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How you entered my heart?
When did you become my soul?
Secretly Stealthily
You became my breathe of life

You made abode
Within the city of my blood streams
Lighting my empty streets of veins
Driving your passion in my arteries
Into the warm cozy nights of LOVE

So do not be so stubborn now
Let our relationship flourish
Bud, bloom and blossom
The Flowers of LOVE

Don't blame me for my LOVE
It was your LOVE I hold in me
Now leave my hand
And let me go
I've already left
My heart and soul in YOU
Take care of my LOVE
I've left within YOU

Oh, I fall on my knees
when you utter such truths
Of our true LOVE
This style of yours
And still walk away from me
Makes me crazy in your LOVE

Why is it that I've not -
How is it that I've not -
Seen a single LOVERz like you
You are my first true LOVERz
So promise that
YOU won't leave me ever

If that is so
Do not miss this
Moment of our LOVE
Come and engulf me
With your warm hugs
Let me taste your lips
Just for a little while

I show you a little LOVE and
YOU want it all at one go
I am so much bothered by YOU
How will I resist your LOVE?

If that is the case
I promise YOU
I will never be anyone's else
I will long, wait in sadness for YOU

Please don't say such things
I can't see you sad in my LOVE
No one LOVEz me like you do
I want to see you happy in my LOVE

In your blessing of LOVE
I'm already my Princess' prince
I'm already my Queen's king
There are thousands
But YOU are my only LOVERz
There are millions
But you are my only BELOVEDz

Don't show so much of LOVE
And punish me more by your LOVE
You don't know, what I go through
In longing wait for YOU

If that is the case
Secretly stealthily
Enter my heart
Become my soul
Be the breathe of my life

Nov 9 · 196


I too am not able to
Give answers to myself
Your LOVE left so many
Unanswered questions in me


I am on that path of LOVE
I do not walk - yet I do not stop
I carry the sins of the world on me
My LOVE carries all the evils
Of the world in me


I play with the fire of LOVE
When they will carry my LOVE-body
All the human rights & justice
Will be burned in a street protest
All goodness will be smoked to death


My BELOVEDz lives in me such that
The way the air slips under my heart
And breathes life into my LOVE


My desire is that
Because of my LOVE
YOU fall in LOVE at least once
With someone...
To know - my LOVE !


Sell our lives
We are poor of life -
But rich with LOVE


Remember that
The times keeps on
Re-telling the legend of
Epic LOVE stories
Through our LOVE


No one listened to
The stories of our LOVE
Our stories were like dark nights
When the whole world is asleep
Only your moon glitteres
And my stars twinkles


I became bad -
In the eyes of the world
At last, at least -
In your eyes
YOU became my reason
To become good in your LOVE


If you want to seek
The purpose of life
If you want to seek LOVE
I stand as your gate
Why did you stop...?
Your seeking awaits you
Beyond my gate of LOVE
Will you not cross over?
Will you not pass
The gate of my LOVE?


Because I felt your LOVE
Because I feel your LOVE
I re-assure everyone of LOVE
So what if we are not together
Our LOVE is alive, so am I...
YOU make people believe
Through me and YOU that
LOVE is alive and kicking..!

Part C - 22-33 our of 33

Bonus 34
Desirez of your LOVE
Did not leave me
Even with your NO presence
This lessons, this learning
This teaching, this knowledge
Can't be gained without LOVE
Nov 8 · 173


I am living without a reason
I've not yet justified
The happening of our LOVE
Nor to you, nor to the world
Not even to my own self


In the darkness of your well
There is a heaven I find
In your cosmic womb I live
And all my bad deed dies

Your well water cleanzes me
I become a good human being
By being in LOVE with YOU


Why I should do less "the evils" of LOVE?
Why I should do less "the sins" of LOVE?
Your punishment is so compassionate
That I keep falling in LOVE with YOU
All over again, all over again...


What is going to happen now ?
I do not know
What is going to happen in future?
I do not know
My heart fills an ocean full of tears
I do know
What is going to happen in our LOVE


The one who blessed your LOVE
The one who blessed my LOVE
The one who blessed our LOVE
Did you hear that?
With our separation
That angel of LOVE died
Let us LOVE and revive LOVE
Back to life from the dead
"For our LOVE"


What torture is this?
Your eyes are witnessing me
A blessing is that
Your witnessing is flowering our LOVE


The cure is that
They become helplessly hopeless
Anyways - otherwise...
They do not obey or listen to anyone
In their moods of LOVE


There are still two people on this earth
Who believe in LOVE,

Can someone go and ****
These last species of
They are still alive to save the world..!


If I do not become YOU
If YOU do not become me
We will cry to death of being ourselves
So boring these cries would be..
Instead let us be one-another...!


Every eye is dead
Every gaze is dead
Everyone is complaining of reality that
Life has pricked the desirez of LOVE
Let two LOVERz glance at each other
And save this humanity from life


Of whom YOU will be scared of now?
To whom YOU will threaten of LOVING?
That age of our LOVE is here
We are alive - our age has not yet passed

Part B: 11 - 22 of 33
Nov 7 · 174


Whoever I see, is gone somewhere
Away from one's own self
Seeking someone outside
To seek one's inner LOVE
Where one finds one's BELOVEDz
I found YOU... my LOVERz


I search of you in me
You destroyed my EGO completely
Here I stand bare,
In front of YOU
Loving YOU, exposed, naked


You searched for me
I searched for YOU
Where are we looking?
Here and There...
Why are we  not looking
In each other's eyes?


Oh your eyes...! Your eyes...!
I came to tell you something
I came to work and make a living
And seeing those deep oceanic eyes
Fell in LOVE with your soul


It is my advise not a request
Do not ever go away from me
You won't find LOVE like mine
Anytime, anywhere, anyhow...


Now no need to fear
No need to be scared of LOVE
Yet everyone is seeking LOVE
And everyone is fearing LOVE too
No need to... No need to...


Desirze of LOVERz
Scares BELOVEDZ and
That is what made life
Dull and dry - a bore...


Why should anyone praise my way of LOVING?
I am just begging to live a life
To take a single breathe of LOVE in me


Where should I go and breathe?
Everywhere there is your wild-fire
Within and outside me
Where should I go and breathe?


Everyone is tired of life
A planned life with purpose
Will give no purpose
No other way to look...
So let LOVE be the purpose


Remove my thoughts of LOVE
From the sleepless nights
That haunts your moon-light
I've not remained your LOVERz anymore
Because all my LOVE - I poured into YOU
I am without LOVE now
I am YOU

Part A - 1-11 out of 33
Nov 2 · 195
Angel of LOVEliness

A FREE spirit bird
Soars wings in flight
Heart as soft was steel
Wisdom bigger than intelligence
Seen through her lovely eyes
Flowers grow on her radiant face
No wonder the honey bees flutter
Her being is a garden burgeoning
Her smiles as fresh as rain
Her laughter flowing as early spring
Her eyes - the cosmic gaze
Her hair - the blue violet nests
Her breathe - like tulips and roses
She walks and comes like an autumn
That makes everyone fall for her
Fruits grow over her
Ripens redz in LOVERz shade
Pomegranate juice, chin apples
How round and sweet her *******
Riches, fame, desires shower on her
Her purity is wealthy royal treasury
Her skin is silk
Her pores essence is scent
Her body is gold-dust curves
Her ruby lips
Her pearly teeth
I always say to her
YOU are God/dess/ Nature's
'Over indulgence"
It is all about celestial LOVE
Her existence evokes paradise sweet
Her walks everyone sway in red wine
Her lips honey, her breathe musk
She is all divine, from head to toe
Don't be surprised - if intelligence
Missed the mark for wisdom...!
Even her touch steals spring's heart
Many have sighed and died though
Just by the gaze of her LOVE
Her face like sun & shine
Her eyes like moon & light
Does she know the sorcery of LOVE
Her lips pink, cheeks red roes
Her eyebrows - black and dark nights
Her glow of eye - burn many hearts afire
To me the curls of her hair
Look like dark clouds
Oh... her hand, fingers - reeds of ivory
Her nails shining golden filberts
Her neck - like an aware cautious deer
Flows of the conflagration of her bosoms
Her back as shining as surface of Mars
She donates inward strength to LOVERz
To play the mischievous subtle
Her being plunders hearts and soul
She profits through the trade of LOVE
There is no one like her in this world
The beauty of heavens on our earth
She is an Angel of LOVEliness


Let us open up to
Fulfill the promise
We made to each other
What do you say my BELOVEDz?
What is your wish my LOVERz?

Never again in life
Such occasion of LOVE happens
Come in my arms,
Don't be shy my LOVE
Come within me
Hug me to death

I've lost my way of life
Let me find a direction
I'm not dressed for
The honey-moon night
Let me come prepared
For your LOVE night
Please let me go

You did what you wanted with me
With every passing moment and day
YOU made me LOVE YOU more & more
All your dreamZ of finding
True LOVER ended with my LOVEz
Now let me show you my LOVE desireZ
Drown my passions
In your volcanic being
Let my fire extinguish
In your cool waters

Leave me, don't hold my hand
Just see - the way I'm in a mess
My heart is beating fast
I am feeling scared of LOVE
I am feeling cold with sweat

Oh.. come on dear
In no time,
I'll make you warm
With the fire of my LOVE
My kisses on your eyes
Will bring clarity to your SOUL
My touch will remove all the shyness
That clouds over your heart

See, with your LOVE words
Now I lost the key to
The door to my core
So let me go to fetch them first

Just come on dear
Don't find reasons to delay our UNION
Let us lock ourselves alone
Don't play such tricks with me
I am burning under your passionate deZiRe

Just for a moment
Let me go and come prepared
For the LOVE night
YOU know baby - I am yours
I'm not going to leave you any more
I will be back my LOVE
To spend many nights
Of LOVEz with YOU

I believe YOU my LOVEz
I will only do what you say
I will follow your advise
I will only talk your words
I will only act your will

If I say - day is night
Will YOU say so?

I will.. I will...

If I say - LOVE me forever, eternally
Will YOU say so?

I will.. I will...

If you say so...
I will show you a LOVE night
Right now in this day light

I will show YOU
The light within my core
Will you light my dark core?
I will show you LOVE stars
In the cosmos of my hidden darkness

I'm only born to LOVE YOU
Since our LOVE happened
I've only LOVEDz YOU

After showing me so much LOVE
If you go away now
I will die in your longing

Just for a second now
Let me go for a while
I will be back immediately

Both of us are excited and
Full of passionZ and desiReZ
When we will get such LOVE moment again?
What else you want to do now?

