwise why so much of
LOVE attachment

Till we met each other
The life was a foggy mist
Hazy, smoked and dimmed
Everywhere we go,
We meet the fake faces
Wearing smile masks
We huff and puff and ask
"Where can we go now?"


Then we met each other
On an fateful turn of life
As total strangers
Unknown to LOVE's plans

"Why is it that without our permission
Our hearts exchanged LOVE-light vibes?"

"Oh, have we met before?"

Seeing you, feeling you, realizing YOU
I felt -
Beyond the time we are born
After the time we will die
You and I have something
A bond, a connection
Otherwise why so much of
LOVE attachment

YOU live for my smile
I live for your happiness
We must have surely crossed
LOVE paths before this birth
I remember memories of
Dancing together before...
Swaying in LOVE breeze
In night's embraces

Let us NOT miss this moment of LOVE
Let us not get separated from each other
Let us fight everyone and everything
Who are against our LOVE

Let us PROMISE each other
We will remain in this
Entanglement of LOVE forever
For this life-time at least

Beyond the time we are born
After the time we will die
You and I have something
A bond, a connection
Otherwise why so much of
LOVE attachment

1.0k · Dec 2018
JOKERz - So be it..!

When I remember YOU
I recite a song
I write a poem
I pen down lyrics
I pour out quotes
I dance my heart out
In my LOVE of YOU

Seeing myself doing
All sort of antics in LOVE
With tears in my eyes
I too laughed at myself

That is the fate of a LOVERz
My tears are bringing
Happiness on people's faces
So be it...!


Only when the sun blazes
Evaporating moisture from earth
For the dark clouds to form

Only when the clouds rain
The earth is soaked in tears
Those tears nourish the
Bud to become flower of LOVE
And the world smiles

That is the fate of a LOVERz
My tears are bringing
Happiness on people's faces
So be it


When bird of LOVE came
And sat on my heart's branch
We were "wings in flight"
But when the bird flew away
My leaves & fruits withered

It was destined - without our knowledged
We exchanged a SOUL-LOVE-connect
And nourished the
Dream of LOVE for my BELOVEDz

That is the fate of a LOVERz
My tears are bringing
Happiness on people's faces
So be it


I hold salt of LOVE in my hand
While standing in lashing rain

I try to grab the golden dust
When there is a strong blizzard

I flowed with the mountain spring
Galloping down the gushing stream
Towards my BELOVEDz ocean
Without realizing that
Humans have built dams all along
To stagnate my LOVE desires

It was then I realized
These are mere "TESTS" of being a LOVERz

Those who see me and
See my LOVE hopes -

That is the fate of a LOVERz
My tears are bringing
Happiness on people's faces
So be it


I kept on building sand castles
Near the oceanic waves
Near my BELOVEDz home

I tried building a palace
With a pack of cards
When the gush of wind was strong

I keep planting the seeds of LOVE
Knowing my prayers are yielding fruits
Those fruits are plucked, sold and
Eaten in the world markets
As materialistic goods

That is the fate of a LOVERz
My tears are bringing
Happiness on people's faces
So be it


I am still busy cleaning
My birth's "conditioning"
On the path of my life

Hoping that,
One day my BELOVEDZ will
Walk on the same path
That I beautifully decorated for her

She will appreciate my devotion
And my unconditional LOVE
While I will stand waiting
Wagging my tail...

That is the fate of a LOVERz
My tears are bringing
Happiness on people's faces
So be it


The world likes my LOVE play
And keeps on laughing at my antics

That is the fate of a LOVERz
My tears are bringing
Happiness and smile on people's faces
So be it

LOVERZ end up
Making a JOKE of themselves
So be it..