Let us open up to
Fulfill the promise
We made to each other
Let us LOVE
Let us make LOVE

Never again in life
Such occasion of LOVE happens
Come in my arms,
Don't be shy my LOVE
Come within me
Hug me to death

Radha repeats Krishna'z LOVE plea

Oh my LOVERz
Till your breathe resides in my being
Let me donate every blessing of LOVE
That's the sacrificial cry of

Let this NOT be here
Let that NOT be there
Let this galaxy dissolve in the SUN
Or that cosmos get ****** in the Black Hole

Let this BLISS remain in YOU
Till YOU are alive
Let my LOVE be your pride
Within your heart,'z core

Oh the beauty of my eyes
Take away my name as YOURz
Also take away...
Every bit of happiness from me
Who cares for this or that?
Let me be the slave of my BELOVEDz
That's the gift of YOUR feet
I accept in LOVE

Nature needs this courtesy from LOVERz
To give away everything in the name of BELOVEDz

No other birds of EGO can ever stay
On the branch of our LOVE,
Where the flowers of
BELOVEDz - LOVERz have bloomed

My BELOVEDz knows
That there is no limit
To my nature of LOVING
And thus there is no limit
To the compassion of LOVE
Of my BELOVEDz on me

When humans have not understood LOVE
What is the use of understanding life?
That is why there is no denial
In the devotion of a

To get away from the longing and pain of LOVE
I seek the hunger of healing from my BELOVEDz

So do not get sad or depressed my LOVERz
The illumination of LOVE will
Stir the BELOVEDz to shine on YOU

In the cyclone of life- living, work-working
The ship of LOVE will never sink
Because the eyes of my BELOVEDz
Sails the LOVERz to the shores

When BELOVEDz is the eye of the storm
Then the shores are seen
Within the whirlpool eyes of cyclones

LOVERz protector is BELOVEDz
The one who LOVEZ me like no one does
Why then this devotees of LOVE
Are worried of being without support

Oh.. believers of LOVE
If you see my BELOVEDz LOVE
You won't believe my fortune
Those eyes reflect the ocean
And on my BElOVEDz face you can
Read all the holy scriptures

Those scented hair
That twinkly eyes
That God/dessly face
That golden skin attire
There are so many symbols of
LOVE hiding within my BELOVEDz

YOU can read the Buddha
In the soul of my BELOVEDz
You can meditate and
Enlighten yourself in LOVE

When the sinners of life
Will be scared of falling in LOVE
Then my BELOVED will evoke
LOVE spirits in their soul

Just give a glance of LOVE
Even the God will wake up
To beg for her LOVE

With every style
Took away thousands of lives

My heart stopped beating
Your eyes took away my life

Even when you came covering yourself
With the attire of life
A LOVERz recognized the BELOVEDz
With the scent of inner being

When a LOVERz saw,
The BELOVEDz realized
Both carry the same LOVE &
The same soul within
Now tell me - why I won't call
My God, my Goddess my LOVEz?

Even with the mask of life on
A LOVERz recognized the BELOVEDz
Through the fragrance of LOVE

You are the ultimate glory of beauty
You are the infinite valley of passions
You are my soul of consciousness
My source of compassion

No one can hide our LOVE now
I'm your devotee and
I'm your worshiper too
I am your BELOVEDz and
You are my Nature too

Since YOUR LOVE happened
I do not believe in the masks
I looked within the soul
And found your LOVE in me

Every pore of your skin
Resounds the vibration of my LOVE
You need not hide my LOVE cry
That reflects from your skin

The sadness of a LOVERz will disappear
With time it will be happiness
In the heart and soul of my BELOVEDz

Soon my BELOVEDz will call me
To sit below / between  her feet
To watch that light in full radiance

A LOVERz never worries about the ashes
That covers our life & body
Because just a spark of ember
That enlightens BELOVEDz soul

When the BELOVEDz will come
And meet the LOVERz
That day on-wards
Layla, Romeo, Majnu and Zuliet
Will celebrate Eid and Christmas
For the LOVE times to come

Oct 18 · 252
RomanceZ in the Bronx

It was Bronx
The most controversial borough of New York
Notorious gangs
Bowery Boys and Dead Rabbits
Fought their battles daily

John lead the Dead Rabbits gang
John's cousin brother's 18 year old son Rock
Fell in LOVE with
The 17 year old daughter Zane of Bill Poole's
Bowery Boys Gang Member

Rock and Zane
met as rivals, fell in LOVE within 4 days
of meeting each other..

This ballad presents their secret LOVE hidden
behind their false exterior animosity


ROCK: (to Zane)
I drink LOVE
I drank nectar of Venus
From your gorgeous eyes
Don't make me drink more now
I'll fall right in your feet of LOVE

I am your enemy - The Bowery Boys
Your LOVE eyes turns me into an infidel

(Looks at Rock with a smirky smile)

Oh NO! I told the truth
I broke the law of my gang
I will be now sacrificed by Dead Rabbit Gang
For the dis-loyalty to his gang ethics

(Sarcastically laughs out loud, and starts
walking away from ROCK)

You walk away as if You've shot me dead
If I fall dead in your LOVE
I know, YOU too will lose your life
because YOU carry the LOVE in your heart for me
You won't be able to live without me

Get out of my way
Otherwise my boss Bill
Will shoot you dead

I'm not that type
I'm not one of those kind
That will be scared of Bill
I'm in LOVE & I'm not scared
I will not run away from YOUR LOVE
No one should come in my way of LOVE
Zane, I will embrace you with my whole heart

(joins the song with a smile)
I too am not kindda of girls you meet
I'll not feel shy, and coy
I won't submit to your LOVE
And curl within your arms
I myself will take a knife
And cut you into pieces
If I can't **** you with my own hands
I will cut myself to death

Z, In the hurricane of my LOVE
Your fake anger will blow away
Like a thin small twig of grass

R, Before your breathe touches my skin
You'll be fallen under my feet
Kneeling and broken into pieces

Z, If that is the case
You take my knife
I surrender to YOU now
I'm ready to sacrifice my head
In the path of your LOVE

Oh.. I do not like such emotional blackmail
You call yourself my LOVERz
You are not even my friend
Today I will decide
Here and NOW
Whether you'll be alive to LOVE me
OR I will die in your LOVE

YOU need not cut me into pieces
If you look at me
Once with the LOVE in your heart
I will die in front of YOU

R, Who are you by the way?
YOU are my enemy
The member of the Dead Rabbit gang
Who am I to YOU?
I am your enemy
The member of the Bowery Boys Gang

So let me tell you this
We can't LOVE each other
One does not LOVE arch rivals & enemies

Z, It is YOU who shot me
With your LOVELY gaze
Let me tell you this...
YOU can only **** a person
with a two barrel pistol
Not with your two oceanic eyes

I'm not a fire-fly you think I am
But I'm a deadly ILLUMINATING lightning
That will convert YOU into ash
Even if my breathe crosses path
With your breathe
YOU will fall down unconscious
Under the spell of my LOVE

At that time
And puts his lips on hers
They kiss each other passionately
They breathe within each other
They swirl into each other's arms

And we hear a CHORUS behind:

"They are not the kind of people
Who are scared of being born as enemies
They are not the type of people
Who will run away from FALLING IN LOVE
Now, no one should come on their way
As they have FALLEN IN LOVE
They became ONE"

The lights in the silent night alleys of BRONX
Lit up and the members of two rival gangs
The Bowery Boys and The Dead Rabbits
Choreographically fight with each other
Surrounding ROCK and JANE
Who are dancing in the center
Kissing each other in LOVE embrace

It is in my fall is your rise
It is in my dark is your light
It is in my lows is your high
It is in my small is your BIG
It is in my loss is your gain
It is in my night is your day
It is in my humiliation is your appreciation
It is in my descent is your rise
It is in my poverty is your wealth
It is in my begging is your charity
It is in my moon is your sun
It is in my clouds is your rain
It is in my internal is your eternal
It is in my stagnation is your flow
It is in my desert is your ocean
It is in my decrease is your increase
It is in my small is your large
It is in my hungry is your eating
It is in my cry is your laughter
It is in my absent is your presence
It is in my sleep is your dreamZ
It is in my heat is your cool
It is in my fire is your water
It is in my dusk is your dawn
It is in my blame is your forgiveness
It is in my sufferings is your help
It is in my last is your first
It is in my few is your many
It is in my slow is your fast
It is in my vulnerability is your empowerment
It is in my victim-hood is your assertiveness
It is in my earth is your sky
it is in my idiocy is your smartness
It is in my minus is your plus
It is in my foolishness is your cleverness
It is in my heart is your mind
It is in my despair is your hope
It is in my evening is your morning
It is in my end is your beginning
It is in my shrinkage is your expanse
It is in my silence is your talks
It is in my prisons is your freedom
It is in my solitude is your wander
It is in my unknown is your famous
It is in my sinking is your floating
It is in my ignorance is your education
It is in my demotion is your promotion
It is in my trivial is your importance
It is in my injustice is your justice
It is in my indignity is your human rights
It is in my leaving is my staying
It is in my being lonely is your friendships
It is in my sadness is your merry
It is in my dive is your soar
It is in my crawl is your flight
In is in my valley is your mountains
It is in my exploitation is your sustainability
It is in my rebel is your loyal duty
It is in my defeat is your success
It is in my scarce is your abundance
It is in my failure is your achievement
It is in my rejection is your acceptance
It is in my dislike - there is your adoration
It is in my retreat is your advancement
It is in my "against" the world is your "for" the world
It is in my dead is your alive
It is in my NO ONE is your everyone
It is my amateurishness is your professionalism
It is in my leaving is your arrival
It is in my slumber is your awakening
It is in my ugliness is your beauty
It is in my end is your beginning
It is in my end-note is your prelude
It is in my worst is your BEST
It is in my death is your birth
It is in my bitter is your sweet
It is in my blame is your praise
It is in cursing me is your blessing

It is in my timidness is your bold
It is in my being weak is your strength
It is my being at bottom is your being at top
It is in my idleness is your busyness
It is in my tears is your smiles
It is in my captivity is your LIBERTY
It is in my sad is your cheer
It is in my child is your adulthood
It is in my innocence is your maturity
It is in my adolescent is your aging
It is in my gulp of helplessness is your courage
It is in my spark is your lightning
It is in my destruction is your creativity

And over and above all what is said and written
It is LOVEz understanding and realization of YOURS
That WE are two bodies and ONE SOUL
OUR togetherness makes us YIN-YANG
It is in my veins is your blood
It is in my pulse is your breathe
It is in my womb is your cosmos
It is in my heart is your soul
It is in my LOVING you is YOU LOVING yourself
It is in my LOVERz is your BELOVEDz
It is in ME is YOU is me

Oct 4 · 455
Glance of YOUR LOVE

I was sitting as a bride
I was waiting for my groom
I was wearing my bridal dress
I was adorn with gold jewelry
I was about to venture
Into the brand new world of
Bride and Groom- and honeymoon
Excited, fantasizing, eager...

And there YOU come
And our LOVE happens...

You took away my heart
With just a little glance of your LOVE
Just when I was about to get married

I left the ceremony
And was ready to run away with you
Thanks to your little glint glance

I broke all the traditions
I broke the glass bangles
The removed the red "tilak"
I pulled away the marigold garland
Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE
When I felt your LOVE within me

I disobeyed my family,
I argued with my friends
I resigned from my job
I fought with my inner demons
I made enemy of my intelligence
YES, thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

Since I could not be with YOU...
I wore a black dress, alternatively with white,
People thought I was your widow now
I stopped eating and went on fasting
I walked a 1000 miles to be with you
Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I walked away from life
I stayed awake at nights
I dreamed during day time
I climbed the Himalayas
I drowned within the Pacific
I burned myself in Sahara
I froze in Arctic
And that's how I melt within YOU

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I lost sense of learning
I gave up my education
I donated my knowledge
I stopped reading books
I burned my school/ college certificates

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I held your hand without fear
I hugged you in front of our family
I kissed you in front of the world
Just to walk away with you
Desiring to live a moment of LOVE with you

Thanks to YOUR little glance of your LOVE

I gave up drugs, smoking, drinking
I gave up harm, hurt, hate
I gave up jealousy, envy and pride
I gave up wealth, money and power

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I gave up my life for YOU
I gave up my everything for you
I gave up my dreamz for you
I even gave up my desires for YOU
That's how... - thus I became YOU

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I live for you and I die for you
I breathe my last for you
I feel you in my bone marrow
YOUR love moves my nerves
YOU run as blood in my veins

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I became young in your LOVE
I became old in your wait
I became alone without YOU
I became wise with your wisdom
I became mad in your longing
I went through so much pain of LOVE
By the way...
YOU kept on giving so much joys of LOVE too

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

YOU took away my name
YOU took away my identity
YOU took away my gender
YOU took away my self
YOU took away my EGO
YOU took away me from me

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

I slept on the pyre of fire
I jumped into the ocean of flames
Now I wear a new bridal dress for you
From a run-away-bride to

Thanks to a little glance of your LOVE

From the seeds of your sparkle
My world gets illuminated
From the seeds of your stars
My crescent moon sprouts

It is your fish like eyes
That swoons my moods

When YOU cried on the soft pillow
When I felt your raindrop tears
My heart soaked your LOVE within

When the flowers on your hair swayed
My heart beats skipped life moments

When your pulse cried for LOVE
My soul found a ground in your womb to play

When your eyes spoke
To the winds
The breeze traveled thousand miles
To convey the essence of your LOVE to me

Even the time tick of clocks asks
To the space around...
The reasons for your absence

Just like the first rain drops
Are soaked on the desert sand
Such ways - your LOVE drizzles on me
And enters my innocent heart

I may have felt LOVE earlier
But YOUR LOVE seems my first TRUE LOVE

All it has done now is
Completely filled my being
With your LOVE thoughts in me

It is thus that when
YOU and I last met
LOVE became our symbol of
Two bodies and one SOUL

Sep 11 · 227
@ your LOVEz Mercy

My BELOVEDz - YOU are naughty
Very flirtatious
A little risque I may say

In those times
What could I - your LOVERz do?

My eyes sees BELOVEDz in every thing
Everywhere, anywhere,
The places and people I see
Yet my BELOVEDz is not present
Physically in front of me
I do not know where and why
My BELOVEDz is hiding from me

Like a bird my BELOVEDz flies
From south to north
From west to east
Along with the clouds
The winds, rains and sunshine
But never comes to sit within my nest

In such times,
When YOU are so mischievous
What could I - your LOVERz do?

YOU are the only dreamZ of my life
YOU are my only desire
YOU are born of me so that
I can be born out of YOUR LOVEz

Whoever meets YOU
Feels your warm LOVE
Whoever sees YOU
Feels good about life
That our LOVE created
YOU are adored by all

The way you live
The way you work
The way you walk
The way you talk
Everyone wants to be with YOU
Your smiles & your eyes

You seem to be with everyone
But, YOU are not with me
My BELOVEDz - YOU are gamey
Now tell me,
What should I - your LOVERz do?

Come - leave your risque
Leave your mischieves
Leave your games
Come near me
Let me see you
Let me embrace YOU
Let me hide you in my heart
Put you against my breast
Let me show you my LOVE
And FREE you from life's prisons

Whatever you do in life
Life always pulls you away from LOVE
My LOVE will bring you back
To your inner self
The one you truly seek

My BELOVEDz - I know - within
YOU are very loving
But a little coquette I may say

In such times
Just tell me dear - BELOVEDz
What could I - your LOVERz do?
I am @ your LOVEz Mercy

Sep 4 · 287
The Only Truth

The only truth
Is your LOVE

The only truth of being born
I saw it in your eyes

You are my BELOVEDz
I knew with your LOVE

The whole world
Is a fake acquaintances
YOU are the only one
One of my true LOVERz

Every relationship bond is broken here
Every candle light extinguishes here

Yet in every color of my life
YOU accompany me
You are my life-long-partner
You are my LOVE-creator
You've given birth to me - my LOVE

In every season, in every hour
Any-time, & any reasons
YOU have taken time
To be always besides me

I'm always lost in YOUR thoughts
There's no one else for me to seek
Whether I'm awake or asleep
It is YOU, You, you, u -
Only "YOU" is there in me

When every moment,
The world thinks
That I'm destroying my life

But in every those moments
You have given
A new lease of life to me
You have given
Birth of your new LOVE in me

Life's happiness and sadness are just flows
LOVE's shore is what one seeks in BELOVEDz
My life's flow has found a shore in YOU

YOU are the charm of every soul
YOU are the angel of every heart
Everyone desirez you; everyone LOVEz you
But YOU are the only one who has
Provided me the heart beats to be alive

I've broken each brick of
The wall of thoughts of my mind
To build a statue of YOURS in my heart
So that we can find a heaven within our LOVE

The only truth
Is your LOVE
The only truth of being born
I saw it in your eyes

You are my BELOVEDz
I knew with your LOVE

Aug 27 · 302
Martyr's LOVE Cry

I promise on everything I LOVE
In your LOVE, I'm ready to die
I'll fight life at every longing
I'll sing your LOVE tunes every moment

It's our messenger of LOVE that proclaims
It is only worthy to live
If only one lives and dies for LOVE

With each progressive footsteps of yours
I will live a new life with my death
So that you can tread towards happiness

Everyone comes with something for you
I come with my LOVE
To gift my EGO "I" for YOU

Let people shower red rose flowers
On path of your success
I surrender my head on a plate
As a present of your achievements

Whatever name you call me as
Whatever name worlds teases me with
But my intense passion is to LOVE YOU
I will ignite the fire with LOVEz flame
YOU have blessed me to live

If any thing, if anyone
Tries to come on your way
With my prayers and devotion
I will stop them to protect YOU
From any adversary to come your way

I will remove all the traces of
Any misdoings from your way
That may be a reason for any hindrance
To your riding the path of glory

If you encounter a prison
If you bump into a wall
If you face the shackles
I will break them all for you
With the power of my LOVE

I've borne every agony on me
I've gone through every pain
I've embrace your sorrows
I've drank your sadness

Yet BELOVEDz I'm still not done
I know this is just the beginning
I'm prepared for bigger sufferings

Be aware that till I'm alive
I'll walk with the flag of your LOVE
Carrying your victory medals on my chest
I'll never stop LOVING YOU
Even if I've to suffer more
And in the process I'll die for you
I'm ever more ready for that too

I've tied the shroud on my head
I'll embrace miseries and plights
I'll hug humiliations & subjugation
I'll invite sacrifice and forfeit

I'll smile on this path of your LOVE
And show you - how much I LOVE YOU
So that when you see and feel
My sufferings and my slow death
You can TRUST me and my LOVE

So promise me that
You will never cry - my BELOVEDz
Promise me - YOU'll never be sad

YOU are my LOVERz - my BELOVEDz
In sufferings and death
My LOVE for you will live forever

It is for YOU - I became your LOVER
I've stopped existing
Since YOU became my LOVERz

Everyone rides the horse of life
Let the world see me as a LOVERz
Galloping riding the horse of death

We'll FREE each other with our LOVE

Such LOVE STORIES are rare
Created once in a millennium
Only with BELOVEDz like YOU
One gives birth to a LOVERz like me

Let the world raise
The benediction of our LOVE
While seeing our LOVE
Let the world learn to LOVE

Martyr's LOVE Cry
Aug 22 · 419
Black Dark Spot

Black and Dark are not necessary bad things
Many people associate negativity to it
All our African people are dark and black
Night is dark - and that is not bad too
Thinking, speaking, writing of Black, Dark, & Night
As negative, pessimistic and bad
Only shows our ignorance in how we all are
Brain-washed by those who think & believe
White and light is superior to every thing

Please remove this ignorance
While reading this poem
Where LOVE is hopefully represented
As a Black Dark spot on white light life

Black and Dark are as good as
Or even better than white and light
Here Black and Dark is used positively
Read it so that way


How can I remove
The Black spot of LOVE
From my life?

How can I hide
The Dark spot of LOVE
From my being?

How can I not find
A job that will give me work
A place to go and stay
A friend who would understand me
A family who would accept me
A BELOVEDz who will hold my hand

My life is considered useless
By everyone in this city
Because of this
Black Dark spot of LOVE
I carry around my heart's kitty

With such accusations
Falling on me from everywhere
How can I go in front
Of my BELOVEDz to
Show how much I LOVE her

I've forgotten everything in life
I'm lost everything in the process of
Adoring this...
Black and Dark spot of LOVE

People say I've gone mad & crazy
In seeking positivist within Black and Dark

How am I suppose to find
The ways of life again for
The journey to my BELOVEDz heart
On the dark night path  of fate?

This life without
A  Black Dark spot of LOVE
Was nothing but waste

Life was just a maze of chase
For greed, success, wealth & fame

Till my BELOVEDz painted my soul
Black Dark with her LOVE SOUL illuminate

Now how am I suppose to
Remove the Black Dark liquid of LOVE
That runs within my veins

And why should I?

When my Black Truth is
Much better than world's white lies

When my Dark LOVE is
Much better than world's light life

Black Dark Spot of LOVE
Is the only positive I carry

So why should I even try to
Remove the Black Dark spot of LOVE

My Black Dark Spot of LOVE is my only POSITIVE...!
Aug 19 · 246
Red White Black & Blue

The blood turned BLUE and
The heart enslaved the brain
The soul flew wings in flight

Who can now stop such LOVE?
Who can be that cruel on LOVE?

I let the blue bird fly
"Go, go away" I say
"Find a LOVER'z nest
Seek an abode there
Who LOVEz YOU back
Make yourself a witness to
Who ruleZ your heart next"

We put a rose on flowers
We inhale smokes of scent
Everyone wonders at reasons
For our inner happiness
But nobody knows
The way we loveRZ care

Since your LOVE flew
And made nest in me
It made the garden bloom
Red, white, black & blue

Our LOVE is intrinsic to
The work of ART we create
The world watches in wonder
The reasons of our gait
The clever brain is silent
Confused.. in a way...
It does not understand
OUR NON-rules of LOVE

That's how the brain learns
The mysteries of LOVE
Where dark is light
And black is white
And red is blue
Where the souls
Are happy to glue
Mind, body, heart, being
In consonance to LOVEz

Since then our journey began
With togetherness of our lives
It is our SECRET LOVE pact
To long for each other
In LOVERz-BELOVEDz paradise

So let me ask you:

Do you let your blood turn blue &
To let your LOVE fly without a clue?

Do you allow the flowers to bloom into
Red, White, Black and Blue?

Aug 13 · 237
Your Arrival - Knock!

My heart and soul
Burns under your fire
Does that inspire your desires?

When I walk on the mortal flames
Do you close your eyes
And feel LOVEz burning aspire?