You are YOU
It be not because I think of you
That is why you are the best
It is because you are the BEST
That is why I think of you

And it is because you are the BEST-EST
That is why I LOVE you

I'm proud of your success
Your success is my success

Our Relationship is
Support plus inter-exchangeable
Celebration, Delighting
In what you choose to do
Thoughtfulness towards your work
Honor and dignity towards each other
Making mutual choices of
What you really want
I am Subservient
Nothing bad when you are my leader
Losing power is the key for me

Losing masculinity & femininity, gender roles
Adds that respect and
Develops material & Paternal feelings
For each other's needs

I ask:
Does your privilege position
Maintain our relationship?
Absolutely NOT!

We value professional and
Personal submission to each other

We have decided to throw out
Defining labels, being judgmental
of any type towards each other
We accept each other as we are

With existing self-contentedness,
Self-egoism in individuals and society
Such relationship Wont survive selfishness

Respect, trust, communication
Drives our relationship
We invest in future together
NO NO to money when in
Comes to our relationship

Our last words:
Keep up with LOVE
Interdependence, Equality,
Fulfill LOVE
Ode to #100women #100womendebate @LucyHockingsBBC @BBCWorld on Relationships debate on BBC dated 1 December 2015 16:30 hours (GMT)
999 · Jul 2016

My beloved
The only One I LOVE
My epitome of divine
My embodiment of heaven
For me: You are omnipresent
Truly Truly Truly
"So be it"

My Beloved
At your altar
Humbly I surrender my LOVE
May I, may my LOVE
Forever remain in YOU
Your heart and soul

My Beloved
You are my archetype of
You give me strength
To continue LOVING YOU
With the same zeal & passion
Give me Compassion
On my eternal LOVE for YOU

Truly Truly Truly
"So be it"

Inspired by Sufi tradition of LOVE

998 · May 2019
Blanche Monnier

The Tragic True LOVE Story of Blanche Monnier

Just for falling in LOVE
With a commoner
Blanche Monnier was kept in attic
For 25 years
Blanche's True LOVE survived

The year was 1876

In midst of the Third Republic period in France
When the historical power struggle of royalist ******* and republican radicals were discussed in bourgeois socialites
That's the time when
In a small place called Poitiers
Four hours away from Paris
There lived:
Madam Louise Monnier
Wealthy and prominent
Member of CLASS society
Known in Parisian high society
For their charitable works
Who had received many community awards too

With her son
Marcel Monnier
A brilliant student
And a prominent lawyer
Well respected in Paris

And her daughter
(Marcel's sister)
Twenty Five years old
Beautiful beyond words
Very gentle and good natured
A young socialite in rich circles

Lived happily in their
Monnier Estate

It was during this time
Blanche fell in LOVE with a suitor
Let us call him
Who lived in her neighborhood
Sadly he was not young
Nor was he from rich aristocrat family
He was elderly man,
Basically a commoner
And an unsuccessful penniless lawyer

Madam Louise Monnier - disapproved
Of such alliances for her daughter Blanche and
Insisted Blanche to marry a more suitable man
Of her own age, class and status

But in passion of her LOVE -
Blanche profusely disagreed
And Madame Monnier got angry
They quarreled and argued
One day Madame Monnier locked Blanche
In a dungeon attic ordering
"Until you would agree - you are imprisoned"

Years passed
But Blanche was stubborn
So much in deep LOVE with James
She did not relent to her Mother's wishes

So the story goes....
Nine years passed

On this side James - Blanche's suitor
The beau too died in 1885

It is said that
Blanche's brother Marcel apposed his mother
To at least set Blanche FREE now
But Madam Louise Monnier had absolute
Stronghold and control over the family
Thus Marcel aboded to his mother's decree
And Blanche was kept locked still after

In the eyes of society
Beautiful young Blanche had simply disappeared
Without a clue

Madame Monnier and Marcel mourned
In front of everyone
Stating Blanche ran away
And continued to live their lives
As normal as those rich aristocrat families live

No one gave much thought to this
Everyone went about their life
As if nothing had happened

With time - they say
Blanche was forgotten
From everyone's memory

For over 25 years,
Blanche remained in a attic dungeon
Tied to her bed
Waiting for her LOVE
But her mother Madam Louise,
And her brother Marcel
With their two servants
No one helped her to be FREE