You are my brown eyed BELOVEDz
Who sleeps below the dark shades

Each street haunts your holy feet
Each garden is Eden
Claiming calm retreat

When you're around
Nothing is impure
That's the time
The heavens descends to cure

Your voice is
Music of angel's voice
The herds and the birds
Sing your poise

Your time is of innocence and joy
Like a cupid of LOVE
Within the golden rings
Of evening skies

Your palm, toes, fingers and heels
Beam light from within
You are blessed with soft golden feet

You are the smoke
Risen from the cold
While I walk on dewy lawn
You fly across
The blue sky moon-light

There are glories beaming around
On your neck, face and brows
When the Laurels are crowned
On your high head browns

With smile on your face
You mount the chariot of LOVE

Thus fresh from the cloudy heavens
You arrive at my heart's gate

Knock... Knock...!
Aug 9 · 278
If I Could Be

If I could be your dress
You can wear me on you

If I could be your Jeans
You can pull me up your legs

If I could be your zip
You can zip me up every time
you wear your pant

If I could be your button
You can button and unbutton me
when you wish to wear me or take me off

If I could be your spoon
You can hold me in your fingers

If I could be your mouth-wash
You can put me in your mouth

If I could be your comb
You can part, tease, brush me on your hair

If I could be your shoes
You can wear me to protect your feet

If I could be your key-board
Your fingers can type on me

If I could be your mobile
You can put me to your ears
And your pocket and besides you
Where you sleep, sit, eat

If I could be your bed-sheet
You can always sleep on me

If I could be your blanket
You can always cover me on you

If I could be your shower
You can stand below my drizzle

If I could be your watch
You can always wear me on your wrist
And I can become your time

If I could be your pen
You can write through me every-time

If I could be your music
You can listen to me all the time

If I could be your glasses
You can wear me to see the world clearly

If I could be your medicine
You can swallow me to cure yourself

If I could be your prayers
YOU can be my God/dess

If I could be your oxygen
You can breathe me to stay alive

If I could be your sun, moon, clouds
YOU can be my Nature

If I could be your LOVE
You can LOVE me whenever you want

If I could be YOU
Then YOU can be me

If I could be the "one"
You're the one
You're all I ever want

A frolic buoyant poem
Aug 6 · 258
A Love Letter

Ranzjhana -
An ordinary boy
Was Zheer's friend
And in LOVE with Zheer
But Zheer did not know that

He wanted to let Zheer know
He LOVED her
So one day - he asked Zheer
To help him write a LOVE letter
In lyrical and poetic way
To the one - he LOVEz

Not knowing it was her that
Ranzjhana was referring to
Zheer sat besides him
And started jotting down
What Ranzjhana's told her

This is that: A LOVE Letter


Oh my Precious One
Oh my Princess of dreamZ
With lots of LOVE and affection

Um... I am your LOVERz
I write this letter

[Oh, Zheer, I am hopeless - am not I?
Should I say so fast I am your LOVERz?]

Oh, my apple of my eye
Oh my Angel of heart
I am your LOVERz

[smiles and laughs]

My Rose - Please when you read it
Read it as a lyrical song
Make up some music in your mind
Let it play in back ground around you

YOU are My Moonlight
I hope you are well there
I am doing okay here

When I think of you
Poetry flows out of me
Flowers grow in garden
Oasis flows in desert
The sun rises the horizon
The clouds shower rains
The bees buzz
The birds sings love songs

When your thought passes me
My heart fills up my soul
And stream out like a waterfall

When I anticipate to see you
Some words just flow out of me
That time I feel so good inside me

But when I sit down to write to you
I am unable to jot down a single word

That is so true, that is me
In such times -
I wait for you to write through me
Which you always do...

Whatever LOVE wounds and
LOVE injuries inflict me
Inside my longing heart
It leaves my broken heart -
Full of bleeding scars

But with just a memory of your
Eyes, smile and face
Everything gets healed by itself
I do not know what it is in YOU
Some kind of magic or it is a miracle

But every time death knocks at my door
You appear to chase it away from me

[Zheer,, Please write this down too...]

Whatever scars my heart can take it
Protects you from such similar sadness
Whenever I am in pain, grief and despair
Protects you from such similar sorrows

Because it is just LOVE
I yearn for you day and night
Without expressing my LOVE for YOU
I feel like sobbing and crying

But I do not cry
My tears dry before they trickle out
Because I think - If I cry
YOU will feel sad
So when I think of that...

[Oh... stop..!]

It is difficult for humans to understand
Is not what mortals are made of
Our LOVE is beyond that....
So infinite, so unconditional
Is far more than words can define

You are my soothing "God/dess"
If I call you Ram
Will you understand my LOVE?
If I call you Allah
Will you understand my LOVE?
If I call you Jesus
Will you understand my LOVE?

Now, do you understand
How much I LOVE YOU..?.



[Ranzjhana smiles and looks at Zheer
"Please read out what you wrote for me..!"
Zheer replies:
"Oh Ranzjhana -
I hope there was one
Like YOU - to LOVE me too..."]

And Zheer starts singing the poem
In the form of a song
Aug 3 · 241
Hidden Desire

There is a hidden desire in your heart
As if someone has
Imprisoned our LOVE within

But when I met you
You could not hide the LOVE
That poured out of your eyes
To allow me to LOVE YOU

Your sparkle told the entire history
Of all secrets you hid within your heart

Should I now say "Thank You"
For choosing only me to
Open up your soul like this?

Until I saw the LOVE within you
I never knew the real meanings of LOVE
As if I was living "A-Dead-Man-Walking"

Your LOVE put sudden-breaks
On everything of my life & living
Now some heart-beats are still lingering
Just to LOVE you for one more day

I know you are independent
I know you do not require help
But as you chose me for LOVE
I will always stay with you
Till I am alive over here
Till I am dead over there
And there-after, LOVING YOU

Every time your LOVE memory
Brings tears to my eyes
It feels as if
Your soul is longing for my soul
To meet each other asap...

While living life
There are times when
One feels the need of EGO "I"

Then I realize that
How a glance of your LOVE
Broke the big EGO "I"
That world had built
Brick - by - brick around me
For an entire life

Compacted the essence of
Entire life's wisdom into
That moment of OUR LOVE

No wonder that
In debt of your LOVE
YOU always live within me
As if you've carved
Your name in every breath I take

There is a hidden desire in your heart
As if someone has
Imprisoned our LOVE within YOU

But when I met you
You could not hide the LOVE
That poured out of your eyes
To allow me to LOVE YOU

Why you need to worry about anything
When I am with you
Why I need to worry about anything
When you are with me

When we are together with each other
There is nothing we need to worry about

Our LOVE will show the world
How one can live in LOVE and
How one can die LOVING

We know that there are
Lots of difficult times ahead
When  LOVE happens to us

But how LOVERz would worry about that?
Why LOVERz would become sad of those?

When we are together with each other
There is nothing we need to worry about

Our LOVE will show the world
How one can live in LOVE and
How one can die LOVING

Let the night's darkness descend
We will illuminate the darkness
With the moonlight of my LOVE
And the sparkles of your stars

When we are together with each other
There is nothing we need to worry about

Our LOVE will show the world
How one can live in LOVE and
How one can die LOVING

Are not afraid of anything
Let there be daggers pulled
Let there be golden shackles
Let there be an iron halter

We are prisoners of LOVE
We are tied to each other's soul
We will make heart-beats of garland
Of the swords, noose and chains
That are drawn to scare us

When we are together with each other
There is nothing we need to worry about

Our LOVE will show the world
How one can live in LOVE and
How one can die LOVING

It is just that
The world is suffering from
The disease of hate towards LOVE
The illness of fear of LOVE
Let the world build a funeral pyre
Let the world keep the flames ready
To burn LOVERz-BELOVEDz alive

With the compassionate tears of LOVE
We will rain down "the heaven divine"
And extinguish all the fear of LOVE
And peace down the hatred towards LOVE

We will transform into LOVERz
All monsters - dragons and
Every inner demons of society

When we are together with each other
There is nothing we need to worry about

Our LOVE will show the world
How one can live in LOVE and
How one can die LOVING

In the terrain of a barren forest
In the forlorn of a lost ship
In the godforsaken-ness of fate
In the inhospitality of people

Either sides of the dunes

There walks Majnun, in rugged clothes
There sings Meera, in wedded bliss
Both - immersed in the dreams of LOVEz

Both delicate, both innocent
Both pure, both true
Both fresh - like budding blooms

Both living in harmony with Nature
Waiting for Krishna's and Layla's arrival
Knowing their BELOVEDz will come

Both - still intoxicated in LOVE
Half closed, drowsy eyes,
Blurred vision, drunkard steps
They walk, dance, sing and fall
Awaiting their LOVERz call

Don't show complete callousness
Do not wake these LOVERz at all
From their disconsolate state of being
Let a dust-storm or lash of rain
Shake their heart and being
As if Krishna and Layla
Have shaken their soul awake

Startled at the LOVER'z touch
Meera and Majnun look around,
Astonished & glancing everywhere
Searching to find their LOVERz
"Where is Krishna? Where is Layla?"
They run wild - deliriously mad

Until they find a mirage & a silhouette
In the blank space of air around them

There they rest - sit and talk
They laugh and chat in LOVE

Only we realize and know that
There is no one around them

Yet only they can see their LOVERz
Only they can feel their BELOVEDz
To play a colorful game of LOVE

Let Krishna give Meera a kiss
Let Meera twirl one more round
Let Layla peck Majnun cheeks
Let Majnun sing one more new ballad

Thus till date they are remembered
As tragedy folk-lore's LOVE
Our tragic LOVERz-BELOVEDz
Our Meera-Majnun

All these happens on
Either sides of the dunes

Jul 23 · 257
Kept Alive

YOU are my blood
I am your blood
We are running through
Each other's veins

My heart beats for YOU
Yours beats within me
This is what keeps us alive

We are crushed
Within our chest
In the longing
Of each other's touch

YOU are my sky
I am your star
Anywhere I see
Everything I see
YOU are everywhere
For me...

I dance to your rhythm
I sing to your tunes
I write your stories
In the rhymes of poems

So let me fall deep inside
Your LOVE womb
Into our Eternal LOVE

YOU keep me awake at nights
YOU make me dream during days
There is no time I live-on
Without YOU being here with me

I am alive through your being
I am living due to your breathe
My world spins around your sun
That's how YOU've re-arrange
My universe around YOU

There is much to do in LOVE
And we feel this life is too short
This is what makes us scared

The feelings we have for each other
And the LOVE that still
Remains unconsummated yet

I won't be able to breathe
One more second without YOU
So never leave my hand from yours

When we open our eyes
Let us only see each other's face

We are to each other thus...
- My heart inside your heart
- Your breath inside my breath

YOU have kept me alive
Since a millennium

And it's YOU
Who has kept alive
Our Unconditional Eternal LOVE

Jul 18 · 324
Until YOU're ONE With Me

Until YOU're ONE with me
We can never be TWO

Our life shall pass through
We will be blessed
For the LOVE, For the LOVE
That has happened between us

Until YOU're ONE with me
We can never be TWO

We've richly occupied
The space within each other
We've built the castle of LOVE
The heavens divine
A world without identities
A life without boundaries

Until YOU're ONE with me
We can never be TWO

Our worlds collided
Like the two milky-ways
Drifting into each other
Into the Black-Hole of LOVE
To be united into ONE
To dissipate all that was TWO

Until YOU're ONE with me
We can never be TWO

Our LOVE is legendary
It can never be mistaken
For anything else but a FABLE
A Philo-poetic proverbial lore
A Shakespearean montage of
"Romeo - Zuliet"
A Nizami fresco of

Until YOU're ONE with me
We can never be TWO

Even if they pursue
Our separation
Even if they crusade
Our prosecution
Even if they engage
In our crucifixion
They can't even come near
To touch and degrade us
In the end, they will fall
And reckon our LOVE

Until YOU're ONE with me
We can never be TWO

Those who attempts
To distance LOVERz
Will beget Karma's curse
The generations will burn
The oceans will dry up
The mountains will sink
The earth will afire
The sky will bleed
And the SUN will fall

Until YOU're ONE with me
We can never be TWO

Let everyone know
"LOVE" can not be defeated - EVER
Jul 15 · 365
Many A Times

You shine like the Moon but
Your illumination is like a SUN
Thus many a times I think of
Standing beneath your shadow
To experience and feel
YOUR inner darkness of LOVE

Whenever life has become difficult
And the being of my heart
Has felt like a depleted temple in ruins
I think of placing
- Your eyes
- Your smile
- Your face
- Your feet
- Your being
In place of an IDOL
To bring back the true glory to
Our LOVE'z sanctum

Many a times I think of
Drinking your LOVE as much as I can
Let the world also witness that
If ever I come to my senses
From the intoxication of your LOVE
They might see me breathe my last & die

Many a times
I think of showing you your eyes
So I can protect YOU
From the LOVE of my eyes
The same way you protect me
From the LOVE of YOUR eyes

Many a times
I think of bringing my fire
Close to your being's storm
So to extinguish myself
Annihilated in your LOVE storm

Many a times
Every single moment I'm alive
I die and live in your LOVE

Many a times I've thought
Just like that
Let me try to forget YOU
But I am unable to - I can't

Many a times

Jul 11 · 339
I love sweet LOVE

I loved sweet LOVE
Till now I do
I love sweet LOVE

Living life
I often took
A handful of LOVE
"Sweet LOVE"
From here and there
From everywhere

I held LOVE in the
Palms of my heart
And ran for my life

The servants of the world
The soldiers of humanity
Always chased me
To get back that
Handful of sweet LOVE
As if the earth will end
Because of my taking
A little bit of LOVE

Some LOVE fell on the way
A little more fell
While struggling with
The servants and the soldiers

And after getting a nice thrashing
Whatever LOVE remained stuck
On my palm of heart -
I put that LOVE in my soul
That sweet LOVE
Was too sweet to resist

When reaching heaven home
Seeing my haggled state
The God/dess Mother
Of the Nature world
Often scolded me

But I took
Everything in my stride
Because I really
Love sweet LOVE

After getting punishments and
Humiliating insults from everyone
When I was told to go and
Look at my horrible state
In the mirror of the society

When I saw myself
I mostly found that
A last molecule of your sweet LOVE
Was always sticking above my lips
No wonder...
I would pull my heart out
To relish that last kernel
Of your LOVE sweetness

Now YOU know
I love sweet LOVE
Every little bit of it

That's the sweetest of all
I LOVE it more...
I do everything possible
Even the "impossible"
To lick your sweet drop of LOVE

YOU know
I love sweet LOVE
Jul 6 · 430
I Sprouted A Full-MOON

In your deep brown eyes
When I saw crystal clear
Cosmos skies and oceans
I found myself within
Your soulful creations

I swayed happily like a flower
As YOU rained over me
Lashing whips on my fragile heart
I poured our blood from my heart
Gushing into your heart streets

Till date, your voice
Plays music within my heart-beats
Like the eagerly awaited first sounds
Of a newly born baby

Like how the first rain soaks
The hot and dry desert sand
YOU effortlessly soaked & entered
My parched heart's land

Did you know that
Your feminine X chromosome
Has made a partnership with
My masculine X chromosome?
Let me tell you this
That is what has made us
Passionately insane in LOVE

Then how come, we are so far?
Then how come, silence is our cry?
Why do we still crave and struggle
To cover this distance between our hearts?

When two feet of yours
And two feet of mine
Will walk the distance of SOUL
The four alphabets  
L and O and V and E
Will ultimately be "L-O-V-E"

When you're not around
Nature creates your
Presence around me

Your breathing speaks
And my silences listens
That's the essence of our LOVE

Our ETERNAL yearning is a wonder
With every passing moment, we ponder

YOU've given me so much LOVE that
YOU are the final LOVE of my life
So let me LOVE you like my first LOVE
And fill myself with YOUR last LOVE

With all these gone
"I, me, my, mine, myself"
All I have been is become YOURS
I am YOURS and
Will always remain YOURS

From a seed YOU sow of a star
In the gardens of my dark sky
See I sprouted a full-MOON
Out of your single LOVE-glance

Jul 3 · 720
Layla's Sorrow


This happened after Layla-Majnun were separated by Layla's dis-approving parents, family and community when these two LOVERz realized that true eternal LOVE had happened between them
After that - Majnun had become a mad wanderer singing songs about/for/of his Eternal LOVE for Layla
And on this side – Layla was given by her family a life of every comfort she desired. But Layla's heart was worried for Majnun’s well being.

Layla's Family Response:

Many a times Layla cried longing and missing Majnun
The family of Layla could not see Layla sad and sorrowful
To cheer Layla up the family often told her they loved her so much
They tried to cheer Layla with her favorite flowers and decorated her room with lots of beautifully scented flowers
They got famous singers from around the world  to come in the evening and sing songs in front of Layla to make her feel happy
They saw that Layla was part of every occasion and functions, every party family had. They organized events just to keep Layla feel good and make her part of every gathering
Everyone overtly LOVED Layla and respected her
Layla’s family often made many sweets that Layla liked
The family took Layla to excursions, far and away to the meadows and the mountains, to the springs and the oceans, to the forests and oasis - so that seeing nature Layla would forget Majnun
They often complimented her - How beautiful she is…; How nice she sings…; How well she is behaved…; and how intelligent she is…
Whenever Layla was in little good mood and when she talked a little, the family sat around her to eagerly listened to what Layla had to say
The parents of Layla made sure that Layla was not kept alone for a single moment. There was someone or the other - friends, mates, children or relatives surrounding Layla to give her company
Many a times Layla's parents invited guests who would bring Beautiful gifts and souvenirs for Layla from distant foreign lands
There were mentors, coaches, teachers hired to teach and upgrade different skills that are useful for Layla
The mother of Layla often told “Sorry” to Layla for not allowing her to meet Majnun. Though the sorry was sincere. it did not cheer Layla's heart because the dictate always remained: "Majnun is not the right one for you Layla"
In the house of Layla it was made mandatory that family members while leaving and entering the house would always say good bye and give a hug to Layla to make her feel so SPECIAL
Every now and then inside the house - there were religious sermons preached, religious scriptures read. The Maula and Maulavis recited verses - the morals, ethics, codes were taught; faith, belief, worship, prayers were made integral part of their life to make Layla feel devoted to God. They thought – when Layla understands Allah’s LOVE there won't be any need for Majnun’s LOVE
The family invited Layla's friends to play - indoor and outdoors games to get her involved in some sort of hobby so that it would keep Layla busy and thus forget about Majnun
Some days if Layla did something on her own - the family members would praise her every little efforts and celebrate it to create an atmosphere of happiness around her for every little achievement in Layla’s life
The family had created that “Halo” around Layla's image in the village/ town. She was known throughout the land as the most decent, gorgeously beautiful, well-educated, noble, kind fun-loving girl. Everyone in their town LOVED Layla. All these were done so that they could find the the most suitable richest PRINCE for Layla to get married to...
To make Layla feel good and confident the family often asked her opinions and included her in all family and business decision making
To make Layla feel attached to something else, the parents gifted her with - a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a pigeon and other exotic birds. So that by LOVING them Layla will forget Majnun
They also filled the house with all sorts of books that  interested Layla. They thought while reading the good books - Layla will forget Majnun
Not a week went where Layla was not gifted and adorned with - diamonds, pearl, stones, gold and silver jewelry

Each and every person who came in touch with Layla was so nice and sweet towards her, just to make sure that  Layla is kept busy with things in LIFE. The whole idea is to keep Layla involved in different things of work and life so that the LOVE for Majnun is completely forgotten amidst enjoyments of chasing success, career, work, wealth and a partner etc.

Layla's Sorrow:

But Layla was different…!

Layla had everything a girl wanted
Wealth, education, family,
Friends, relatives, company
Fruits, sweets, flowers
Game, animals, toys
Trips, Travel, occasions
Festivals, events, get-togethers


Layla's heart kept beating for Majnun
She was always worried of Majnun
"Where will be my Majnun wandering today?"
"What will he be doing right now?"
"Did he get some food to eat?"
“Did he sleep well..?" etc.

If anyone on the village street
Got a little bit of news of Majnun
Layla ran out to listen to what it was

If someone was reciting
The new songs Majnun had sung today
Layla carefully listened to those lyrics
And wrote them in her secret dairy.
She read them again and again
In the candle light of solitary darkness

With tears rolling from her eyes

Day-night, afternoon-evenings
Waking, sleeping, eating, sitting
Layla only thought of her Majnun

Blessed with every luxury of life
Yet Layla felt so helpless about
Her inability to go to meet Majnun
So that Majnun can see…

Layla's eyes, Layla's face
Those lips, that smile
The smell of Layla….
The way she looks at Majnun
The LOVE in Layla’s soul
Pouring out for Majnun

Layla's knew very well that
Majnun's only dreams was having
One glimpse of his BELOVEDz Layla

This cruelty of the world & everyone
That they and their norms
Stopped Layla to reach out to Majnun
This broke Layla’s heart into pieces
It killed Layla from inside more
Than it killed Majnun
In his longing for Layla

That was Layla's sorrow...
This is Layla’z sorrow

End Note:
Only the one who feels LOVE,
Only the one who know LOVE
Will understand Layla's sorrow
Of seeing the cruel punishment the world had given
To her LOVERz Majnun
By making him an useless mad wanderer
- Who only chants Layla's name
And sings Layla's praise

Jun 29 · 655
So Don't Worry..