Blanched was chained in a dark attic room
She was accompanied by rats and lice
Day after day
Living in dirt and darkness
Alone, isolated, in solitude
Blanche became insane
Drown in her own tears and
In company of
Rats, bugs and pests...
And rotten odor

Rumors say that it was one of the female servants
Who slipped the secret of
Monnier Estate's beautiful daughter Blanche
To her boyfriend
Who immediately wrote a letter to
The Attorney General

In 1901,
Attorney General of Paris
Received an anonymous note
Handwritten and unsigned

The content were disturbing
And The Attorney General
Sent his police team to investigate
The Police arrived to search Monnier Estate

At first,
Police couldn't find anything unusual
Until they came across strange odor
Coming from upper floors

When the Police went upstairs
Madam Louise Monnier sat
On the ground floor living hall
Calmly reading a book

When the Police approached
The attic room
From where the odor was coming
They saw that the room was padlocked

Realizing something amiss
Police smashed the lock and
Broke open the room

The horrors lay within

A pitch dark room
With only one window
Shut closed with black curtains

The stench of room was so over whelming
That immediately the window was broke open

With the light coming in
The police realized that the bad odor
Was because of rotting food
That littered all over the floor

And in a corner - there was a bed
Where an emaciated women was chained

She was our Blanche Monnier
Fifty years old now
Tied to the bed
It was over two decades
She had not even seen the sun
And she had lived
In her own excrements

That beauty of youth
That youthful LOVELY being
A divine, kind, pure hearted girl
Did not even resembled like a human

She was naked
Chained like animals to the bed
Lying on a straw mattress

She was completely
Frightened and delirious

She weighed just 50 pounds (22 kilograms)

Police covered Blanche in a white sheet
And took her to the hospital
Madam Louise Monnier - and Marcel were arrested
For this atrocious inhumane crime
Of imprisoning and treating Blanche
So badly
For what? -
for a natural act of LOVING

"We can not even comprehend
What a LOVER goes through
When subjected to such punishments"

Blanche was horrendously malnourished
In hospital she was lucid to be rescued and freed
She exclaimed...
"How lovely it is to breathe the fresh air"

When she was informed about James
She could not even remember
The reason for her current state -
Was "LOVE"
Her eyes were hollow, her face was blank

There was public out-cry all over France
It was loud and clear
Public out-raged was brimming
They wanted the mother and brother punished

And Madam Louise Monnier -
Who was seventy years old then
suffering from heart disease
Could not take the shock
Of such societal backlash
For the horrible crime she committed

It is accounted that
Madam Louise Monnier
Died in police custody
15 days after Blanche's rescue
Police say -
Probably of a heart attack

Brother Marcel was imprisoned for 15 months
He confessed of
Not being directly part of the crime
But just acting under pressure of his mother

The whole blame was put on Madam Louise Monnier
Brother Marcel was considered only an accomplice
And thus when Marcel pleaded innocent and sought pardon
He was acquitted and set FREE
Such were the laws of those days

Our LOVER - Blanche Monnier
Had suffered greatly
The mental trauma
Of LOVE longing had
Lasting psychological damage

There after
Blanche lived in a French Sanitarium
Till she died in 1913
Twelve year after she was liberated

People say - that at times
The nursing staff used to hear Blanche
Sing the songs of LOVE

And they used to see Blanche
Talking LOVINGLY with a non-existing person
Most probably that person was "James"
The man she LOVED more than her life

Thus is remembered
The story of Blanche's LOVE

She suffered but never relented
To her mother's wishes
"To forget her LOVER James"

It was impossible to survive for 25 years
Without proper food, light, sun, or any human company
In that tiny dark dungeon attic
But Blanche did miraculously survive
With the hope that one day
She will be FREE
She will meet James
And she will LOVE James
And she will say to James
"My Jamie, see I did truly LOVE YOU"

That's the power of TRUE LOVE
This is a TRUE STORY
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