Let the world be
- against our LOVE
Let the society also be so
- against our LOVE
Let the laws, rules, regulations be
- against our LOVE
Let the religions, scriptures, gurus be
- against our LOVE
Let our friends, colleagues and
Family, relatives be
- against our LOVE
Let even YOU and me be
- against our LOVE
Let them be, Let us be..
Let everyone be
- against our LOVE
Yet it is NOT going to be
"The end of our LOVE"

Every "against" is just a gray smoke
Trying to pretend to be a blue sky
"They"- the one who are against LOVE
If they are eager to crucify Jesus
If they are eager to lynch Mansoor
If they are eager to poison Meera
If they are eager to throw LOVERz
In the pyre of FIRE
Remember this...
The air around us is "LOVE"
The whole world shall burn
In the grief of two LOVERz flames
So don't worry, it is not going to be
"The end of our LOVE"

We all know, we all know
That the enemies of LOVE are many
They are educated, smart, intelligent
Powerful, leaders and identity groups etc.
Those who can reason, argue & debate,
Rationalize with practicality & pragmatism
But they do not even have a heart
To feel the trueness & purity of our LOVE
So don't worry, it is not going to be
"The end of our LOVE"

What comes out of our LOVE
Is the most Powerful & Almighty NATURE

LOVE in my heart - is not ruled by anyone
LOVE in YOUR heart - is not ruled by anyone
LOVE in our heart - is "OUR" LOVE
It is not even ruled by us
So don't worry, it is not going to be
"The end of our LOVE"

Today those who pretend to be masters
Today those who pretend to be leaders
Today those who pretend to be gurus
Those who pretend to "I know it ALL"
They won't be here tomorrow to live
They are only passengers of life
Traveling illegally without tickets
Because they are living without LOVE
So don't worry, it is not going to be
"The end of our LOVE"

Do not forget, Do not forget
LOVE has taken centuries
It has taken ages
From the garden of Eden
Where Adam - Eve ate the apple
Since Romeo-Zuliet died
When Layla-Majnun wailed in longing
LOVERz have poured their breathe
Into every living thing on earth
So don't worry, it is not going to be
"The end of our LOVE"

The breath you take is of LOVE
The breath I take is of LOVE
The breath the whole world takes is of LOVE
Who are we to say "YES" and "NO" to LOVE?
LOVE does not even take our permissions
So don't worry, it is not going to be
"The end of our LOVE"

LOVE is not even this moment "NOW"
LOVE is not a slave of any constitution
LOVE can't be imprisoned in any identities:
Religious, regions, gender, caste,
Class, society, color, race, age etc.
LOVE is not owned by anyone
LOVE is not even owned by LOVERz
So don't worry, it is not going to be
"The end of our LOVE"

Jun 26 · 1.4k
In Thick and Thin

A millennium back
Our fate decided
That we were destined
To meet like this
As strangers...

For LOVE to touch us
For LOVE to happen

Nor YOU nor I
Could have stopped
This LOVE to happen

We were mere puppets
In the hands of fate

Good thing is
Rather than fighting LOVE
We surrendered to accept it

We made choice of not
Harming, Hurting, Hating
Humiliating each other
Or anyone else

We made choices
To be kind, caring
Respectful & trusting
To be compassionate and
LOVING towards each other

In your LOVE
I became a Radha
And a Meera
And a Kabeer
And an Eve
And a Kaiz
And a Rumi
And a Rabya

You became my Krishna
And a Layla
And an Adam
And a Zuliet
And my Allah-Hoo

Wherever I stand and BE
You are there
Everywhere for me
You've became ETERNAL
Part and parcel of my SOUL

We've stood by each other
In thick and thin
And we intend to do so forever
To keep our conscience clean

Jun 19 · 352
The LOVE Song

Often in longing, away from YOU
I saw the blues - of ocean & the skies,
The roaring of rivers and the storms
The shining of the sun and the moon
Waiting for promised LOVE to come back

Now when the crops are harvested
And the birds are singing
And when the clouds thunder rain
And the trees have bloomed flowers
The mountains look fresh and green
The breeze is so gentle and cool

That's the time we meet again
Paddling our LOVE in our small canoe
In the river of LOVE
Flowing into the shining ocean

Now we are together LOVING each other
Like bees ******* the honey
Fireflies buzzing around a lamp
Stars and moon decorating the dark sky
The birds soaring in blue skies
The rainbow on the blue sky

How happy we are again
To be together with each other
Oh darling - my fair LOVE
Oh seasons and lives
We longed for each other always
All day and night,
And kept our promise of LOVE

So the world sings
The love song of LOVE-Rz

How can anyone give up on you
When through your eyes
I can experience the whole cosmos?

How can anyone give up on
Your smile that brings enemies on their knees?

How can anyone give up on
Your crackling laughter that ROFL audiences?


How can I give up on
Your smell, scent & flower fragrance
You carry in your being?

How can I give up on
The way you touch my heart
FOREVER - ever & ever again?

How can I give up on
The way you held me
Every time I fail and fall?

How can I give up on
The way you kiss me
Every day and night?

How can I give up on
The way you whisper
Soft LOVE notes in me?

How can I give up on
Your embraces, hugs & cuddles?

How can I give up on
The way you give me
Your trust and respect?

How can I give up on
The need of you with
Every breathe I inhale-exhale?

How can I give up on you
When my time does not tick
Without chanting your name?

How can I give up on you
When your existence brings
...The birds to sing
...The sun to shine
...The stars to twinkle
...The clouds to rain
...The flowers to bloom
...The world to go round
....The hurts to heal
...How can I?

How can I give up on you
When you keep on giving me
Chances & moments to cherish
Again and again?

How can I give up on you
When I feel so blessed and lucky
To have seen you, met you & known you?

How can I give up on you
When you bring so much of
Smiles, joy & happiness to me?

How can I give up on you
When I see in you
The most beautiful person
Alive on this planet earth?

How can i give up on you
When you are perfect as you are
The way exactly you wish
The way I exactly LOVE you?

How can I give up on you
When I feel bliss LOVING the most
Intelligent and wise person around?

How can I give up on you
When I always see you as a selfless being
Ready to sacrifice everything for me?

How can I give up on you
When you have traveled
A journey of a life-time
On the path of LOVE
That no one else could have taken?

How can I give up on you
When I see you keeping
Each and every promises
You give me with a glance?

How can I give up on you
When you have rebuilt my life
From seed, bloom, blossom & flowers?

How can I give up on you
When I see you fighting your inner demons
Just for keeping me happy and safe?

How can I give up on you
When you show so much power of self-belief
In yourself, me and LOVE?

How can I give up on you
When I can feel your
Soul-LOVE connect?

How can I give up on you
When I need your LOVE the most?


I can't ever give up on your LOVE
Oh - YOU - the deep blue of the sky
Oh - YOU - the deep blue of the oceanic sea?

Jun 13 · 308
How We Sustain LOVE..?

When someone asks us time
We're unable to tell because
Becomes irrelevant in LOVE

Which place we are in?
What day is it?
What clothes are we wearing?
Did we eat food today?
Why we gaze in blankness like this?

All these questions have NO answer

It is in each other's heart cages
We are locked within
It is in our embraces we hide within
Oh, we've made home within
Each other's being and soul

We've opened our heart
That's why, that's how
We can see the world of LOVE

The way we glance at each other
The way we whisper soft LOVE notes
The way we cover our body with the other
Our presence around each other
Works like a charmer

No wonder,
We want each other to be at home always
To play with, to tease, to seek, to LOVE
Our mischievous games
Our hide and seek play
"Catch me if you can" - types
Has won our hearts
A thousand times over
No wonder then
I become YOU - YOU become me

Though we show sad longing for each other
Our heart always wants each other happy

In cold nights
When we cover ourselves within a blanket
We light fire within

When it rains
We shiver in embrace
In the cold fever of our closeness

When we give a lap to sleep on
When we give a shoulder to rest on
There is nothing more or better thing
In life than this LOVE

Both of us know that
We won't be able to fulfill our longing
By unquenchable desires
To LOVE each other- more & more

How we yearn to dwell deep into each other
We try our best to breathe within each other

In the darkness of the night
Away from the prying eyes
We create the unifying "ONE"
With our LOVE... LOVING...

That is how we sustain our "LOVE"

Jun 8 · 253
In Salutation

The one who LOVEz
Their name is LOVERz

The one who is LOVED
Their name is BELOVEDz

LOVING is both's religion
LOVE is their essence & spirit

The same LOVE for which
Became the fragrance of
Everything that represented
LOVE in nature

The same LOVE for which
Farhad cut a mountain to
Carve out a river through it

The same LOVE for which
Majnun searched a dew drop
In the parched deserts of Sahara

The same LOVE for which
Zuliet picks up a dagger to die
Along with one's

The same LOVE for which
Radha danced the whole night
Around the trees of Vrindavam
Singing the songs of Krishna

Today the world remembers their
names, date, time and place
"Immortal, Eternal LOVE"

For the same "LOVE"
We all are born again
To honor and fulfill
The existence of nature

For blessing humans
The manifestation of LOVE

The moment we are born
The battle lines are drawn by society
To keep us away from LOVE & LOVING

The struggle of life is to fight
An eternal holy war for LOVE

Yet, against all dire circumstances
The LOVE within all of us
Brings with itself
An inner strength and belief
To go ahead on the path of LOVING

Because history has shown evidence
Time and  again...
That one in LOVE
Is always "right" -
A Winner

From centuries
That is what has happened
For centuries
This is what will happen

In the surrender to LOVE
In the kneeling of LOVERz-BELOVEDz
The victory of LOVE is destined
The triumph of nature is fated

It is LOVE that
Lights a candle in a storm

It is LOVE that
Sails a drown person to ocean's shores

It is LOVE that
Rises a fallen in the valley to its apex

That is what exactly NATURE wishes
To illuminate the darkness of LOVE
Within the eyes of LOVERz-BELOVEDz

The one I wonder about
The Nature
The skies and the earth
The universe and the galaxy
I bow to YOU -
In salutation
For making us born here
To realize LOVE

Jun 4 · 2.3k
What I See In YOU...?

What I see in YOU...?

I see the eternal existence in YOU
I see the entire cosmos in YOU
I see the olamic macrocosm in YOU
I see the eternity and universe in YOU
I see the everlasting wildness in YOU
I see the aeon creation in YOU
I see the ageless world in YOU
I see a natural state in YOU
I see the essence of galaxy in YOU
I see the ecology and environment in YOU
I see the glorious landscapes in YOU
I see all the elements of composition in YOU
I see the skies, moon, stars, sun, clouds in YOU
I see the ocean, river, streams, rain, dew drops in YOU
I see the animals, birds, bees, marine life in YOU

I see your inner light, your psyche, your divine
I see soul, I see spirit, I see LOVE in YOU
I see what father could not see your inspiration to BE
I see what mother could never see the "REAL YOU"
I see miracle, magic, mystic and mysterious in YOU
I see what YOU too could not see in YOU

I see in YOU what no one else ever has,
Ever can or could ever see in YOU

It is because I LOVE YOU
May 27 · 1.4k YOUR name

Call me your LOVER

Now we are no stranger to each other
Yet where does our LOVE go from here?

How does the world know the depth of
The attachments of our LOVE?

Your LOVE rains over my desert
Bringing tears to my eyes
And see....
Dew drop are formed
On the leaf of your heart
To fill your eyes with tears

When your lips touches mine
Our breathe entangle into each other

Now let our ecstasy tell the story
That is rendered in our inner being

Call me your LOVER

Call me by YOUR name

May 25 · 303
Good That LOVE...

Good that LOVE is not life
Good that LOVE is not work
Good that LOVE is not a marriage
Good that LOVE is not an agreement
Good that LOVE is not a signed contract
Good that LOVE is not a Terms of reference
Good that LOVE is not a Job description
Good that LOVE is not an Annual plan
Good that LOVE does not have a budget
Good that LOVE does not have to give account of expenses
Good that LOVE does not have targets
Good that LOVE does not come under HR rules
Good that LOVE does not come under LEGAL laws
Good that LOVE does not follow rules, regulations
Good that LOVE does not care for moral, ethics
Good that LOVE does not get awards, trophies,
Good that LOVE does not get citations, certificates
Good that LOVE does not get applause, fame
Good that LOVE is not a post or position
Good that LOVE does not care of hierarchy
Good that LOVE is not about status and power
Good that LOVE does not fetch you friends
Good that LOVE is not a job or business
Good that LOVE is not about 9 to 5 job
Good that LOVE does not expect meetings, conferences
Good that LOVE does not expect workshops symposiums
Good that LOVE does not make you pretentious
Good that for LOVE one has to wear a fake mask
Good that LOVE does not let you follow any ideology
Good that LOVE is not reimbursed by salary, wage
Good that LOVE is not paid for your work done
Good that LOVE is not found on Internet, social media
Good that LOVE does not bother about likes, dislikes
Good that LOVE does not exist on laptop and mobiles
Good that LOVE is unlike any other relationship
Good that LOVE is not restricted to family & friends
Good that LOVE is not about learning, knowledge
Good that LOVE is not about literacy and education
Good that LOVE does not care for wealth and riches
Good that LOVE is not about decisions and making choice
Good that LOVE does not believe in religions, God/dess
Good that LOVE does not suffer from phobias & neurosis
Good that LOVE does not hide behind ideologies & doctrines
Good that LOVE is liberal and progressive
Good that LOVE is a rebellion against everything
Good that LOVE is the one that kills EGO "I"
Good that LOVE is.... "LOVE"...!

May 20 · 310

So it was to happen
Nor you knew or me
Nor anyone in this world knew
How it happened?
When it happened?
Why it happened?
For what it happened?
Where it happened?

How does it matter now...?

YOU became I
I became YOU
Thus we transfused

Only you know
And only I know
Who is who - within us?
No one else knows
About this LOVE miracle

May be.., it was...
The way we met
The moment we faced each other
And looked into each other's eyes
We found our seeking in our souls
As if fate presented a mirror
Of our reflection into each other

As much as YOU are surprised, so am I
Can anyone differentiate us now?

Who is who within us?
No one else knows
About this LOVE miracle

Two physicality
Two psyches
Two beings
Two hearts
But as if we are breathing
The same LOVE
As if we have the
Same spirit and

This must be a miracle of nature
Destiny gulled us into ONENESS
How can even the world understand?
The way we become ONE-LOVE

Who is who within US?
No one else knows
About this LOVE miracle

YOU became I
I became YOU
Thus we transfused


LOVE is a **miracle**
May 16 · 855
Blanche Monnier

The Tragic True LOVE Story of Blanche Monnier

Just for falling in LOVE
With a commoner
Blanche Monnier was kept in attic
For 25 years
Blanche's True LOVE survived

The year was 1876

In midst of the Third Republic period in France
When the historical power struggle of royalist ******* and republican radicals were discussed in bourgeois socialites
That's the time when
In a small place called Poitiers
Four hours away from Paris
There lived:
Madam Louise Monnier
Wealthy and prominent
Member of CLASS society
Known in Parisian high society
For their charitable works
Who had received many community awards too

With her son
Marcel Monnier
A brilliant student
And a prominent lawyer
Well respected in Paris

And her daughter
(Marcel's sister)
Twenty Five years old
Beautiful beyond words
Very gentle and good natured
A young socialite in rich circles

Lived happily in their
Monnier Estate

It was during this time
Blanche fell in LOVE with a suitor
Let us call him
Who lived in her neighborhood
Sadly he was not young
Nor was he from rich aristocrat family
He was elderly man,
Basically a commoner
And an unsuccessful penniless lawyer

Madam Louise Monnier - disapproved
Of such alliances for her daughter Blanche and
Insisted Blanche to marry a more suitable man
Of her own age, class and status

But in passion of her LOVE -
Blanche profusely disagreed
And Madame Monnier got angry
They quarreled and argued
One day Madame Monnier locked Blanche
In a dungeon attic ordering
"Until you would agree - you are imprisoned"

Years passed
But Blanche was stubborn
So much in deep LOVE with James
She did not relent to her Mother's wishes

So the story goes....
Nine years passed

On this side James - Blanche's suitor
The beau too died in 1885

It is said that
Blanche's brother Marcel apposed his mother
To at least set Blanche FREE now
But Madam Louise Monnier had absolute
Stronghold and control over the family
Thus Marcel aboded to his mother's decree
And Blanche was kept locked still after

In the eyes of society
Beautiful young Blanche had simply disappeared
Without a clue

Madame Monnier and Marcel mourned
In front of everyone
Stating Blanche ran away
And continued to live their lives
As normal as those rich aristocrat families live

No one gave much thought to this
Everyone went about their life
As if nothing had happened

With time - they say
Blanche was forgotten
From everyone's memory

For over 25 years,
Blanche remained in a attic dungeon
Tied to her bed
Waiting for her LOVE
But her mother Madam Louise,
And her brother Marcel
With their two servants
No one helped her to be FREE

Blanched was chained in a dark attic room
She was accompanied by rats and lice
Day after day
Living in dirt and darkness
Alone, isolated, in solitude
Blanche became insane
Drown in her own tears and
In company of
Rats, bugs and pests...
And rotten odor

Rumors say that it was one of the female servants
Who slipped the secret of
Monnier Estate's beautiful daughter Blanche
To her boyfriend
Who immediately wrote a letter to
The Attorney General

In 1901,
Attorney General of Paris
Received an anonymous note
Handwritten and unsigned

The content were disturbing
And The Attorney General
Sent his police team to investigate
The Police arrived to search Monnier Estate

At first,
Police couldn't find anything unusual
Until they came across strange odor
Coming from upper floors

When the Police went upstairs
Madam Louise Monnier sat
On the ground floor living hall
Calmly reading a book

When the Police approached
The attic room
From where the odor was coming
They saw that the room was padlocked

Realizing something amiss
Police smashed the lock and
Broke open the room

The horrors lay within

A pitch dark room
With only one window
Shut closed with black curtains

The stench of room was so over whelming
That immediately the window was broke open

With the light coming in
The police realized that the bad odor
Was because of rotting food
That littered all over the floor

And in a corner - there was a bed
Where an emaciated women was chained

She was our Blanche Monnier
Fifty years old now
Tied to the bed
It was over two decades
She had not even seen the sun
And she had lived
In her own excrements

That beauty of youth
That youthful LOVELY being
A divine, kind, pure hearted girl
Did not even resembled like a human

She was naked
Chained like animals to the bed
Lying on a straw mattress

She was completely
Frightened and delirious

She weighed just 50 pounds (22 kilograms)

Police covered Blanche in a white sheet
And took her to the hospital
Madam Louise Monnier - and Marcel were arrested
For this atrocious inhumane crime
Of imprisoning and treating Blanche
So badly
For what? -
for a natural act of LOVING

"We can not even comprehend
What a LOVER goes through
When subjected to such punishments"

Blanche was horrendously malnourished
In hospital she was lucid to be rescued and freed
She exclaimed...
"How lovely it is to breathe the fresh air"

When she was informed about James
She could not even remember
The reason for her current state -
Was "LOVE"
Her eyes were hollow, her face was blank

There was public out-cry all over France
It was loud and clear
Public out-raged was brimming
They wanted the mother and brother punished

And Madam Louise Monnier -
Who was seventy years old then
suffering from heart disease
Could not take the shock
Of such societal backlash
For the horrible crime she committed

It is accounted that
Madam Louise Monnier
Died in police custody
15 days after Blanche's rescue
Police say -
Probably of a heart attack

Brother Marcel was imprisoned for 15 months
He confessed of
Not being directly part of the crime
But just acting under pressure of his mother

The whole blame was put on Madam Louise Monnier
Brother Marcel was considered only an accomplice
And thus when Marcel pleaded innocent and sought pardon
He was acquitted and set FREE
Such were the laws of those days

Our LOVER - Blanche Monnier
Had suffered greatly
The mental trauma
Of LOVE longing had
Lasting psychological damage

There after
Blanche lived in a French Sanitarium
Till she died in 1913
Twelve year after she was liberated

People say - that at times
The nursing staff used to hear Blanche
Sing the songs of LOVE

And they used to see Blanche
Talking LOVINGLY with a non-existing person
Most probably that person was "James"
The man she LOVED more than her life

Thus is remembered
The story of Blanche's LOVE

She suffered but never relented
To her mother's wishes
"To forget her LOVER James"

It was impossible to survive for 25 years
Without proper food, light, sun, or any human company
In that tiny dark dungeon attic
But Blanche did miraculously survive
With the hope that one day
She will be FREE
She will meet James
And she will LOVE James
And she will say to James
"My Jamie, see I did truly LOVE YOU"

That's the power of TRUE LOVE
This is a TRUE STORY

Do not stand feeling my LOVE
And weep at my grave

I am not "me" anymore -
And I'm not dead yet

If you are reading this -
Know that, know this...
I live within YOU
I am YOU, You, you, U, u....

I carry within me "YOU"
To discover YOUR "you"

Those thousand and one things you chase
I am not to be found in any of those
I will be found within YOU

Re-discover me within YOU

In YOUR inner soul's beauty of

Your Usliciyapi - that's your humility
Your Wowacitanka - your perseverance
Your Wawoohola - your respect
Your Waymonihan - your honor

Your Icicupi - your Sacrifice
Your Wowicake - your Truth
Your Waunsilapi - your Compassion
Your Woohitike - your Bravery
Your Cantewasake - your Fortitude
Your Canteyuke - your Generosity
Your Woksape - your Wisdom
Your Cantognake - your LOVE

Do not stand feeling my LOVE
And weep at my grave

I am not "me" anymore -
And I'm not dead yet

If you are reading this -
Know that, know this...
I live within YOU
I am YOU, You, you, U, u....

My heart is broken in pieces
My being is shattered in shards
My spirit is imprisoned in shackles

Is there anyone here to ask me
"How are you...?"

The fate played a gimmick on me
Destiny's drama molded my fall
Humans who have made societal rulez
People who made religion and law
Escalated my brokenness
I'm fallen now... I'm falling now...

Awaiting rain after drought summer
But LOVE-rain was followed by calamities

When the flower bloomed of LOVE
Traditions broke the branch of my life

I often pinch myself
I still do not believe
The LOVE emitting from your SOUL
Was a TRUTH of my existence

So My Belovedz,
YOU are not at fault at all

I keep LOVING YOU to show
The LOVE you show me
Through your soulful eyes

I asked for YOUR LOVE
But life is cruel and
Granted me with your separation

At the very first step
In our relationship ring
I fell flat down on the rug
Defeated with worldly blows

I am young at heart
I am FREE beyond independence
I did not have a clue that
For YOUR LOVE I carry within me
The world will give me
So much pain, despair and longings

I cry your name with every breath
With eyes filled with tears flowing out

I hope my cries finds
The way to your soul

My heart in broken pieces
My being shattered in shards
My spirit imprisoned in shackles

Is there anyone here to ask me
"How are you...?"
"How are you feeling...?

May 4 · 286
A Peacock In LOVE


The beauty of the trees
That takes my sorrow away

The scent of the air
That spreads within my being

The flame of my fire
That ignites desires within

The taste of nectar
That fills my hungry spirit

The path of sun
That guides my soul journey

The trail of moon
That takes me to your destination

The petals of flowers
The adores my soul - vase

The freshness of the dews
That falls out as my tears

The silence of the night
That grants solace to my being

The sparkle of the stars
The twinkles my eyes-shine

The waves of the sea
On which I sail the lifeZ difficulties

The fire of the volcano
Whose lava fertile my womb's earth

The thunder of the storm
That protects me as cautious armor

The apex of the mountains
That inspires me to climb purposes

The fragrance of the first rain
That draws me deep within your earth

YOU are the real oasis in the desert
The removes the illusion of life

YOU are
The LOVE that never goes away

That's why
When you remember me

My heart dances with joy
With spread out colorful feathers
Of a Peacock in LOVE

Apr 27 · 288
A Belovedz Like YOU

I've search the entire universe
I have not met anyone

Even if all the angels come together
And put all their divinity into one

It may be one of the best
But that too is no match

I keep on writing your name
With my fingers on the clouds
I find no learning
Equal to your LOVE

I am not even able to concentrate
On the verses of religious texts

In every book it is written that
No one is bigger than the All-mighty
But it is your LOVE that has taught me
That there is no knowledge
Bigger than your LOVE

In longing of YOURS
In pain of your LOVE
I'm beaten down and
Have taken a thousand scars
I've broken down and
Have shattered my heart into pieces

In front of the world
I plead guilty of LOVING YOU

Whoever sees me says
They have never ever
Seen a LOVERz like me
And they add this too

They have never seen

I've search the entire universe
I have not met anyone

Apr 24 · 314
The Long And Short Of

This is the long and short of LOVE

The wait
The longing
The hope
The patience
The joys
The sadness
The delight
The mysticism
The mystery

As if from the shallows to the deep
From the earth to the skies
From clear blues to dark clouds
From sunrise to sunset
From sun to moon
From shore to sea
From river to ocean
From spring to autumn
From diamond to coal
From the peaks to the valleys
From across to under the bridges

From noise to silence
From crowd to solitude
From roses to thorns
From silk to cottons
From lion to the sheep
From nectar to poison

Our LOVE passes all along
Every nook and corner
Shadows and shades
Mirrors and reflections
Images and illusions
Luring and desiring

The way our heart reject life
And moves from your SOUL to mine

In our momentary compassion
Or was it our soul kindness?
Or was it our human care?
Or was it your living gentleness?
That made you connect
YOUR soul with mine?

YOUR inner soul let the ball rolling
It has been days, weeks,months and years
That weak in the knees, feeling
Those goosebumps
The trembling within the spine
The butterflies in my stomach
Nothing has stopped a while
The piercing scars LOVE make within us

What potion of LOVE you made me drink
That healing your LOVE balm uses

Still under the spell of
Your mysterious unknown YOUz
The nameless REAL awaits my touch

Thus we unite

We wander in and around each other
We keep each other protected in our womb
OUR cure heals our spirits anew

LOVE is the longing mystery of delight
Like an distant oasis mirage
We walk in our UNION's thirst

We know our heart must beat on
To travel the distance of time
To meet our destiny and fate
Within OUR LOVE'z guide

That's the long and short of LOVING

Apr 18 · 264


Who has been able to change
These seeds of faith?

Scattered all over
Existing around
Blown in breeze
Those shining silver lines

Never-ending flights
Hopeful wishes of breath
Sounding wind chimes

Don't even try
To change these HONEYSUCKLES

The sadness that surrender
Of round joys that fall on souls

Flowers under sunlit blues
Stars under moonlit skies

Hymns of solitude
Floating around

Always FREE flying
Outside personal prisons

Humans should not
Try to reform these JEWELWEEDS

Pride of LOVE
Carrying dreamZ
Of summer LOVE-Rz

Lioness with a mane
Adorning daisies within

Liberating caged passions
Beneath the blue skies

Into warm romances..
Sacred than God/dess

Rainbow colored
Burning LOVE of coolness

Blooming blossoming wishes
Frail in its vulnerability

Who nourishes these CANARY THISTLE?

Photosynthesis of two SOUL
Within core of it lives
A SOUL continent

Beyond day-dreamZ and
Borders of consciousness

Creating a paradise on earth
Of muses and creators

A born-BELOVEDz first wish
A dying-LOVERz last regret

Watch the garden grown
Without presence of any seeds
Drifting in search of LOVE

So let's chase OXALIS
And harvest POKEWEEDS

We all are born with
The canticles of

Make mine and yours sings

It always gets better
Riding a Dandelion puff


Apr 15 · 428
What happened?

What happened, it happened
It happened, what happened?

LOVE bit me like a piranha
Stabbed my heart with an arrow
And steamed me to a pale white

LOVE exposed me with dark and light
Now I don't understand life
The good or bad between dark & light

My whole world seems up-side-down
Or is it down-side-up?
I was walking the wrong path of life
Your LOVE showed me
The right path of LOVE

What happened, it happened
It happened, what happened?

No storm now touches our tree
Our roots of LOVE
Go deep below the ocean-sea

We're not confused anymore
Now our tree touches the sky
Sheltering birds nesting within
Providing shade to tired life-travelers

When I am thirsty of YOU -
I dry my leaves

There is a fall every spring
And your LOVE rains on me
To sprout shoots and leaves within me

I bloom to colors and bear fruits
Your creeper weaves its web around me
To sow seeds of LOVE within me

What happened, LOVE happened
It happened, LOVE happened

Apr 13 · 481
There is no other for me

There is no one in this world
There is only ONE for me
I only have my BELOVEDz
There is no other for me

The one who is independent and FREE
The one who is confident and sure
The one who is beautiful - inside out
The one whose smile surrenders enemies
That BELOVEDz rules over
My heart, being, and soul

I don't have any other relationship to live for
Father, mother, spouse, brother, sister, friend,
None of them matter to me
My BELOVEDz is the only relationship I have

What will I do with silver, gold, diamond, pearls?
What will I do with sun, moon, stars, flowers?
I left everything - my religion, sect, work & life
Because nothing but my BELOVEDz matters to me

Even I left my own children for our LOVE
They say - are you not ashamed?
I say "NO", because only my BELOVEDz is mine

I remove all golden necklace of pearls
Now a days - I only like the scent
Of your wild flower garland embraces

Without the worldly pleasures to live for
Day and night, morning and evening
I sow and yield, needle and weave
My tears of sadness and longing
In wait of your LOVE

I taste & store sweet berries & fruits for YOU
I make delicious milk cheese sweets for you
I churn out yummy fruit juices & shakes for you

Those who dislike me and my LOVING BELOVEDZ
- hate my antics of LOVE
Those who like me and my LOVING BELOVEDZ
- cry tears of joy, seeing my LOVE

Why I should be jealous of my BELOVEDz?
Let my BELOVEDz choose whatever
And live a life, do whatever pleases

I'm just a LOVERz, thus a servant forever
My BELOVEDz, I follow you everywhere
Past Present (now) and future
Give a chance to serve you &
Let me be blessed
to show my LOVE for YOU

There is no one else for me
YOU are the only savior of mine -

There is no one in this world
There is only ONE for me
I only have my BELOVEDz
There is no other for me

Apr 9 · 337
Get Set Go

Numerics to Alphabets

Infinity, Minus 1, Minus 2
Three, Two, One.... zero...

We are fated
Destined.... to LOVE

We are not going to flee
We are going the loooong way
We are going to "LOVE"

Birth gave us a chance to LOVE
Life gave us a chance to meet

Now don't show us a rule book
Don't show us any tradition
Don't show us laws & practices
We are here to break it all

We are blessed with LOVE
We are going to
Make LOVE come true

So don't come in our way
Because we are doing it
"The REBEL Way"

The track is set
We are not turning back

We won't stop at trying anything

We did not hear - What did you say?

No one shall stop us now
We will LOVE beyond time now

So go - get set, on your marks

LOVE is a blessing we received
And we are going to make it

For YOU, for me and
For all those who
Deeply LOVE

Aye, Bae, See...
Zed, Ex, Why...Aar

Get Set Go

My BELOVEDz came to soothe me

Placing a bouquet of LOVE flowers
Within my heart's vase

And rode away on my
Golden heart chariot

Even with a restless soul
Heart beats galloping fast
BELOVEDz trusted me

My BELOVEDz came to soothe me
To kiss me with pink petal lips

I listen to those jingling anklets
While LOVERz walk and run towards me

With a garland sewed out of her gazes
BELOVEDz adorned me with thousand desires

For sole LOVE's reason BELOVEDz unlocked
The gates of life's prisons for me

The haunting nights were over now and
The fantasy world of our dreamZ lives on...

BELOVEDz carved a name on my heart
With the sharp shards of broken pieces
Of her own heart and colored it
With her own blood red

With each inscription carved
On me by my BELOVEDz
LOVE & LOVING pained a lot but
Healed my broken heart's scars

BELOVEDz repaid with due interest
To the LOVERz LOVE & LOVEz debt

BELOVEDz came and provided me
A lap to sleep on
The bosoms to hide me in
The lips for me to drink her nectar
The breathe for me to LIVE forever
A womb for me to be born again

BELOVEDz surrendered the being to me
To fulfill all our wishes & desires

I placed my eyes on the path
And played the strings of music
With rhythm and melodies of LOVE

Now I live within the inner being
Making dark nightz within BELOVEDz hair
Making bright dayz within BELOVEDz gaze
Transforming me into a life-long ETERNAL LOVERz

Now I don't want to wake up
My heart filled with BELOVEDz desires
I live and die for every single word
Uttered by my BELOVEDz

BELOVEDz stays as
Visions in my eyes
Prayers on my lips
Chants of my worship
Music of my heart

BELOVEDZ came and deposited LOVE
Never to leave me again

My eyes, my heart, my being
My soul, my spirits are
Fixed only on my BELOVEDz path

My BELOVEDz came to soothe me

Placing a bouquet of LOVE flowers
Within my heart's vase

And never left me again...


We will give you all our LOVE
We will LOVE with all our devotion

If that is what life wants from us
We will be our armor
In the line of fire

We LOVE each other eternally
We know - we know that too

And we know we've the time
This life and thereafter

Our LOVE is beyond the concept of time
So we've much more to spare
Than this life-time and moments

So let us not pretend that:
- We only care for this moment
- We only care for this day
- We only care for this life

We LOVE beyond the concept of time

Let sunset and sunrise
Come and go
Let sadness and happiness
Come and go
Let darkness and light
Come and go

LOVE is beyond the concept of time

Our LOVE will grow
With each moment of the day and night

Our LOVE has every chance to go on because
Our LOVE is so wronged by the world
That it has every chance of becoming
ETERNALLY epic and legendary

Let us not think of fate and destiny
We don't have doubt that we can
LOVE each other forever and ever

Beyond the concept of time

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